Limit Act 1: The Last Test.

Limit Act 1: The Last Test.

The scenery start off with the sun beat down on an area that was made to look like a residential sector that was beat down from war that took place there. Up in a room were two figures talking to each other.

“Well who are the next two cadets for this entrance exam?” Magma said as he was yawning.

Magma was a large built dark tone man. His eye was dark brown and his hair was braided to the back coming to the beginning of his neck. He was wearing a black shirt with red strips and a pair of black pants.

“Just chill I am pulling them up now.” Shuffle said as he took as sit in front of the computer.

Shuffle was the opposite of Magma. He was a light tone. He wore shades that cover his face but you could still see his light brown eyes. He was wearing a white button up polo shirt and a thin pair of white sweat pants.

“I really hope that this fight is better than the other ones.” Magma said as he took a sip for his coffee mug. “So far no one this year has passed the test”.

Shuffle started to type on the hologram keyboard two files are pulled up to the screen. “Ok here they are.” “The first one name is Marcus Brooks, age 14.”

Marcus was a caramel tone and had dark brown hair was cut short to his head and was wavy.

“The file says that he was found with the Genkai gene about three year ago. The background description says that he is able to run at high speeds. It says that he is also has a very high IQ most of his academic tests were scored over the hundreds.”

“So far so good, what’s up with the other one?” Magma said as he studied Marcus profile some more

“Ok then the next one is right here. His name is Tai Night age 15.”

Tai was a dark brown tone. His hair was dreaded down to his shoulder and was dye light brown at the end his eyes were a dark gray.

“It says that he was found with the Genkai gene about three and a half years ago. He is good in the medical field and is exceptionally good with close combat. Oh there are some questionable things about his description.”

Magma turns to Shuffle and look him dead in the eye. “Like what”

“It’s says he is a little lazy & unmotivated.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem at all” Magma said as he looks at the screen.

“I know they let you in here” Shuffle said leaning back in his chair.

Magma throws a pen at the computer screen flying past shuffle’s face breaking the screen. “What did you say again? I didn’t hear you clearly” Magma said glaring at Shuffle.

“Are you stupid or something now we have to hurry up to the other room to watch the match” Shuffle said yelling at Magma.

“Whatever lets go”

“Yea whatever you’re paying for it” Shuffle said he started to get up.

Both of the men left the room and start hurrying to another conference room.

“Hey shuffle with the other fighter what was the other thing you didn’t mention?”

“Well it said on his background that his Genkai power is unknown.” Magma gives a surprised look on his face. We then cut down to the arena floor where finally the two cadets in question.

“I wonder what kind a test we are taking in this crappy arena.” Marcus said as he kicks a rock.

Marcus was wearing a red shirt with yellow abstract designs on it. His pants match his shirt but it was a darker shade of red

“It’s probably going to be a fight to test our skills.”

Tai had on a black T shirt on with a gray sleeveless hoodie over top of it. He had on a pair of black shorts that came a little bit pass his knees.

“Yea the other stuff was easy like that IQ tests.” Mark said kicking another rock.

Tai jump up to sit on a large stone. “Speak for yourself.”

Marcus and Tai continue to talk on when suddenly an animal roar was made from the opposite side of the stadium.

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Look like we wait no longer.” Tai said as he jump off of the stone.

“Maybe we should go find out what that was.” Marcus said walking towards where the noise came from.

“Yea walks to the thing that might kill us. Really bright idea Mark” Tai said following after him.

The two boys head off in towards the sound of the noise to come to a tunnel with bars on it.

“I believe that this is where the noise came from Tai”

As the two looked in the tunnel they saw something lumbering towards them something big. Suddenly the bars on the tunnel gate slide open and a large clay colored hand came out grabbing the side of the entrance. Tai and Marcus both jump back out of reaction. The creature standing before them was massive. It walked on all four like a gorilla and had the face of an Africa tribal mask they looked like they were made out of clay. Then a second one came out the entrance behind the first one. Marcus and Tai start to back up to put some distance between the creatures and them.

“You’re the smart one. What the hell are these things?” Tai said as he started to back up.

“Well b-by judging from their appearance they look like gorillas but with a bad skin condition and three times as big.”

“So I am guessing that we have to defeat them both Mark”

“Correct if you can manage to beat these two here you pass, you lose if you give up or are killed and you fail the whole entrance exam.” Shuffle said over the loudspeaker.

“No one said anything about this how are we supposed to win against them?” Tai said yelling at Shuffle.

“That’s all the help I can give good luck.” There is a click as Shuffle turns off the speaker.

“Ok so what is your plan to defeat them Mark?”

“Well by the looks of it they should be slow. With that much mass we should be able to”

As on cue the monster both rush at Tai and Marcus at beak neck speed. Once they got close enough with a quick smack to the ground sent Tai and Marcus flying in opposite direction. Tai was able to rebound off of a piece of rubble that was sticking up from the ground.

“Mark was so, so wrong.” Tai start to look around to find out where his monster was at. As he was looking he starts to see the sun was being block out. When he looks up to see what it was, he saw the monster coming down. Tai rolled to the side at the last minute but was still blown back by the share force of the monster landing. As Tai slid back he regains his self and starts to run toward the monster.

