Eyes of the broken Soul part-1

Eyes of the Broken Soul

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor am I affiliated in any way with Naruto. I just like the show and mangas so I wrote this fanfic.

This fanfic belongs to me, ‘Tenrai Senshi’. If you want to use it in any way shape or form, you’ll need my permission first. All original characters are my property.

Warning: Naruto is a bit OOC in this story due to circumstances explained. Some of the other characters may become OOC as well, mostly due to different circumstances taking place. If you don’t like it, don’t complain because I’ve already warned you.

This story is about a ten year old Naruto who lives a life of constant abuse at his orphanage because of the Kyuubi sealed inside him, never knowing why he was hated. However, one night, during one of his many violent encounters with the hostile caretakers, the boy inadvertently activates a hidden bloodline technique that hospitalizes one of his wardens. After being kicked out of his only home due to this incidence, Naruto must now deal with the after-effects of living a life devoid of love and comfort, not to mention the secrets of his newly discovered bloodline.

Will the boy ever be able to find a normal life of acceptance and love after so many years of isolation or is he forever destined to his lonely hell.

Hope you enjoy! ^ ^

Chapter 1 – Nightmares and Loneliness

The constant sound of dripping water echoed throughout a small barren room, slowly hitting the cold damp floor in a harmonious rhythm that tore away at an abandoned heart. A small lonely figure sits quietly on top of his barely tangible bed, gazing out into the night as rain fell past his small window, while shivering in the icy chill of his room.

This was the life of Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy who lived in an orphanage near the edge of Konoha, a boy who had been cursed with a life of loneliness and despair. Every night, he would gaze outside of his window, watching as those around him walked down the streets.

Laughs and smiles filled the air with their exuberant sounds as happy couples and families passed through Naruto’s view, captivating his longing blue eyes with the warmth and happiness he saw in their faces, a happiness he never knew but one he had always wished to experience. It was all he could do to wait, to pass the time every night until someone finally came to ‘see’ him.

It was always the same, every evening one of the wardens would come into his room and teach him a lesson about ‘love and comfort’ in the only form he knew. The only type of contact he ever had outside of the ninja academy he was reluctantly allowed to attend was the brutal impact of fists and makeshift weapons against his small defenseless body, followed by words of hatred and cruelty.

This was his hell, his empty world of broken dreams and lost hope. He never knew why he was hated or tortured, why he was never allowed to play with the other children, or wander outside into the village. Even his room was secluded from the others, occupying an older side of the building that was in a much-needed state of repair. As with any orphanage, happy couples or would-be parents would often visit and sometimes leave with a new child in their care, but Naruto had no such luck.

He was never allowed to meet with the adults, never given the chance to have a family and life of his own. Even when he was lucky enough to bump into one of the hopeful parents, the only thing he would receive were their cruel glares and hateful whispers.

Why? Why him? Why was it always him? Even at the academy, he was never seen for who he was, only as the prankster that would try to mess up people’s lives.

But he didn’t know any other way to gain attention. He was never taught how to approach others, how to share a proper greeting or receive friendship and kindness. These things were all foreign to him, almost like trying to learn a different language all together.

He had never even received a hug or kiss in his entire life, or even the soft words of love and appreciation that a parent would give their child. The only person who even seemed to acknowledge him at all was one of his teachers at the academy, the one called Iruka. He was the only one who had any interest in Naruto’s progress as a growing shinobi and as a pupil.

As Naruto’s empty eyes lost themselves in the sight of falling rain, the door suddenly began to stir before slowly creaking open. The boy turned around with a small whimper escaping his lips, only to watch in a knowing dread as a large man walked into the room, cracking his knuckles in preparation for the night’s lesson. He knew what was going to happen, it was the same thing that happened every evening at the same time.

Naruto climbed off his bed and backed away against the cold hard wall, watching with tearful eyes as the brutal figure made his way over to him, but his sobs were only music to his tormentor’s ears and he received no pity or mercy even as his tears fell gently to the ground.

