Limit Act :2

A boy was now sitting on a bed in a hospital room. The walls of the room were a pale white but almost had a diamond sparkle to them. There was also a window with a mild breeze coming in, gently pushing the lavender curtains into the air.

The boy almost looks exactly like Marcus from the back, but his face was different. His hair was shaved short to his scalp. He had on a green short sleeve shirt with a white long sleeve shirt underneath and he had a light green bandana around his head. He also wore white pants with green stripes that went down the left and right side of each pants leg that also shined to oncoming light. He also had white shoes.

He was about 5’5, the same height as Marcus, although his skin tone was darker than the other boy. He also had a calm expression on his face as he sat on a bed in the room by himself.

Suddenly a beautiful doctor walked into the room. Her hair was sparkling white in colour and came down to her shoulders, while her eyes had a light blue glow to them. She looked about twenty. She was a vanilla light skin completion, wore a white robe doctor’s outfit and held in her hands 3 white papers on a clip board that had the test results typed in bold black print at the top. She stood at the foot of the bed starring at her papers in her hands.

“That’s tight.” The boy said as the doctor came in.

“Um, thank you. Everyone says something about my hair and eyes the first time we meet. So your name is Germaine right?” The doctor said as she took a set at her desk. “Germaine Brooks, hum it was another person here with that last name also.”

“Was his name Marcus?” Germaine ask.

“Yes it was.” She said, turning to face the boy addressing her. “Are you related?”

“He’s my younger half brother.” Germaine said as he straightened his shirt out.

“Hum, so I see. Well my name is Paula Long and I have the test results from your blood test right here. It looks like we were able to cure the disease that was restricting you power. You’re very lucky you got in here as soon as you did, because we calculated you would have been killed by the disease in about a month, regardless of your strong genes. The MS disease is what you call it.” She said looking over the paper work.

“Yea I know I haven’t been able to use my lightning because of that stupid disease lately. I can really feel my powers coming back now.” He said with a relieve look on his face.

“I see you also passed your physical.” Dr. Long said as she more the chair closer to Germaine.

“Yeah I always pass that. That test is too easy.” When Germaine said this he had a cock grin on his face. Dr Long just looks at him and smiled.

“Well not everyone has your genes.” She said, teasing him.

“Man everybody says that.” Germaine retorted. “I just wish I could take the test without these genes. I would shut everybody up.” You could see the anger building in his eyes.

“Hey I believe you.” Dr Long said putting her hand up in defeat.

“No you don’t!” Germaine said crossing his arm and pouting.

Dr. Long started to laugh at him and couldn’t but help to think that he was cute.

“Yea I know. But anyway it seems like you are good to go.”

Their conversation was interrupted by someone from the outside. He was black with his head shaved almost balled, while it was around size similar to Germaine’s. He was 5’4 in height and he was also wearing black dress pants with a red button up shirt.

“Sorry for the interrupted Dr. Long. I am here to pick up Germaine Brooks.” The bald-headed boy said.

“Ah yes here he is right here Refuge.” Dr. Long said pointing at that said boy

“Are you ready Germaine?” Refuge asked, with a smile on his face.

“Bring it on.” Germaine said hopping off the bed.

“Oh and by the way that physical is easy.” Refuge said looking at Dr. Long

“Thank you.” Germaine said shaking his head agreeing with him.

“No it is not. Try taking it without powers at all.” Dr. Long said as she cross her legs.

“It’s a physical. You’re not required to use your powers.” Refuge said leaving out of the room.

“Sure” Dr. Long said, laughing at Refuge.

“Let’s go Germaine.” Refuge said with an annoying look on his faces.

Germaine followed Refuge out of the medical room and down hallway. It was a narrow hallway with just enough room for to people to walk in. The light was motion sincere as it light up as the boy’s walk under them. Germaine and Refuge both walked with their hands in their pockets as they continued on their way.

“Well let me take this time to explain a few things before you take your entrance exam”

“Ok” Germaine said waiting for Refuge next word.

“Well of course you know that you will be fighting. We want to see what you can do so we can help you learn how to use your power better. If, in the battle, you get knocked unconscious or if it looks like you cannot continue, the battle will stop. That means that you would have failed the entrance exam. You also might want to check up on the SA team. You will learn what that is when you get to the school.” Refuge explained to Germaine.

“It doesn’t matter anyway I am still going to win.” You can see the hubris radiating off of him.

Refuge started to laugh at the young cocky boy.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, your brother didn’t have an easy time.” He said looking at him with a grin.

“That’s because he’s weak.” Germaine retorted jokingly.

“Yea I figured that much.” Refuge said agreeing with him.

“Hold up, you mean to tell me he lost?” Germaine’s face immediately fell at that, taking on a more serious, but clearly concerned, expression.

“No… well to be honest, your brother did pretty well. It was the other kid that seem like he was trailing behind. “Refuge said, seeing the hint of concern in Germaine’s eyes.

“Let me guess, Tai.” This time Germaine’s tone clearly lacked surprise.

