A Kunoichi’s Thoughts part-1

A Kunoichi’s Thoughts.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor am I affiliated in any way with Naruto. I just like the show and mangas so I wrote this fanfic.


Good Memories, Bad Memories

“Good morning Sakura-Chan!” Naruto yelled in his sing song voice while running up the road to meet his pink-haired friend. Sakura peeked out from behind her book and looked at her teammate. Naruto.

The most annoying, but best friend a person could ever hope to have. As she looked at him she eyed his features, no longer was he the scrawny boy who reeked of ramen. He was a young man. Although she never thought of Naruto that way before, she thought that he had grown quite handsome in his time away from Konoha. The problem with her noticing Naruto’s change was that the other kunoichi had too.


Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari, and Hinata had gathered at the Yamanaka Flower Shop to relax. Temari was in town on her monthly visit from Suna to see if Konoha needed anymore help rebuilding after Pain’s brutal attack on the village.

Gaara had insisted that if they needed anything at all he would help out, no problem at all. The girls were making jokes, laughing at some of their teammate’s antics and having a good time. Suddenly Ino, out of nowhere, asked…“So, I know this happened a while ago and all but…Has anyone noticed how much Naruto has changed since he got back?”

‘What the Hell!?’ thought Sakura ‘Why did Ino bring Naruto up?’ as she sat there surprised at her friend’s antics, the next thing surprised her even more.

“Of course I’ve noticed! He’s changed quite a bit. No scratch that! He’s changed immensely! He sure has gotten quite handsome.” replied Tenten.

“…and tall” added Temari.

“…and compassionate.” chirped Hinata.

‘Huh? Where the hell is this coming from all of the sudden?’ Sakura asked herself. ‘I mean, I know Hinata professed her love for him, but he put her down gently when he said that he wouldn’t be able to return that love. But what about the others?’ Sakura continued drifting in her own little world when she was forcefully dragged out by an annoying voice.

“Hey Sakura! EARTH TO FOREHEAD, HELLO!!!??” Ino yelled into Sakura’s left ear.

“OW INO-PIG! That hurt!”

“Sakura you spaced out, are you feeling OK?” asked a concerned Ino.

“Huh? Oh, me? Yeah, I’m fine”

Ino looked at Sakura and could tell something was definitely bothering her, but decided to get to the bottom of things later.

“Anyway, let’s get back to Naruto. Has anyone here seen him without his shirt?” asked a curious Temari.

“Yeah, I can tell he’s gotten pretty built especially after his sage training.” added Tenten who had a dreamy look in her eyes as she pictured a shirtless Naruto picking her up bridal style and putting her on a riverbank.

“Yeah I’ve seen him. Jeez, he looks like one of those model from those fashion magazines.” replied Ino.  As soon as Ino said this the room got quiet and everyone stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

“How is it that you’ve seen a shirtless Naruto, Ino?” Temari, who was grinning, asked her fellow blond ninja.

At this Ino blushed.

“No! It’s not what you think! I was the one who treated him after his fight with Pain. I mean I was bound to see him like that at some point. And then like a week later I went to check on him while he was training, and…uh…well…he…”

“C’mon Ino! Spill it already!”

“Fine…fine…When I went to check on him, he was…he was takingabathinthestream” Ino said so quickly that no one caught exactly what she said.

“What was that again Ino?” asked an even more curious Temari.

“Naruto was taking a bath in the stream.” a defeated Ino replied.

“WHAT!?” yelled Tenten, Temari, and Sakura, while Hinata ‘eeped’ and blushed a new shade of pink.

“I didn’t see anything, I swear! The second I noticed he was naked I blushed so much that I passed out for a bit. I woke up to see Naruto standing over me, he had put a wet cloth on my forehead to help wake me up.” Ino smiled a little before continuing. “The dolt thought that I was in trouble or something, he seemed so worried. At least he had the decency to put some clothes on before he helped me out, I think I would’ve died of embarrassment if he hadn’t been wearing pants.”

“Of embarrassment? Or of blood loss Ino?” Tenten slyly asked her flustered friend.

Ino glared at Tenten. “Shut up! This is serious! Now I can’t get that knucklehead out of my mind! I don’t know what to do, he invades my thoughts, my dreams, I see him everywhere, I need help!”

Sakura was shaken to the core. She had no idea that anyone, would ever think of Naruto that way. Especially not other ninja. Sakura started to think about what Ino had said. Ino did have a point in that he was in very good shape, she had seen him many times without his shirt on and on more than one occasion caught herself staring longer than she should’ve, but she would never admit that to anyone.  Sakura once again left her mind scape when she heard Temari’s voice.

“Listen Ino, if you really can’t get him out of your head, maybe you two should go out on a date or something” advised Temari. “I had the same thing with that lazy asshole of a Chunin. After our first meeting I couldn’t get his lazy antics out of my head, they consumed my every thought. When I saw him that second time and saved his ass from that Oto nin, I decided then and there that he was an interesting guy, and that I would like to get to know him better.”

“Well I guess I could go out with him,  but only if it’s OK with Hinata and Sakura.” Ino looked at both of the kunoichi in question as she said this.

Hinata, who was still trying to recover from the images of a naked Naruto yelped at the newfound attention she was getting. “Uh…well…you see Ino-san…” Hinata stammered but then she realized something she should have realized a while ago. She began speaking once again minus her stutter. “You see Ino-san, my feelings for Naruto-kun have turned to those of respect, rather than those of love. I should have realized this before. In all reality I just want Naruto-kun to be happy, and if you are the one who can do that, then I will be very grateful. So, in regard to your question, Naruto-kun is all yours, pending Sakura-san’s answer of course.” Hinata smiled and turned her attention to a now very self-aware Sakura.

Sakura was still reeling from both Ino’s wanting to date Naruto, Hinata’s confession, and both of them seeming to know something about Naruto and Sakura’s relationship that Sakura herself didn’t even know.

“What about you Forehead? Is it OK with you if I date Naruto?” Ino asked her longtime friend and rival.

Sakura was dumbfounded once again. Why was Ino asking her? Before she could process the information she found herself replying. “Pfft…You can date that Baka if you want” as soon as those words left Sakura’s mouth, she regretted them instantly, but found herself wondering why.

“Yeah Ino, and if things don’t go so well between you two, I’ll take a crack at him” replied an overly enthusiastic Tenten.

“I might also give Naruto a test drive if Shikamaru decided to be lazy this week” added Temari.

Everyone laughed and continued talking, minus one Sakura Haruno. She once again stared off into space wondering what she had done.

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2 Responses to “A Kunoichi’s Thoughts part-1”

  1. hehe! naruto’s such a ladies’ man.

  2. LOL!!!! THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! 😛

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