“Good evening little Naruto. I suppose you know why I’m here so we’ll skip the introductions and pleasantries. Not that you’d know anything about that.”

Naruto closed his eyes as tightly as he could manage, bracing himself against the wall for what was about to happen. All he heard was the cruel snickers of his newest ‘teacher’ before a shooting pain erupted on the side of his cheek. The blow from the man’s fist was so hard that it knocked him straight onto the damp floor. He could feel the blood making it’s way out of his mouth, tasting the coppery slime before it dripped onto the ground.

Naruto gave out a wince of pain as his nerves suddenly fired up around the impacted area, but he still didn’t open his eyes regardless of the pain it caused him. He just waited there on the floor hoping he would pass out from the agony and save himself from further torture, but he was not that lucky, never was.

Another kick broke into his side soon afterwards, fracturing his ribs with a resounding and very agonizing crack. The sheer amount of pain that erupted through his body finally coerced him to scream out in anguish despite his efforts to hold his obvious pain. The man simply laughed at his cries, almost as though he enjoyed the sounds of Naruto’s agony.

“Yes, that’s right. Scream for me, let me hear you cry.”

It didn’t stop there either. The beating continued for the next half hour, interspersed with the sobs and screams from the young blond boy who endured the cruelty of an unfair punishment.

After a while, his anguished cries devolved into strained screeches before eventually subsiding all together, the boy no longer having the strength to even scream. The only thing that remained, as his fragile body continued to endure the endless punishment, were the tears that poured out from his tightly closed eyes.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of torment, the beating came to a sudden halt and Naruto slowly began to open his bruised eyes to watch as his assailant walked over to the door, with a smug spring in his step.

“Looks like we’re done for the night.” The man snickered, looking back at his handy work lying in a quiver on the floor. “I’ll see you again tomorrow, same time, hahaha… same place!”

The man turned again to walk out the door while Naruto desperately tried to pick himself up, supporting his battered body against the nearby bed as he managed to come to his knees. It was over, he had survived another night, but before he was even allowed to finally breath a painful sigh of relief the dark figure walked back into the room holding what looked like a wooden stick with pieces of metal teeth jutting out from it’s surface.

“I Thought I’d leave you one last present for tonight seen as how you took that little beating so well.” Naruto’s eyes widened in horror as the man made his way back to where he knelt on the floor, while his heart began to tense in fear.

“No… please don’t… not any more.” Naruto’s sobs and pleas were ignored as the man raised his weapon to strike. He closed his eyes to prepare for the torture once again, but the snickers of his assailant still rung in his ears. “No… not any more… NO MORE!!”

Suddenly, Naruto’s eyes shot open again, revealing two golden irisis in place of his normal blue ones. As he caught the warden’s gaze with his panic stricken eyes, the man suddenly dropped the weapon in his hands and began to violently quiver in fear. Before Naruto could understand what was going on, the man fell onto his back and began to scream in pain, holding his head with his hands and rolling on the floor in anguish. It was almost as though he were being attacked and tortured by an invisible assailant.

Naruto’s eyes returned to their normal blue shade once more and he began to push himself up off the floor, not knowing what had just taken place. He quickly stumbled past the squirming warden and out of his room, limping down the hallway as fast as his battered legs could carry him. He could hardly walk with his numerous injuries, but somehow he found the strength to continue, screaming for help as he made his way.

“S… somebody help!! I… I don’t know what’s happening!!”

As much as Naruto hated what was done to him, he couldn’t watch while someone cried out in pain. He couldn’t allow anyone to die like that, no matter how cruelly the boy had been treated. Naruto’s weakened form eventually collapsed on the ground, his clothes covered in the blood and tears of his nightmare, watching as the world around him became a dark blur. The last thing he saw were two high-heeled shoes making their way up to his position and then… nothing.

“So the little monster’s finally done it. I knew this would happen sooner or later, we should have gotten rid of him sooner.”

