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Hey guys this is Ahsan as always , I just wanted to let you know of my new Project . . It’s something that I had been working on for about a year now and now with the right partners and at the right time It’s been Launched . Do check it out and give me you’r opinion = )


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Hey Guys , Welcome To IHS

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  • Bleach Talk- The Best or the Worst path to have followed?

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    Welcome everyone to another edition of bleach bashing here on IHS, brought to you by yours truly Ahsan.So Ichigo regains his powers. Everyone would have seen that coming , but what most would have not had seen coming was him Regaining them via the same method . I mean seriously ? We all know Tite and his trolling’ But what my feeble mind can’t begin to comprehend is that people are actually loving this new development . I for one can’t begin to even imagine what’s coming towards us in coming chapters .

    The Irony

    Many say that this was the best available option in terms of plot. Well if Tite really wanted to write a good manga he should have never been in this situation. Even if he did bring things down to this , there were a gazillion other plot-twists that could have been made to give back Ichigo his powers or simply changing the another main character. It’s Amazing how the Best path’s and the Worst Path’s often coincide , Some might find something to be the best while others find it to be the worst . In such a complex situation one has to applaud Oda for doing such a terrific job with One piece’s plot. It’s really a great series to read , the only requirement perhaps is the need to adjust to Oda’s drawing style . Otherwise it’s as good as Manga’s get.

    Coming back to bleach and the best/worst path. I for one think that this was an amazingly stupid decision to make even by Tite Kubo’s standards. I don’t want to repeat myself but the Repeating cycle is itself becoming overly repeatitingly. Let’s see what you guys have to say bout’ Zis’

    Creator of IHS – Ahsan

    Is Onepiece Heading Back to “Where it Belongs” i.e At The Top ?

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    If you have been reading OP from the Last two Months you deserve Appreciation as You’ve Seen the Mind-Bogglingly Huge Spoiler,You’ve Seen the Stupidly Streched out Chapters , You’ve Seen Almost Everything that could have gone wrong with the Current Arc in Onepiece . Everything was Going Haywire,there wasn’t anysense to anything going on in the manga , Sometimes the plot Moved Amazingly Fast and Sometimes Baffling’ly slowly .

    Straw Hat Pirates Make their Entry

    However Brushing Aside all this Madness and Chaos Oda Seemed to have gotten to the best part of the Arc , When Straw Hat Crew Be Lookin’ to Kick Some Butt.With a Great Plot-twist regarding the killing of the Mermaid Queen and the Classical as always Entry of Luffy . Onepiece Seems to be back on the right track and Hopefully Back On TOP .


    Bakuman- A great Start to a new Arc?

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    One of the Biggest Criticism that is laid down on Bakuman is that it is getting repetitive with Ashirogi Muto trying to get to Number 1 and beat Eiji . But with the ending of the Last Arc Eiji remained unbeaten hence he finished his Manga . So now for this arc there is a fresh new Opponent , Who is actually later shown to be working for another guy, who’s face is yet to be shown. Where as this approach matches that taken in the last arc With the Whole Internet Sharing and Stuff . For some odd Reason this arc looks fresh , it feels as if it would Deliver .

    Shown Above are the two new Opponents whom Ashirogi is going to be facing in this arc. What’s interesting is that they/He have/Has the same type of Manga that Ashirogi Intends to write Ala Non-Mainstream Yet Mainstream Battle Manga. To be Very Honest I did not find that manga the least bit interesting .However What I get out of this situation is that Ashirogi is Basically going to Make his Version of “Death Note” . Because that’s what as I see as a Non-Mainstream Yet Mainstream Battle Manga , the Hero’s Evil and the Whole Manga is Just a Fight with L . Yet it is easily one of the Best Manga Ever written and Drawn. So I’d be having no issue’s if Ashirogi’s gonna draw a similar Manga to Death Note.!


