Kunoichi Thoughts – Chapter 3

A Kunoichi’s Thoughts.


Is This A Date?

“What was that Ino?” asked a now very confused Naruto. ‘Did she just ask me out?’ he wondered. ‘Why  would Ino want to go out with me?’

“I asked you if you wanted to go out some time, Naruto.”

Naruto wasn’t the kind of person who was easily intimidated (except when he was near Sakura), he would take on a whole army of Oto-nin without a moment’s hesitation if he needed to. For some reason though, Naruto started feeling extremely nervous. He began stuttering as he asked his next question.

“D-d-do you mean like on a date, Ino?” Naruto stammered.

“Of course silly, what else could I possibly mean?” replied Ino while giving him a small yet provocative smile.

Naruto didn’t know how to respond to Ino’s request. His eyes were for Sakura only, but he didn’t want to hurt his other friend’s feelings by rejecting her offer. ‘One date couldn’t hurt, right?’ Naruto pondered. ‘Besides, Ino’s not that bad.’

“Besides Naruto, you owe me for taking such good care of you after your fight with Pain.” Ino said while playfully smacking Naruto’s shoulder.

Naruto had always thought of Ino as quite attractive, her platinum blonde hair that was pulled back into a ponytail had always seemed to fascinate him. Plus she wasn’t a bad person, she cared for her teammates and looked out for them. Sure she could be shallow sometimes, but she was Naruto’s friend and good friend’s are always able to look past other’s shortcomings.

“So, Naruto, what do you say? Wanna go out with me sometime?” Ino asked again.

‘Say no, say no, say no…Please say no’ Sakura tried to forcefully send her thoughts into Naruto’s brain, and for once in a very long time, Sakura actually felt jealous of Ino’s ninja abilities.

“Sure Ino, I’ll go out with you.” he answered.

Ino squealed a little at the response. ‘He said yes! He said Yes!’ she thought. As Ino continued to mentally jump up and down at prospect of dating the blonde knucklehead, Sakura was alone with her thoughts.

‘Why was I so stupid? I took too long, I’ve lost my chance. Naruto’s gonna see that there are others out there that can offer him their love, and forget all about me.’

“So, Naruto? When do you think that you’ll be up and running?” Ino asked him, she was back to her bubbly self now that she had gotten the awkwardness out of the way.

“Uh…well…I kind of wanted to get some Ichiraku Ramen later today, and finally catch up on some sleep tonight. I don’t have any missions tomorrow though, so how does tomorrow sound?”

Ino huffed. ‘I guess the order still goes Sakura, Ichiraku Ramen, Shinobi duties, and finally his own enjoyment.’

“OK, Naruto.” she sighed, “How about I meet up with you at your house around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon? Does that sound OK?”

“Sure thing Ino!” replied an enthusiastic Naruto.

Ino nodded. “See you tomorrow Naruto-kun!” As Ino walked past Sakura, she whispered in her ear.

“I need to talk to you about something, meet up at my house after you go to Ichiraku Ramen.” Ino smiled and walked out of the room.

‘What the hell is she talking about? I’m not going to Ichiraku Ram-‘ her thought was interrupted by Naruto.

“Hey Sakura-chan! Wanna join me at Ichiraku?” He was wearing the biggest smile on his face.

‘Damn that Ino! How does she know exactly what Naruto and my relationship is? I’ll make sure to ask her when I see her later.’

“Oh, sorry Sakura-chan, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll just be on my way to Ichiraku.” Naruto’s genuine smile had left his face and been replaced by a fake one when Sakura had ignored his question. Naruto got up from his hospital bed, put his ninja sandals on, and headed towards the windowsill so that he could jump out.

The pink-haired girl instantly realized what she did and cried out after Naruto.

“No, Wait!” Sakura yelled too quickly for her liking, “Err, I mean…Sure I’d love to go to Ichiraku with you.” Sakura smirked and continued, “Besides, I wanna have a talk with you about not telling your best friend and teammate about your chakra fluctuations.” Sakura glared at her now nervous companion.

“OK, Sakura-chan!” declared Naruto, “There’s also a few things that I want to talk to you about too.”