The dark world that engulfed Naruto slowly peeled away as the throbbing pain in his head brought him out of unconsciousness. As his eyes opened to reveal the damp tattered room around him once more, the boy’s gaze was met with the visage one of the officials that ran the orphanage who’s words had pulled him from the darkness.

It was a tall, relatively skinny woman with long blond hair and cold green eyes. Her gaze was filled with the same cruelty and arrogance as the rest of them, holding the boy in front of them with nothing but ill contempt. This wasn’t the first time Naruto had met her. She would often show up after one of Naruto’s many ‘accidents’ or when he tried to resist a beating.

“It seems you’ve caused us a bit of trouble” she began, walking to the side of Naruto’s bed. “Our dear warden was nearly killed by your little stunt and is currently being taken to Konoha’s hospital. The med-nins said he would be in a comatose state for at least the next week. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Naruto looked up in both surprise and fear. He didn’t intentionally do anything to hurt the man, but he knew he would be blamed and punished nonetheless.


Naruto painfully pushed his body up into a sitting position and began to quiver violently with fear, holding back the tears that stung in the corners of his eyes. He knew how cruel this person could be and how much agony he would have to endure by her hands if he didn’t choose his words wisely.

“I… I don’t know what happened, I swear! One minute he was standing in front of me and the next he was on the floor, screaming. He…”

“Enough! I don’t know who you think I am or if you just think I’m plain stupid, but this charade has gone on long enough.” Naruto watched in fear as the woman marched over to his door, turning back only to finish speaking. “The third Hokage may have placed you here out of compassion, but I can no longer allow a monster like you to live in our presence.”

The woman then walked out of the door, only to be replaced by two tall, heavily built men. They made there way over to the panic stricken boy and hauled him out of his bed, carrying him buy his arms down the hallway to the entrance of the building with little regard for his injuries. As they opened the front door, revealing the still pouring rain outside, the two men hurled Naruto into the street with what little belongings he had left.

“Get lost and don’t ever bother coming back monster!!” The door slammed shut behind Naruto, leaving him in the cold rain under the night-time sky.

He slowly picked himself of the floor despite the pain of his injuries, rubbing his eyes with his arm as the tears began to stream down his face. Tears that were hidden by the rain that soaked his blood stained shirt, washing away the evidence of his torture.

“Why did they call me a monster? What did I do to deserve this?” he sobbed, slowly making his way down the now empty street.

Naruto wondered for what seemed like an eternity, carrying the backpack that held what little clothes he had. At this point in time he was wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt with a Konoha leaf symbol in the centre of it and black pants that fell a few centimeters bellow his knees. He also had black footwear much like the sandals the other shinobi wore at his academy. The outfits in his bag were pretty much the same, only just spares of what he was already wearing.

After finding his way into a secluded alleyway, Naruto sank down next to the nearest dumpster and leaned against it’s cold hard surface, snuggling against the corner where it met against the wall.

This was his home now. The very streets he was never allowed to wander, with all their dangers and hardships, would now be the only place he could return to. Naruto pulled his backpack from his shoulders and pushed it into the corner, using it as a makeshift pillow for the night.

Even though his body was soaked with the freezing rain that fell around him, he somehow managed to fall into a deep sleep with only the warmth of his tears to comfort him, passing the rest of the night in loneliness as he had always done before. Only his momentary shivers showed any signs that the boy was still alive. It was life that was now on the verge of a great change once again.

Dawn. As the last few vestiges of rain clouds fell away from the morning sky, the warm soft rays of the first glimmers of sunlight finally began to pierce down into the village, embracing the small quivering body of a young boy who had somehow managed to survive the icy night.

Naruto’s battered form began to stir under the warmth of the sun, before stretching out to relieve the pain from the previous nights tortures. He slowly opened his eyes, revealing the still soaked floors and walls that surrounded him.