    Bakuman : The Big Introduction

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    What is Bakuman? A Manga
    What’s it about? Manga
    Who wrote… Wait what?

    Yes Indeed Bakuman is a Manga About Manga.It’s Fresh,Interesting has plenty of laughs and has just about all the ingredients to make a perfect Manga! Bakuman takes a step away from the mainstream manga’s and takes a fresh approach , there are battles but with manga not hands or swords or Zanpaukuto’s .

    It’s written by Tsugumi Ohba and the Art is by our very own Takeshi Obata – The one’s behind “Death Note” , in-case you forgot. Since they were in charge one would assume that it would be as awesome as Death Note, If not better.

    It turns out the assumption would be spot on , now with 138 Chapter’s released Bakuman is a hit with almost all manga fan’s .

    The Basic Plot – As written in the Wiki

    It’s With Spoilers – So Read at Your own Risk

    Bakuman begins with Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high student, leaving his notebook containing a drawing of his crush and classmate Miho Azuki in class. When he notices and returns to the classroom after school, his classmate Akito Takagi is waiting for him with the notebook and tells him that he believes Azuki likes Mashiro too. Mashiro ends up thinking that Takagi also likes Azuki. Takagi then tries to persuade him to become a mangaka (manga artist) and draw the art for the stories he writes. However, Mashiro is reluctant due to his disillusion with modern society and the fate of his uncle, a former serialized mangaka who died from overwork while trying to regain that status.
    Later Takagi calls Mashiro telling him that he is going to confess to Azuki, Mashiro runs down to Azuki’s house to find Takagi waiting for him. Takagi then calls for Azuki and confesses to her that he and Mashiro are aiming to be mangaka. Mashiro then learns that she wants to be a seiyū (voice actor) and, thinking of the romantic misadventures of his uncle, proposes to Azuki who accepts under the condition that they will only marry after both achieve their dreams. With a goal before him Mashiro sets out to make this dream a reality. His goal is to have Azuki voice the heroine of the anime adaptation of his manga. To have the highest probability for success, he and Takagi vow to become serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump and attempt to create one of the most popular manga in the magazine.
    After submitting many one shots to Shueisha, Mashiro and Takagi begin with their first published series, Detective Trap, which was eventually canceled due to its declining popularity. Shortly after they begin work on their next series, Run, Daihatsu Tanto!, a gag manga. Deciding that the series will never be popular, they end the series and begin their third series, Perfect Crime Party.

    Onepiece Becoming too Boring to read or Suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]

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    Flashback are good , they offer insight into particular events and into the life of a character . But what happens when you over do them? They start to come back at you . I have not been reading Onepiece for many weeks now . If and only you just cannot live without reading OP would anyone bother reading it these days as the interest factor has reduced immensly . Nothing Put’s off a reader having read more than 500 chapters than being kept away from the awesomeness that was stored in those 500 + chapters , By use of a lengthy , Unnesecarry and Pointlessly Huge Flashback . Either that or i may be suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

    What do you guys think ?

    Op Talk – Did Zoro Loose an Arm?

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    I guess their are many One piece freaks like me out there , that are wondering WTF is up with the of the “new” SH crew

    This image clearly shows Zoro’s left shoulder is More “in” it appears as if nothing is in the Sleeve of his Shirt. But in Some of the better pictures than the above one it is seen that a swords end appears beneath luffy , suggesting that Zoro is holding it in that hand.But really the Angle at which it is shown is odd too .If it is true wont Zoro’s 3 sword style go to waste ? i personally think its just a little “art error” and nothing more .let’s hear your thoughts on this !

    Now another thing that’s pretty odd in that picture is that scar on Zoro’s eye and the closed eye too . It’s Scary because this will cause some serious drawbacks for him in fights , his fied of vision would be technically cut in half, and he is surely not getting a Sharingan Transplant like Kakashi . This too sound something that is going to remain a theory, Lets hear your thoughts on this too 😀