Sakura was only able to think about Naruto’s response for a split second before she was picked up bridal style by him and he jumped out the hospital window.

“HEY! Put me down Naruto! I can walk on my own!” Sakura fumed.

“You picked me up and brought me to the hospital when I got knocked out earlier, consider this your reimbursement.” Naruto once again had his ear to ear grin.

“Wait a minute, how did you know I was the one that carried you here?” Inquired a now very curious and embarrassed kunoichi.

“Well, I may have slipped in and out of consciousness a couple of times before we reached the hospital. Plus I kind of enjoyed the ride, it was very warm and comforting, so I wasn’t going to complain.” Naruto admitted.

Sakura smiled, and started to giggle at Naruto’s behavior. She continued her fit of laughter until she felt her feet touch solid ground.

“We’re here!” Naruto announced.

Sakura smiled at Naruto when he put her down gently, “Thanks Naruto, even though it was unnecessary.”

Naruto brushed off Sakura’s  remark with a smile, “So, Sakura-chan…are you ready for the most delicious food to ever grace your taste buds?”

Sakura snorted at his comment, “Pfft, nothing beats syrup coated anko dumplings and umeboshi. Now those are ‘the most delicious foods to grace my taste buds.’” Sakura said with her best Naruto impression.

“Sakura-chaaan! It’s not very nice to make fun of people.” he complained while giving her a pout.

Sakura started to laugh again, as they entered Ichiraku Ramen.

“Besides…” Naruto continued, “You can pay for both of us next time.”

“What? Wasn’t the carrying me here enough for you to consider us even?” baited Sakura.

“In all reality Sakura, I thought of that as more of a reward to myself for pushing you guys out of the way of the falling house.” explained Naruto.

His response had caught her completely off guard, she had never expected Naruto to be so…playful. ‘Is this the Naruto that others have seen? Is this why he’s so popular among the other kunoichi now?’

“NARUTO-KUN!” exclaimed Ayame. “It’s always a pleasure to have you as a customer, will you be having the usual?”

“Believe i-” Naruto was cut off when Sakura clamped one of her hands over his mouth and used the other to whack him over the head.

“Naruto-BAKA! If you EVER, and I mean EVER, say that again I will rewire your taste buds so that you will be unable to ever taste Ramen again.” Sakura threatened.

Naruto gulped at the thought of losing his taste for ramen. ‘She can’t really do that…can she?’ Naruto thought. ‘Regardless, I can’t take that chance.’

“OK, Sakura-chan!”

“So the usual for you, Naruto, and what will your pretty date be having?”

Sakura blushed at the ‘pretty date’ remark while Naruto grinned nervously.

“I’ll be having the vegetarian special Ramen.” said a still blushing Sakura.


Naruto and Sakura had finished their Ramen hours ago, and were strolling through a barely occupied Konoha while discussing some of their prior missions. After their late lunch at Ichiraku the pair had decided to have a night on the town and just stroll through it going in and out of the newly built shops.

During their walk they remembered that there was a fair going on in town, it was the first public gathering since Pain’s attack, so it was sure to have a lot of people gathered.

They had spent a few hours at the fair and left to pick up some food at Sakura’s favorite place for anko dumplings. Sakura had paid for both of their meals.

“Naruto, I’m going to pay for this. You said yourself that I owed you for saving me from the frame falling on top of me.” Sakura stuck out her tongue at him as she said this.

Naruto smiled at the memory from a couple of hours prior. As he and Sakura reached their destination he stared at his longtime crush. He had hoped that one day he and Sakura could go on an official date, much like the one he was going to have with Ino tomorrow. The duo stopped on top of  Hokage mountain, and looked down at the now mostly sleeping village.

“Beautiful view, don’t you think so Naruto?” asked Sakura as she peered out over the village.

Naruto, who was looking at Sakura at the time, responded, “You have no idea how beautiful it is.”

Sakura didn’t notice Naruto’s gaze transfixed on her, but she did notice how high up the moon seemed to be.

“Shit! I have to get home, Naruto. My parents must be worried sick!”