Naruto sat up and shook his shirt of from the dust and marks that filled it. Its white surface was now covered with black marks and had half been torn to shreds during his beating. Naruto pulled it off from his back and held it in front of him, looking over it’s tattered form. He would have to change before heading off to the academy, otherwise everyone there would notice, but as the boy turned to fetch a new shirt out of his bag, his eyes were only met with the empty corner where his belongings had once lain.

It had been stolen. He hadn’t even been on the streets for more than one night and all his belongings were already gone. Now he was only left with the clothes on his back (so to speak) and the injuries from those that hated him. Naruto dropped to his knees and began to cry once again, scrunching up the shirt in his hands trying to relieve some of the built-up tension. After a few more minutes of falling tears, he stood up and pulled the tattered piece of clothing over his back again, walking out of the damp alleyway.

He didn’t want to be late for class at the academy. It was the only place where he could escape from the hell that was his life. The only place where he could find a dream worth holding on to, a dream worth living for. To be a shinobi and find the strength to show those around him the worth of his existence.

After a few minutes of walking had passed, Naruto finally found himself in the comforting sight of the academy grounds. As he stepped into the familiar building, he felt all of the pain and fears begin to slowly fall away, replaced instead by a warm, subtle relief. He felt safe here, like no one could hurt him or take away what little was left of his soul. Even though some of the teachers still glared at him with cold, tormenting eyes, none of them had ever dared to confront him or cause him harm.

Perhaps it was because of all the numerous shinobi that filled the building, or the watchful eyes of Iruka that had stayed their hands. He knew that it was the third Hokage that insisted he be allowed to train at the academy, so he assumed that any misconduct, especially from the very ninja that served the old man, would be dealt with harshly.

Naruto made his way into the classroom where he was taught every day and sat in his usual position facing the blackboard in the front of the room. He was the only one there so far, arriving much earlier than usual.

Normally his caretakers at the orphanage would keep him away for as for as long as possible, not wanting the boy to advance into something that would possibly seek vengeance on them, but now he was finally able to come on his own accord, arriving when it suited him especially seen as how he had nothing else worth doing.

As he sat there by his desk, Naruto allowed his head to rest on its wooden surface, slowly dosing off into a deep sleep once again. It was amazing that he made it to the academy in the first place considering the exhaustion of his over-stressed and battered muscles.

After a few more minutes had passed the shuffling of feet and silent whispers sounded throughout the large room as more academy students began to make their way to their seats. Naruto just remained sleeping, oblivious to the curious stares of his classmates as they moved in around him. Eventually Iruka himself walked into the room, demanding silence from the ruckus that had formed.

“Alright class, you should all know by now that tomorrow we’re holding another important exam. This one will determine your advancement into the level of the academy where you’ll start learning basic combat skills and some jutsu. Those who fail will be kept back and will have to try it again in six months.”

Up until this point in the ninja academy, all students were only taught the bare minimums of ninja combat. The only jutsu that was permitted so far was the replication technique, mostly because it was the safest to use and consumed little chakra for the still developing youngsters. As soon as Iruka had finished explaining, the muffled complaints of the students before him began to reverberate around the room.

A young dark-haired kid known as Shikamaru just gave off a troublesome sigh. He had always been lazy in class and although he knew he’d probably still pass, he was beginning to wonder if it was even worth the effort. His thoughts were soon jarred when his eyes caught sight of a sleeping Naruto in the desk in front of him.

“Well, looks like he’s going to be staying back another six months.” He sighed, but then his eyes began to wonder over the tattered clothes that covered the boy’s back. “I wonder what happened to him?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Shikamaru turned to face the blond haired girl that sat beside him. “He’s probably been playing some kind of prank again and just got himself into trouble. Serves him right if you ask me, I’m glad he’s not going to pass. At least we’ll get rid of him now.”

Shikamaru gave off another deflated sigh. “Ino, we don’t know if that’s the case. Perhaps we should tell Iruka…”

“Tell him what!?” The girls snapped back, stopping him in his tracks.