“Yea what’s up with that kid? I mean some how he was able to beat that monster with no power. Yet it almost killed him”

“I really don’t know. But if it continues like this he might get both of them killed. “Germaine said with some anger in his voice. “Anyway I am not going to hold back. It won’t even take me as long as it took them. Watch, I am going to end it quick.” Changing the tone of his voice to a more excited one.

“Hum, I see you have full confidence in yourself.” Refuge said as he looks out the side of his eyes at Germaine.

“Yeah, I am going to show you!” Germaine said lifting up his hand. Green lighting started to wrap around it soon afterwards.

“Impressive.” Refuge said as he watches.

“That was nothing, wait until you see me out there.” Germaine said as he powered down again.

“You know not to brag or anything but when I had to take the initiation test I had to fight 3 of them thing’s you’re going to fight.” Refuge said with a big grin on his faces.

“Nice, that’s tight. How many did Tai and Mark fight?” Germaine ask Refuge

“They only fought 2. They asked to go in together. Like I said I thought they was going to die, seeing that Tai was not using any powers whatsoever. Does he even have any?” Refuge asked, looking at Germaine.

“Yea, but neither mark or I have never seen them. I am still unsure whether or not to tell you the truth.” Germaine said looking down.

“Well how do you know he has powers” Refuge ask.

“Well ever since I met him, he gave off a strange aura. I never really could understand it at all.” Germaine said with a serious tone.

“Well we are here.” Refuge said pointing at the exit.

“That was a long walk.” Germaine replied.

“Well blame the author on that one.” Refuge said looking into the sky.

Both Germaine and Refuge walk into the arena soon afterwards. Germaine look at the destruction that was cause by Tai and Mark battle early that day. By now the sun was setting and it gave the stadium a clam look.

“What happened in here?” Germaine ask

“Well we had other matches today. Once again Magma was supposed to clean it up but we can’t fine him.” Refuge said with a smile on his face. “Well I have to leave so you can start. Are you ok with what’s up.”

“Yea, I am cool. “ Germaine said as he started to stretch.

“Good luck. You will need it.” Refuge said as he was walking away.

“We will see.” Germaine said with a waving hand gesture with a confident smirk on his face.

Up in the dark room where Magma and Shuffle previously were in the last chapter. In the room stood Magma with his arms crossed looking out the glass view of the arena. Suddenly a Big muscle bound guy about the 7’6 appeared out of nowhere with his arms crossed too standing beside magma that didn’t seem the least bit surprised of his appearance.

He wore a pair stylish dark sunglasses and an unbuttoned white T-shirt to show off his muscles. He also wore white pants to match his shirt and all white dress shoes. He had a Samoan caramel tone to his skin as he stood with a serious expression on his face. His hair was black and curly extending about 4 inches from his head.

“You know one day you are going to teleport and reappear in front of a car, a bullet or flying planet or something Tornesie.” Magma said with an annoying smile on his face.

“Good day to you to sir. What’s up with the flying planet comment?” Tornesie said as he looks at Magma. “Didn’t you suppose to help clean up the arena?”

“That’s not the point. You just can’t bring yourself to take the door like the rest of us.” Magma said trying to get the subject off of him.

“But why if I don’t need to?” Tornesie retorted, laughing at Magma.

Magma didn’t respond. He just ignored him. “Show off!” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Ok you win. I take the door next time.” Tornesie said after a heavy sigh.

“Though I don’t see why you would need to, seeing that you could just instantly teleport to the other side.” Magma said sarcastically.

“Ok magma I get the point. All of us have a cheap ability about us.”

“That’s an understatement.” Magma responded.

“So what up with this kid?” Tornesie ask Magma.

“Germaine Brooks. He is having his entrance exam.” Magma said pointing at the screen.

“Obviously” Tornesie said sarcastically. “I am talking about his stats. What is his background? What do we have on him?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t pull up his file on the computer. That’s Shuffle’s job.” Magma said getting annoyed.

“Well where is he?” Tornesie ask

“He left to help one of our team in the North West of the Shiro Resistance.”

“Well then you do it then Magma.”

“No I won’t. I can just get Refuge to do it when he gets here.” Magma said with a yawn.

“You know you are eventually going to have to learn how to do it yourself.” Tornesie nudge Magma jokingly.

“Why?” Magma asks with an innocent face.

“Oh my lord! Ok never mind. Let’s just start this thing.” Tornesie said rubbing his temples.

“I can do that.” Magma said with a big grin on his face.

“Yea I bet you can.”

Magma pushed a glowing red button just beneath the clear glass in front of him. Then there was a sudden noise that caught the attention of Germaine. He heard the sudden sound of the steel gate slowly sliding open, but this time with a loud screeching noise. Germaine then turned around, watching intensely as the steel gate slide completely open.

“Scary!” He said sarcastically.

Germaine starts to walk towards the sound with his hand in his pockets. Then there was a loud gorilla like roar coming from the tunnel opening stopping Germaine in his tracks.

“Ok. Yea let’s do this thing.”

Suddenly a huge rock came flying out towards Germaine at an incredible fast past. Germaine side steps out of the way of the rock watching it fly past him. When Germaine turned back around he saw it. It was the same intimidating huge clay like monster that Tai and Marcus had defeated. It looked on at Germaine beating his chest like a wild best.