Naruto checked the moon’s location and chuckled a little. ‘There goes my plan for catching up on my sleep. Well, at least I got some time alone with Sakura-chan, so it was definitely worth it.’

“Well Naruto, I had a lot of fun today. We should do this more often.” Sakura admitted.

“I really enjoyed myself too, Sakura-chan, and we will definitely do this more often.” assured Naruto.

“OK then, Naruto. I’m off”

“Wait, Sakura-chan!”

“Yes Naruto?”

“Umm…I wanted to ask…di-did you…I mean…” Naruto once again faltered in his search to find the correct words, “did we just go out on a d-date?”

Sakura grinned as Naruto’s usually confident demeanor turned into one that matched a pile of mashed potatoes. She smiled as she came up with the answer.

“It’s whatever you consider it to be, Naruto-kuuun.” Sakura cooed as she jumped down the Hokage memorial and made her way home.

‘It’s things like those that make me want to end up with her.’ Naruto happily thought to himself. Naruto jumped off the stone monuments dedicated to the greatest ninja in Konoha history and headed home for some much needed rest.

While jogging home Sakura remembered that she was supposed to have spoken to Ino after eating with Naruto, but she had been so engulfed in the good time she was having that it had completely slipped her mind. ‘Oh well, I guess it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. It probably wasn’t too important if Ino was willing to wait until I was done with Naruto.’

A blonde haired kunoichi started to think about her best friend and rival, ‘Oh Sakura, you should’ve showed up today, now you’re gonna learn the hard way.’ With those thoughts she fell asleep dreaming about a certain blonde ninja.

(A/N: I could end the chapter here to be mean…but I did promise some folks that this chapter would have the Ino date, so prepare for my longest chapter yet XD)


Naruto woke up late the next day. He looked at the clock and saw that it was already 12:30.

“Fuck! I don’t have much time left to get ready for my date with Ino!” Naruto jumped out of his bed and started scooping everything up off of the floor with his arms. He heaved the assortment of dirty clothes, empty ramen cups, scrolls, and shinobi weapons into the nearest closet. Naruto rushed to the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove. As he waited for the water to come to a boil, Naruto scanned his humble abode and sighed when he saw its state.

“It’s still no good, even though I put away the mess, this place still looks like a disaster area, besides, I still need to wash this place up.” As soon as the words left his mouth Naruto got an idea.


Naruto created three clones and gave them instructions.

“You, sweep the floors and make the bed! You, wash the dishes in the sink, and make sure that everything that’s supposed to be in the refrigerator is. You, clean the counters and as soon as the one who’s sweeping is finished start to mop the floors.”

“Hai!” replied the three clones, “But, what about you?” asked clone number two, “don’t tell me you’re just going to be lazy and sit there all day!”

“No, of course not! I’m going to eat my breakfast and take a shower so I can be ready in time.”

‘Yeah, he gets to relax while we have to do all the work.’ the clones grumbled to themselves.


Ino was awakened by the sound of her alarm clock.

“Dammit! I forgot to turn that stupid thing off! I was having such a good dream too.”


Ino’s dream had her and Naruto in a very precarious  position. Ino and Naruto had gotten caught in the rain on their way back from their date. Since Naruto’s new apartment was closest they decided to take shelter there while the storm subsided. They sprinted through the storm, stepping in every puddle on the way there. They reached Naruto’s and rushed indoors, safe from the rain.

So Naruto? Now that I’m in your apartment you’re not going to try and take advantage of me are you?” Ino asked her fellow blonde.

“INO-CHAN!” Naruto complained, “Do you really think of me that way?”

Ino laughed at Naruto’s reaction, ‘He is so easy to fool sometimes.’ Ino looked over at Naruto and continued laughing when she saw him pout.

“What are we going to do in the meantime, Naruto?” asked an interested Ino.

“Well, I guess we could watch some television in the meanti-” Naruto was interrupted by a bolt a lightning and a clap of thunder shortly thereafter. The electrical surge knocked out his power.