“Yes, what is it you want to tell me?” Both of them turned in surprise as Iruka called out in their direction. He had noticed their idle chatter from a mile away and was beginning to grow irritated by the interruption.

“Well, that idiot Naruto is sleeping in class again!! He’s always going to be a dead last if you ask me!!” Everyone turned to the said boy as he continued to slumber away causing Iruka’s eye to twitch in frustration.

“Oooh!! That boy is going to give me such a headache!!” Iruka proceeded to march angrily up the steps to Naruto’s row and walked over to his sleeping form. He was just about ready to swat the boy on the back of his head, until he noticed the tattered and torn shirt on his back with the remains of what looked barely visible blood stains.

Iruka briefly froze for a moment, before walking up to the boy’s side, past the curious Inuzuka that sat next to him and then placed his hand on Naruto’s shoulder. The anger in his eyes quickly fell away and were now replaced with concern and fear.

“Naruto, wake up.” He murmured with a gulp, shaking the boy’s shoulder from side to side.

The only response he got was a few muffled laughs from the students around him, as his attempt to wake the slumbering student bore no fruit. He then tried it again, this time shaking the boy more vigorously, desperately trying to break his sleep.

After a few tugs, Naruto’s eyes suddenly shot open in a yelp of panic and he swung his arm, lashing out in defense. Iruka, luckily, caught it in mid flight, avoiding the impending blow. The terrified boy suddenly realized whom it was he lashed out to as he looked up to the shocked man.

“I… Iruka-sensei. I’m sorry I didn’t…”

“That’s all right Naruto.” Iruka looked down at the bruised face in front of him, it was filled with marks and cuts, the same as the small arm he now held in his hand. The boy’s eyes were filled with both panic and what looked like guilt, but also the unmistakable traces of fear.

“Naruto… what happened to you?” Naruto’s eyes began to water as he continued to look up in silence, but before any tears could fall, someone called out from the back of the class.

“Yea, what happened dobe!? Get run over by a stampede!? Or maybe the little prankster got caught with his own medicine.” Everyone burst out laughing as the cruel words were thrown in Naruto’s direction and Iruka could only just watch with a heavy cringe as the boy sprang up from his desk, before running out the room, covering his face in shame and to hide his falling tears.

“Alright that’s enough everyone!! I don’t want to hear another word from any of you or it will be detention for a week, GOT IT!?!?” Everyone became silent at Iruka’s outburst. None of them had ever seen so much anger in his eyes before now. The chunin then ran out the room to find his student, leaving the stunned class behind him.

After wondering the hallways in desperation, trying to search for Naruto, Iruka finally found his way outside into the academy playground, the only place he hadn’t looked so far. There, sitting alone on a swing, was the blond boy he was searching for crying his eyes out as he calmly rocked back and forth in a gentle sway.

Iruka simply took a deep, nervous gulp and then cautiously made his way over to the empty seat beside him. Naruto was somewhat startled by his arrival, but quickly calmed down again soon afterwards, never once speaking a word to ward him away or even great him. There was a moment of awkward silence between the two, interrupted only by the soft sobs coming from the younger boy, before the older chunin finally spoke in a gentle whisper, saying the only thoughts that he could put into words at the time.

“They… they hurt you, didn’t they?”

Naruto gave off another deep, heavy sob, as if to confirm his teacher’s suspicions. Iruka then moved off his swing and knelt in front of the boy, gaining his eyes in a locked gaze. They were filled with so much pain and suffering, more so than he had ever seen before and it was enough to cause his heart to sink just looking into such an sorrowed gaze. Iruka then placed his arms around Naruto and pulled him into an embrace for the first time in the boy’s life, allowing him to sob on his shoulders releasing the anguish he felt inside.

Naruto flinched slightly at the sudden motion, his body tightening up defensively as the foreign exchange was initiated.

“I… Iruka-sensei…. w-what are you d-doing?” The boy stammered uneasily, unable to discern the situation he now found himself in.

