The Destined Battle – Sage and Uchiha

The Destined Battle

The Destined Battle

Sasuke’s team runs through the tree tops, heading for the Kage Summit. Suddenly, Karin senses a huge chakra heading their way. She alerts Sasuke.

Karin: “Sasuke, there’s a really big source of chakra heading here. It feels like on of the guys that were on the 8-man Squad that was looking for us.”

Sasuke: “Don’t worry. I knew this would happen eventually…….”

Meanwhile the team that Hawk sensed is jumping through the tree tops as well.

Member #3: “Are you sure that this was a good idea, Naruto-kun?”

Naruto: “Don’t worry Sai, that’s why Kakashi is covering for us.”

Karui: “Would you two shut up already and focus on finding Killerb-.(They are interrupted by Hawk’s arrival.) You! I’ll kill you!” (Naruto grabs her hand and tells her he’ll handle it)

Omoi: “Believe me Karui, I ant to take him on as much as you, but If there’s a chance Killerbee’s still alive, then we have to look for him. Leave the Uchiha to him and let’s look for our master.”

Naruto stops and stares into Sasuke’s eyes, Sasuke does the same. Naruto takes out his kunai without hesitation and both Naruto and Sasuke signal for their team members to go on without them. Hawk and Naruto’s team (Omoi, Karui, and Sai) leave.

Sasuke: “I’m surprised you didn’t try to talk to me first, instead you readily drew you’re kunai.”

Naruto (holds his head down with remorse in his eyes): “Before I was a fool. I tried to bring you back without understanding you’re pain. I thought that just because we are both orphans, I understood you. That was far from the truth, you had bonds and they were severed by Itachi. I never had those, until recently where I was forced to feel someone’s pain. (Holds his head up with a serious and determined look) That’s why now I’m gonna bring you back to Konoha!”

Sasuke: “You will have to beat me to an inch of life to bring me back (closes eyes), and……THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE! (opens eyes revealing Sharingan)”.

Naruto is suddenly surrounded by snakes, crawling up his clothes and wrapping around his body. He remains still and makes a hand sign. Suddenly his chakra multiplies by large amounts and he gets red markings on his eyes. He uses a Rasengan that is aimed at Sasuke.

Sasuke: “But you’re trapped in my Genjutsu, how can you see me???”

Naruto: “I cant see you…..I can sense you. Our bonds are strong even though you try to conceal them.”

Sasuke breaks the Genjutsu and jumps over Naruto before the Rasengan hits him. He pulls out his sword and uses Chidori Spear to shoot a beam of lightning at Naruto. Naruto quickly makes a clone, and the clone throws him in mid-air so he’s now going straight for the beam. He extends his Rasengan and when the two attacks hit a small explosion occurs. Naruto is sent flying into the ground, while Sasuke lands on a tree.

Sasuke: “What is that jutsu you used?! Normally you need a clone to make a Rasengan, yet you could make it by yourself this time. Either way, you’ll never hit me as long as these eyes are loo-” (Naruto reaches in front of his eyes before he could finish his sentence)

Naruto: “Rasengan!”

Sasuke counters with Chidori Nagashi and the Rasengan hit’s the current. The resulting shock waves push Sasuke back into a tree, and seriously damages him. Sasuke gets up and says playtime is over. He activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and uses Tsukuyomi.

Sasuke: “Before, you nullified my normal Genjutsu, but can you do the same to Tsukuyomi?” (Sasuke’s Genjutsu shows Naruto images of all those close to him dying. It shows the Kyubi killing and attacking the Village.)

Naruto: “I’m sorry Sasuke, but your Genjutsus wont work against me.”

He dashes at Sasuke at full speed, but being a Mangekyou Sharingan, Sasuke sees him coming and sweeps his feet. Naruto jumps over it and comes down with an axe kick, but Sasuke counters with a back flip to dodge. Sasuke then summons hundreds of Shuriken and throws them at Naruto when he lands. Naruto counters by hitting the ground with a Rasengan, which causes many rocks to rise into the air and the rocks block the shuriken. Sasuke uses Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu and Naruto jumps over hit, only to see Sasuke coming at him with a Chidori. Naruto makes a Rasengan and the two attacks collide with Sasuke being thrown back into a tree, again.

Naruto: “You’ve lost Sasuke. It’s time you come back to the Village.”

Sasuke: “Me….lose to you? Never! I’m an Uchiha!”

