Eye to Eye..Sharingan v.s Sharingan




no,this iswhat happens when you hae gay sex with oro

no,this iswhat happens when you hae gay sex with oro


Kakashi was busy reading Make-out Paradise near “The Great Naruto Bridge”. Kakashi eyed the bridge and remembered the days when Team 7 was with Sasuke. He thought about how Sasuke was such a great genin. He wondered about Sasuke’s abilities as a 16 year old. He soon stopped pondering and started to read his book. While he was reading he heard a rustling sound in the bushes. He jumped up with a kunai in his hand. He sensed a familiar chakra and took off the part of his mask that covered his Sharingan. Out of nervousness he began to charge a Raikiri. The rustling noise was coming from the missing-nin Sasuke. Sasuke jumped out of the bushes and was grinning. He calmly told Kakashi to discharge his Raikiri. Right when Kakashi released the Raikiri, Sasuke charged to Kakashi with a Chidori Blade. Kakashi leaped back and charged a Raikiri and reflected Sasuke’s Chidori Stream. Sasuke had not an inch of anxiety. He briefly commented on Kakashi’s reflexes but then decided to use his powerful techniques. Sasuke smiled at the thunder clouds above and they seemed to smile right back at him. Kakashi observed Sasuke with worry and then looked up. He was shocked at the immense amount of lightning heading right for him. Kakashi charged a Raikiri and began to do what Raikiri was famous for. The ability to pierce lightning! Kakashi leaped up in the sky like a snake reaching out to a hawk. He took the “Lightning” Blade in his hand and striked Kirin. After an intense 3 seconds, Kirin was pierced. Sasuke was shocked and called out Team Hebi. Jugo began to go crazy (Curse Mark Disease). Upon sight of Kakashi’s sharingan, sweat began to fall. Jugo was surprised that Sasuke and Kimamaro weren’t the only ones who could calm him down. Karin began to sense for no apparent reason and suddenly sensed a humongous ninjadog with gigantic teeth going after her. She began to run but it was too late! Sasuke looked at Karin and began to remember Team 7. Sasuke felt uneasy. Sasuke hesitated but had to use his “Mangeyko Sharingan” Sasuke was pleased at the fact that Kakashi didn’t have a Mangeyko Sharingan. He would soon find out he was wrong. Amaterasu flames approached Kakashi and attempted to destroy him. Sasuke, was shivering like a mouse in Antarctica. Sasuke was getting tired because of his intense usage of the Mangeyko Sharingan. Sasuke suddenly fell to the ground and accidentally zapped Amaterasu flames on Suigetsu. Sasuke immediately began to zap the flames but it was probably too late. Kakashi began to zap the Amaterasu flames approaching him and on Suigetsu with his Kamui. He looked at Sasuke and saw Sasuke shed a tear. Sasuke then looked at Kakashi and freaked out because of what he saw. He saw a Mangeyko Sharingan! He realized that Kakashi had developed a Mangeyko Sharingan from when he left. Sasuke was extremely low on chakra and so was Kakashi. Sasuke began to run away from the Kakashi but Kakashi leaped towards him. Sasuke felt like a gigantic demon was pouncing behind him licking his mouth in anticipation. Kakashi used Kamui and zapped Team Hebi somewhere else. Sasuke landed right beside Naruto’s house while the rest of Team Hebi were at the outskirts of Konoha. Sasuke looked at Naruto’s house and contemplated going back. He then thought of his plan to kill Danzo and decided not to come back “yet”. Karin found Sasuke with her sensing abilities and they left Konoha. Kakashi soon found out that Jaraiya was watching the whole fight. Yamato joked about how Kakashi almost lost to a “genin” and they then walked to Konoha to tell Naruto.

Writer: ReflectYourPain

~ by Ahsan on July 13, 2009.

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  2. 2nd muhahahahah

    oh do i count muhahahah,y dont people commenton fanfics lol


  3. 3rd Mwuahahahhahahaaaaaa????????????!!!!!! -__-

  4. Hey Ahsan!!! It’s me Reflectyourpain. I got NO credit for this fanfic THAT I MADE!!! grrr. Regarding the admin access, what’s up with that!

  5. hm… a little hard to read, but still nice battle! kakashi vs. sasuke seemed pretty interesting.

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