“Well I guess there goes THAT idea.” he sulked

Ino giggled at his downtrodden expression, or at least what she thought was downtrodden, she wasn’t able to tell in the dark. ‘I had I wonderful time today, but I wonder if I’ll get the chance to kiss him.’

“Ino-chan, we should probably get out of these wet clothes, I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”

‘Bingo…there’s my chance’ she slyly thought to herself.

“I agree Naruto, but I’m going to need some help with this dress.” she said seductively.

“Wh-what was that Ino-chan?” gulped Naruto.

“I said…I’m going to need some help, Naruto-Kuuuun” Ino made sure to emphasize the suffix at the end of his name.

Ino walked over to the now very confused Naruto, and pulled her dress up slightly, showing off her long, sultry legs. She lightly placed her hand on his defined chest and traced his zipper with her index finger. Naruto shuddered at the contact. Ino saw her chance when Naruto had looked way for a split second, and moved in for the kiss. She could feel the sharp intake of his breath when he noticed her proximity to him. Ino was about to put her lips onto his. She inched closer and closer, she was an eyelash’s length away…


“Dammit! I forgot to turn that stupid thing off! I was having such a good dream too.”

Ino snatched her alarm clock from the nightstand and heaved it into the wall.

“Crap, now I’m going to have to buy a new one.” she groaned.

Ino gathered up the items for her morning ritual, stumbled out of her room, and wandered into her bathroom. As she undressed for her shower, her mind was fighting itself. It was almost like the time that she had been forcefully expelled from Sakura’s mind during the Chunin exams. Sakura. The pink haired medic-nin had been one of two thoughts jockeying for position in her mind. The other thought being those newly acquired feelings she had developed for Naruto.

“Damn that Sakura. If only she used that big head of hers for something else besides advertising space, she would’ve known that I had to talk to her as soon as possible.” Ino grumbled to herself.

Ino stepped into her shower and turned the water on. The cool water splashed onto her face and made her shiver from head to toe, but it achieved the desired effect of waking her up. As Ino’s body got used to the temperature, her thoughts shifted to a certain blonde ninja. Ino felt a tingle run up and down her back, and it wasn’t from the water.


“AH! That was delicious!” Naruto said as he slurped up the last of his Ramen.

Naruto gulped the remaining milk in his glass, and wiped away his milk mustache. He decided to go check on his clones since he could hear a lot of yelling coming from his living room. As he stood up he glanced at his clock.

‘Oh Shit! Only half an hour left…I gotta take my shower NOW!’ he thought.

Naruto sprinted down the hall, removing articles of his clothing along the way.


Ino had more than enough time to get ready for her date, her alarm clock had woken her up at 9:30. After her shower she had picked out her dress for the date and spent the next two and a half hours putting on her makeup and doing her hair. She ate a small breakfast and watched some television to pass the time before her date. At one o’clock Ino left her apartment to get to Naruto’s in time.

Ino walked up to Naruto’s door and knocked.

‘I hope he’s ready.’ she thought.

When the door opened Ino didn’t know how to react, either laugh hysterically…or get extremely mad at the baka…Naruto was standing in front of her wearing the stupidest apron she had ever seen, it was pink with white flowers scattered about and a few naruto ramen toppings near the middle. In bold black type at the very center of the apron it read, ‘Me so hungry? MISO RAMEN!’

How is he not ready? I said I would be here around this time, and what does he do? He waits to get ready until the last possible moment.’ Then Ino’s playful side kicked in, she started to snicker at Naruto’s silly appearance, and forgot all about her anger directed at him.

“Nice apron, silly. I never saw you as the cooking type.” teased Ino.

She playfully smacked him in the arm and was surprised when Naruto ‘ poofed ‘ out of her sight. She was confused at first but spotted the other two clones looking at her with hurt expressions.

“Why’d you kill me Ino? We didn’t do anything bad.” said one of the clones while giver her a pout.

‘I see that he isn’t as irresponsible as I thought he was. He surprises me more and more everyday.’

“So I see that you guys…err…I mean…you are busy, where’s the real blonde knucklehead?” Ino asked the two remaining shadow clones.

“Oh him? He’s right…”

“HERE!” yelled an unexpected voice from behind her.