Sasuke uses Amaterasu and aims it at Naruto. Amaterasu surrounds Naruto in all directions, it completely covers him in the dark flames. Sasuke closes his eyes, and it returns back to its normal state. Sasuke gets ready to leave, he turns his back. Suddenly, the flames dissipate and Sasuke senses this and turns around, activating his Mangekyou Sharingan in the process. Naruto stands unscathed, but he looks normal now.

Sasuke: “So that was it after all. When I activated my Mangekyou Sharingan, I saw a strange energy surrounding your body. I hoped Amaterasu would kill you, but this is just as good.”

Naruto (thinking to himself): “Damn, when his evil chakra hit me, Sage Mode’s pure chakra countered it *pant*, but in the process, I’m out of Sage Mode now *pant*.”

Sasuke uses Fire Style: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu, but Naruto disperses his other clone just in time, and counters it with Sage Art: Great Rasengan. The giant Rasengan annihilates the dragon fire and goes straight for Sasuke. At the moment before impact, Sasuke summons a giant snake, who takes the hit for him, and he dodges it. Sasuke uses Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu to rain down small fireballs on Naruto, but Naruto counters by summoning Gamatatsu and using Wind Release: Toad Gun. The water completely extinguishes the fire balls, but Sasuke uses the opportunity to use Chidori and sends the electricity down to Naruto via the water jet. Naruto quickly disperses Gamatatsu and uses a Replacement Jutsu. Naruto comes behind Sasuke and delivers a powerful punch on him, but Sasuke holds onto his hand. They’re both sent flying because of this, and Sasuke being more agile, wraps his legs around Naruto and slams him into the ground. Sasuke gets up, while Naruto is still on the ground.

Sasuke: “No matter how strong you become, you’ll never be as powerful as an Uchiha.”

Naruto disperses in a puff of smoke. The real Naruto comes from above with a Rasenrengan (double Rasengan), and hits Sasuke with full force….only to find that he used a Replacement jutsu. Naruto gets up and looks at Sasuke. Sasuke is visibly angry, he launches many snakes from his sleeves. Naruto dodges them with relative ease. Sasuke says its time to use his new move. He uses the last of his energy to create Susanoo. The moment it is formed, it disintegrates back.

Sasuke: “Damn, I still haven’t fully mastered it yet.”

Naruto: “What was that?”

Sasuke raises his hand and more clouds form.

Sasuke: “I’ve used enough fire jutsus to use my most powerful Kirin. This is the end Naruto!”

Naruto: “Sasuke!”

Naruto creates two clones and gets ready to use his most powerful jutsu. Sasuke brings down the full force of Kirin and Naruto throws the Rasenshuriken. A huge explosion envelops the forest and a ball of white light is formed, trapping Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke: “How? *pant* Kirin should have annihilated you even with that wind based *pant* jutsu. *pant*”

Naruto: “My Senjutsu *pant* takes energy from the surrounding environment, and I was able to sense the clouds gathering. I saw that bright flash from a distance when you fought Itachi, and I figured that that must be what you were gonna do *pant*. I’ve been absorbing the natural energy gathered in those clouds, so your jutsu was much weaker than usual *pant*. Now Sasuke, it’s over! Let’s finish this now!”

Sasuke: “I’ve had enough of this tug-of-war with you, and now is the time to end it!”

Sasuke shouts Naruto’s name and rushes at him, Naruto does the same. Naruto punches at Sasuke, but he ducks under Naruto’s arm and kicks towards Naruto’s face. Naruto quickly moves his head back and the kick barely misses. Suddenly Sasuke drops to the ground.

Sasuke: “How!? I dodged your punch!”

Naruto: “When I’m in Sage Mode, my attacks have an extended reach. I told you I wouldnt go easy on you this time. When we fought at the Valley of the End, I could have gone for yor head, but instead, I slashed your headband because you told me I couldnt. Now its time you come back to konoha.”

Naruto walks over to Sasuke’s body, but suddenly a huge fist comes from above. Naruto jumps to avoid Jugo’s punch, and he quickly takes the opportunity to grab Sasuke and retreat.

Jugo: “Sasuke, are you alright?”

Sasuke: “Yeah, dont worry about me. (thinks to himself) Naruto has gotten stronger than me. On top of that, he could have killed me at the Valley of the End, am I this weak?”

~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on July 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Destined Battle – Sage and Uchiha”

  1. Seem good to me. The only thing is it seemed the character were a bit defferent then in naruto.
    But hard work makes better.

    I commend you and say keep up the hard work and getting better.
    from my viewpoint you have the potietial

  2. Nice story

  3. huh so kisu is in!

  4. muhaha! naruto gotten stronger (and smarter)! nice fanfic, ahsan! 🙂

  5. wow, naruto sounded…. SMART. 0_0

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