“This might be just a little harder than I thought.” He said with a bead of sweat coming down his face.

Then monster stopped its ape like imitation and charged towards Germaine at its full speed. You could hear the ground rumble from the heavy feet of the monster. Germaine does the same as he charged towards the monster. Soon they both meet in the middle.

Germaine quickly slid on his back under the monster while it was in mid air, before jumping to his feet and quickly turning around to face the monster that was right behind him. It landed with a loud boom breaking and impacting the ground with its weight.

The monster quickly turned around with its left arm swinging for the upper body of Germaine. Germaine counters the attack by jumping over its arm, somersaulting over the monster while shooting green lightning strikes from his hands at its head.

The monster was hit by one and put its arms up to protect its head against the lightning strikes. Germaine landed behind the monster slipping and falling to his back, however, it quickly turned around, taking advantage of the situation coming down with both fists like a hammer at Germaine, who reluctantly rolled out of the way to avoid the blow. However, the impact from the fists pounding the ground broke it on contact, causing it to ripple and shatter while hitting Germaine and knocking him back.


The monster seemed to agree as it quickly picked up three rocks form the ground and toss them at Germaine catching him off guard.

Shi….. He said jumping twisting his body in mid air barley dodging two and getting cut in his stomach by one as they pass by. Germaine falls to the ground holding his stomach.

Germaine quickly realized that the creature wasn’t going to wait for him to recover and quickly jumped to his feet, only to be knocked into the air by an huge uppercut delivered by the monster, sending him flying all the way into the opposite side of the arena hitting the wall hard bouncing off on to his hands and knees coughing up blood. Germaine struggled to his feet soon afterwards, holding his bleeding stomach. He looked angry.

~ Meanwhile~

Refuge came walking into the room where magma and Tornesie were.

There he is. We need you to pull up Germaine’s file on the computer. Tornesie said as Refuge walked over to him with his hands in his pocket.

“Magma why didn’t you do it? You were up here the whole time.” Refuge said looking at Magma.

“Hey that’s what I said.” Tornesie said laughing.

Magma just looked at Tornesie with an emotionless face.

“You just have a problem with everything that I do don’t you?” Magma said glaring at Tornesie.

“Yea I guess so.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Ok I’ll do it. So how’s Germaine looking? He said he was going to win with no sweat. He was really confident in himself. I bet he is doing really well.” Refuge said as he set down at the computer.

“He just got punched 50 yards.” Magma said quickly.

“OK. Never mind.”

~Back to the Fight~

“Ok play times over. Time to do what I said I was going to do.” Germaine said as he started to get up.

The monster started to beat its chest like an ape. Germaine then gets in a squatting position with his arms at his side with clenched fists. Suddenly there was a green like aura surrounding his body. His eyes glow green as small shocks of lightning flash from his eyes dragging causing a comet like tail of what looked like green electric energy to drag from them.

Suddenly green lightning began to charging from his body flowing from his head to toe in constant waves. Then light green lightning that came from Germaine’s green glowing body began to randomly and constantly strike the ground breaking it. You could hear the lightning charging and striking. It sounded like a lightning storm.

“Ok time to see if I really have all my powers back.”

Suddenly the monster was again charging for Germaine running at his full speed towards the boy. Once he got to him he went for a punch. Germaine again countered the attack by jumping in the air. Suddenly everything seemed to be going in slow motion as he twisted his body in the air.

“Hut!” (He said connecting the first kick to the fore head of the monster shocking its entire body with green lightning. You could see its body glowing and body shaking from the impact and shock of the first kick.)

“Sait!” (He continued to speak, spinning his body connecting with the second kick that shocked its body again causing the monster to stumble back.)

“Sayod! “(He yelled as the third kick landed. His body completely turned into lightning zapping threw the monsters body and reappearing behind the monster.)

The monster’s body had green lightning still flowing threw it from the attack, shocking the creature motionless and hardening the clay like substance on it body in to an glass like texture. The monster fell lifeless to the ground shattering as it hit into a thousand pieces right behind a confident standing Germaine as his body powered down.

“Oh yea. It feels good to finally release all that stored unused lightning. “

~ Meanwhile~

“Well, looks like the match is over.” Magma said, clapping his hands together.

“It is? Wow just in time. I finally got the computer running Germaine’s file.”

“That’s Nice but I don’t think we will need it now.” Magma said with a smile on his face.

“What!” Refuge yells out of frustration.

“Sorry” Magma said trying to leave.

“No, you are going to look at this profile first since you made me pull it up.” Refuge said getting up grabbing Magma.

“Hey magma you stay here and look over his profile and I’ll take care of Germaine.” Tornesie said walking pass them.

“No how about you stay here and I’ll go do it.” Magma still tries to get away from Refuge.

“But I can just teleport.”

“Yea you can.’ Magma said as he starts to give up on getting away from Refuge.

“So you guys made me pull up this thing for nothing?”

“Nope Magma will waste his time and read it.” Tornesie said as he left the room.

~ by The Incredible Marksman on July 31, 2009.

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