Iruka simply squeezed even tighter, pulling Naruto even closer to him and holding him as gently as possible.

“What do you mean? I’m giving you a hug. It’s what people do for someone they care about when they are sad or in pain.” Naruto’s eyes widened at that, but the tears in his eyes only grew even more.

Soon his head was buried completely into his teacher’s shoulders as his sobs continued to shake his body, while he allowed the warm comfort of their embrace to sooth him. Iruka just continued to hold him closely as he let out all of his emotions, knowing full well that it was all he could do for the boy at this point.

“That’s right, just let it all out.” He whispered gently, stroking Naruto’s back in an effort to ease his shaking. “I won’t let go until you are ready…”

Something strange began to happen at that point. For some unexplained reason, Iruka began to feel his own emotions stir inside, almost as though the pain Naruto was feeling made it’s way into his teacher’s heart as well. Shinobi at chunin level or above, especially academy teachers, had received extensive training to keep their emotions in check at all times, but Iruka knew he had no control over what he was feeling now. It felt the same as when someone forced their chakra into another person’s body only this time his feelings were shared as well.

Iruka tried to brush off the strange emotions, setting them aside to concentrate on the boy in his arms. He could think on the matter later. After a few more minutes of crying, the chunin finally allowed himself to pull away from Naruto, allowing him a moment to wipe away his tears before sharing in the boy’s gaze once again. He noticed a small glimmer of gold shining in the Naruto’s otherwise cerulean eyes, but brushed it off as the reflection of the morning sunlight.
“Are you feeling a bit better now?” Naruto nodded his head slightly in answer for lack of any better response, after all he was feeling a bit better. He was still shaking a lot though, something Iruka noticed easily and with a great deal of discomfort.

“Look Naruto, I’ll talk to the third and see if we can resolve this issue with the orphanage once and for all.” Naruto just shook his head in silent disapproval.

“It doesn’t matter any more. They kicked me out last night. I have no-where to live any more.” Iruka’s eyes dropped at the sound of his student’s words.

“W… what happened? Why did they kick you out?” He mumbled. Naruto thought long and hard about what happened, trying to sort through the blotchy memories as best he could, before finally responding.

“I…. I’m not really sure. They… they said it was something about me putting one of the wardens in a coma. I think they mean he’s sleeping and he can’t wake up. You see, while he was beating me up something happened…”

“WHAT!?” Iruka growled, his eyes growing infuriated at what he had just heard. He quickly stood to his feet and began to storm off. “When I get my hands on those filthy bastards I’m gonna…” Naruto grabbed Iruka’s hand before he could move far.

“Don’t Iruka-sensei. I don’t want to hurt him any more than I already have. Besides, it will just get me into more trouble, even though I don’t actually know what really happened.” Iruka was almost taken aback by how Naruto could be so kind and forgiving even when he was treated so cruelly, but the boy’s pleading eyes won over in the end.

“Alright… alright, let me take you out for ramen. We’ll talk over at Ichiraku’s and you can explain everything that happened.” Naruto gave a silent nod of approval, before wiping the tears from his face once more.

He then stood up from the swing and allowed himself to be led of the field by his sensei’s hand. Iruka didn’t even go back to the class to explain what was going on. At this point in time, Naruto was the only one he was concerned about.

What could a ten-year-old academy student do to put a grown man in hospital so easily? And what was the sudden sensation he felt when hugging the boy? He would have to find out what he could and talk to the Hokage about this new development. But first, he would have to get Naruto some new clothes and check his wounds.

AN: Well I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. ^ ^


Writer – Tenrai

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 2, 2009.

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  1. Its upsetting the shitty way Naruto life is

  2. naruto’s life sounds a bit sad and troublesome….

  3. omg, this is so cool! yeah, his life was a little messed up…

  4. its pretty, dark, lol, almost feel sorry for the poor monster 😛 but wow, sad.


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