Ino was unable to express anymore anger at Naruto when she realized his state of undress. He wore his usual orange pants and had a towel slung around his shoulders which he was using to dry his wet hair. He was shirtless and still damp from his recent shower, the sun peeked its way through his window and gave his body a golden aura that shimmered like the sun. For the second time in a month, Ino fainted.


Ino slowly woke up from her impromptu nap and sighed. ‘Dammit all, I have to find a way to stop fainting around him like that. It’s embarrassing.”

“Glad to see you up!” Naruto began, “I told you to take that fainting problem of your seriously, I don’t want you getting hurt.”

‘Kami he’s so clueless. Whatever…this works to my advantage anyway.’ she thought to herself.

“How long have I been out?” she asked.

“Not long, only like fifteen minutes or so. If you’re feeling better I suggest we leave soon. After all, you wanted to get lunch not dinner, right Ino?” Naruto chuckled.

Ino stuck her tongue out at Naruto, “Yes, I’m feeling much better…so, let’s get a move on. Oh yeah, and unless you want the female population swooning over you for the rest of the day, you should probably put a shirt on.”

Naruto chuckled again at Ino’s observation, “I dunno Ino, maybe I’d like that attention.”

“Naruto-baka, stop being a pig. You better be joking.” Ino warned.

“Don’t worry Ino, I’m not that type of person.” Naruto assured while putting on a black t-shirt with a  red Uzumaki swirl symbol in the middle.

“Ok Naruto, let’s go.”


Ino and Naruto had gone to Ino’s favorite restaurant in Konoha, it was a nice sit down place where many couples liked to go for a nice afternoon lunch. There were tables situated both indoors and out. Since it had been a nice day they decided to eat their food outdoors. They had talked about many things when the subject shifted to one that greatly interested Ino.

“Hahahaha…Oh Kami! I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” Ino roared with laughter at the newfound information, “So you’re telling me, that Sakura Haruno, student of Kakashi Hatake, apprentice to the Godaime Hokage, and elite medical Kunoichi, is afraid of a harmless little toad? Oh Kami! I’ll make sure that she’ll never hear the end of this…hee hee hee.”

As Ino continued her laughter Naruto realized his mistake. He paled at the possible outcome of what such info in Ino’s hands would mean for poor Sakura. Naruto grew even more concerned when it finally dawned on him what it meant for his own health and well-being once Sakura found out that it was him who spilled the beans.

“Please Ino, don’t use this against her! She’s very sensitive on the subject, besides, she’ll know that it was me who told you, and be very, very upset. She may even try to kill me. Please, I beg of you, do not mention this to her. I’ll do anything, just don’t tell Sakura-chan!” Naruto pleaded to Ino.

“Anything? You don’t mean ‘anything‘, do you Naruto…?” Ino cajoled.

“I didn’t mean it like THAT Ino, you have a dirty mind.” he responded.

“Do not!” Ino playfully feigned a hurt expression and stuck her tongue out at him.

“So, Ino, what do you say…can you keep this between me and you? Pleeeease?” he urged.

“OK OK, but you owe me one Naruto.” Ino cheekily said to her date.

“Consider this an I.O.U, Ino.” he replied.

Fifteen minutes later the pair finished their respective lunches. Naruto paid the bill, much to Gama-chan’s(1) dismay, and they got up to leave. As they started down the street they heard a familiar boisterous voice.

“OY! NARUTO! INO!” the voice called out.

Ino and Naruto turned around to see Kiba, Hinata, and Akamaru walking towards them.

“Kiba! Akamaru…! Hinata?” Ino was confused to see the Hyuuga heiress walking so close to Kiba. It was almost like they were on a…

“Eh…Hinata? Are you and Kiba on a date?” the ever intrusive Naruto asked without a hint of subtlety. Ino wondered whether the word ‘subtle’ was even in Naruto’s dictionary.

“Yes, Naruto-kun. Kiba-kun and I are on a date.” smiled Hinata.

“WOOF” barked Akamaru.

“Well, congratulations Hinata! Kiba, even though he smells like a toilet, is a good catch.” said Naruto.