“My turn now” Tai jump in the air going for a spinning side kick to the monster head. The attack was adsorbs by the clay like marital that made up it body. As Tai bounce back off the monster he was sent flying into the arena wall by the monster hand.

“Well that didn’t work. What in the hell am I going to do now.

Marcus is seen evading the monster attack at a high paces speed. The monster continues to try to hit Marcus. Yet Marcus was too fast to be hit. “He might be fast but not fast enough”. Soon as Marcus finish that line the monster pounded the ground causing it to erupt. The force sent Marcus flying back. Marcus rolled on the ground and finally came to a stop.

“Man what the hell was that”

The monster did not give Marcus any time to retreat. It came down from the sky slamming into the ground. Marcus rolls back and jumps away from the monster attack. “Ok that enough” With a quick jolt Marcus ran towards the monster punching him in the gut. From the force the monster slide back but never left its feet. Marcus try to pull away from the monster but realize that his hand was stuck. The monster body was sticking to Marcus like a bubble material. As Marcus try to free himself and monster slap him down then with a kick send him flying.

Tai is seen running beside the arena wall as the monster chase after him. “Man these things are like juggernauts.” Tai soon see what look like an old abandon house. He ran towards it but the monster grabs him. It hand was so massive that it could cover up his who body. As it lift Tai up towards it face you soon started to hear Tai body cracking as he was being squeeze. “Hell this hurt!” The monster soon tosses Tai into the house. “Ok I think that was my ribs. I am running out of options here.” At first Tai had a smile on his face, but as the monster started to get closer it turn into a careless expression. “Well I guess one move won’t hurt.”

Marcus was hiding behind a large stone as the monster look for him furiously. Something starts to shine on the back of the monster neck from the sun. “What is that?” Marcus started to see that is was a metal like cube sticking out of its neck. “Well if that’s not a weakness I don’t know what is.” Marcus rush past the monster fast enough not to be notices. He grabs an old worn out pipe from the ground and then ran back toward the monster. At the least moment the monster notice Marcus swing it arm to hit him. Marcus jump over the monster hand land on a rock propelling his self up into the air. Marcus then came down with full force driving the rust pipe into the metal cube. The monster fell to one knee letting out an animal like scream. Marcus covers his ear from the noise but ran back up the monster body again driving the pipe in farther. The pipe shatter into the air as, the monster fell face flat into the ground. The piece of metal fell around Marcus shiny from the sun as he looks down at the monster. “Now to see how Tai is doing”

Soon as Marcus finish his sentence a large cashing came from the other side of the arena. Marcus ran over towards the noise. When he got to the abandon house he vision was block by smoke. He can smell something burning but didn’t know what it was. As Marcus try to figure out what happen. He saw a large figure walking thru the smoke. As it got closer he realizes that it was the large creature. “Damn it you got to be kidding me.” As it got closer Marcus start to prepare his self for the fight. Before he could attack the monster fell to its face.

“What the hell happen” As Marcus look at the monster he saw Tai coming out of the broken down house. He was stumbling and was holding his head. He was breathing very hard and his chest was beating heavily. “Tai you used your power.” Tai just look at Marcus as he help him out. Before he could question him any more about it, the arena started to shake and the ground open up. Shuffle and Magma came up from the hole on a white platform.

Shuffle stand there clapping with a smile on his face. “Wow that was a great battle. Both of you was able to defeat the Clay Ghouls. I must give it to the both of you.”

“Ok that enough with the praising. Let get to the introduction already, I am Magma a division leader of the SA Team”

“Well damn.” Shuffle said glaring at Magma. “My name is Shuffle and I am also a division leader of the SA Team. As you know we were the ones that monitor your match.”

“Ok then, so what is this SA team you two talk about.” Tai said after finally regaining his self.

“Well it is a group of student at the school that would be describe as elites. We are the top of the school and usually or power are rank at 4.0 or higher. You can tell who we are by the amlets that whe wear or our shirt.” Magma put his hand on his head and started to yawn. “Shuffle you can explain the rest, I am getting tired.”

Shuffle just look at Magma and started to shake his head. “Well as you know this school safe haven for us with the Genkai Gene. Yet in return we are called upon to stop those who cause trouble in the Nation. So I am sure you have a full understanding about this school. If you don’t maybe in the later chapter it can be explain.”

“Wait what you say” Marcus said with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Mark don’t worry about it. Now can we please leave already.” Tai said is he started to hold his ribs.

“Yes we do need to get you check out.” Shuffle signal to Magma to get something out his pocket. Magma pulls out a small blue marble. He crushes it in his hand then threw it in the air. A whole open up showing a large snow color building.

“Welcome to Rain Academy my friends” Shuffle said pointing at the building.

~ by The Incredible Marksman on July 13, 2009.

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  1. first ,muhahhahaha im eevil!!


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  4. Damn it 4th and I also write the story.

  5. nice

  6. tai = ice? >_>

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