Kiba glared at Naruto, “Watch yourself, you wouldn’t want to smell like dog urine for the rest of your date, would you Naruto?”

Naruto turned ghost white at the possibility of having to walk around the rest of the day reeking of piss.

“What about you guys, have you been enjoying yourselves? Has Naruto been the perfect gentleman?” teased Kiba.

“I can’t speak for Naruto, but I have been having a wonderful time, and yes, Naruto has been the perfect gentlemen.” responded Ino while giving him a small smile.

“I’m having a good time too, Ino. This has been one of the best days in a very long time for me.” said Naruto.

Naruto was both surprised and happy with Ino’s response. ‘She’s having a good time? All we’ve done is eat and talk about dumb things. I’m happy she’s been having a good time though.’

“Well, Hinata and I have a date to continue on with. Enjoy yourselves!” announced an enthusiastic Kiba.

As they walked away Hinata broke away from Kiba’s arm and walked up Ino.

Hinata started whispering into Ino’s ear. “I’m very happy to see that you and Naruto-kun are having such a great time. Oh, and in regards to the the subject we spoke about yesterday…I’ll be more than happy to help you out in that.” Hinata winked at Ino and ran off to rejoin Kiba.

Ino smirked. ‘Things are starting to look up. Hopefully neither of them will catch on.’

“So, Ino-chan…want to continue on with our date, or has it been too unbearable?” Naruto joked.

“BAKA! You know that I said that I was having fun! Stop being difficult.” scolded Ino.

Naruto gave her his patented grin and held his arm out as an invitation for her to take it. Ino smirked and wrapped her arm around his. The pair walked down the street arm in arm, laughing all the way.


It had started raining and the pair of blondes had to rush to Naruto’s apartment to hide from the unexpected storm.

‘This is just like my dream’ Ino thought. ‘I wonder if it will turn out the same way though?’ Ino had a devilish grin on her face as she said her next words.

“So Naruto? Now that I’m in your apartment you’re not going to try and take advantage of me are you?” Ino asked her fellow blonde.

“INO-CHAN! Do you really think of me that way? ” Naruto complained but then got another idea, “SEE, I told you! You DO have a dirty mind.”

“HEY! Watch what you say around the person who holds your well being in her hands. You wouldn’t want Sakura finding a toad in her room, tracing it back to me, and finding out that you told me about her fear of toads, would you Naruto-kuuuun?” Ino made sure to emphasize the suffix at the end of his name this time around too. ‘Just as I thought, it has the same affect as it did in my dream.’

Naruto was now very confused and intimidated by Ino’s sudden forwardness. ‘I wonder what’s making her act like this all of the sudden?’

Ino walked over to Naruto and lightly put her left hand on his right shoulder. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered…

“You know Naruto, I would actually like to claim that I.O.U now.” She seductively whispered into his ear.

“Wait, what do you me-.”

Naruto was cut off by Ino’s lips crashing into his and softly caressing his lips with hers. Her tongue found its way into his mouth and traced the sides of Naruto’s tongue.

Naruto’s eyes widened at the events that transpired. As Ino broke the kiss she looked at Naruto’s expression. She felt guilty at first for forcing herself on him like that, but knew that it was something she must do. ‘I’m sorry Naruto-kun, but I had to know. Now I’ll be able to know what to do after this situation is cleared up.’

“I-In-Ino ch-ch-chan?” began a now bewildered Naruto.

“Looks like the storm has cleared up, Naruto. I had a fantastic time today. This has been the best day since after Asuma-sensei died, and I’m eternally grateful to you for that. I’ll be on my way now Naruto, and don’t worry…Sakura’s secret is safe with me. My lips are sealed…” Ino smiled evilly once again, “Unless of course you don’t want them to be.” She winked at him and started out the door. Ino changed her mind and turned around to peck a still very confused Naruto on the cheek.

Naruto, who had remained glued to his spot, was only able to utter a few syllables as a goodbye.


Ino shut the door behind her and sighed. ‘I’m so…so sorry, Naruto-kun.’ She walked down the steps and headed home, her thoughts once again on a blonde headed ninja.

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