Minato’s Past: Special Boy‏

It is a very muggy day. The dew was dry and hot. The morning sun was beating down on the Village Hidden In Leaves. A young boy is standing in the middle of a crowd. Everyone is staring at him in amazement…

“Wow, that is awesome. You’re too strong to be in the Academy. You should be a Chunin.”

“Yeah, you should totally be a Chunin. You’re just as strong as Shredo.”

“Well, he still has to graduate at tomorrows exam. Like everyone else.”

“Whatever Desca, you’re just jealous because Minato’s the Top Student and you’re not.”

“You take that back!!!”


“Both of you, please stop. Just because you disagree whether or not Minato should be Top Student, doesn’t mean you have to fight about it.”

“Yeah, really guys.”

“Guys, guys, stop. I’m not that good. Desca’s just as good as me, if not better.” He says with a wide grin…

There is a piercing silence that could disturb even the bravest at heart as everyone looks on in amazement as Minato finally speaks…

“Why would you say that Minato? You’re way better than him.”

“Because, I’m a peaceful person. I’d rather solve a problem with a peaceful solution. I only use violence as a last resort, unless I’m on a mission.”

Desca thinks this through and comes up with an answer…

“Then you shouldn’t be a ninja. Ninja use force to solve problems.”

“Well, if that is what to be a ninja means…”


“Then I will be the ninja to change all of that.”

“Yeah, Minato is the best!”

“Whatever. It’s late, we should go home now.”

“Ok, see everyone tomorrow.”

Everyone goes to their respective homes. Night soon fell. But, this was no ordinary night. One, the Academy Exam was tomorrow. And two, it was

the Night of Geja. The Night of Geja is a very special night in the Leaf Village. It is the night that everyone’s chakra levels double for two days. It was a perfect time for the Academy Exam in Minato’s eyes…

It was the morning of the Academy Exam and Minato was stocked. It was a cool day, a perfect day for the Exam…

“It’s finally time for me to shine.”

Minato makes his way to the Academy when a mysterious ninja appears…

“Hey, kid! Get out of here! Before I make you leave.”

“No way!! I have to get to the Academy for my Exam.”

“You think you can get past me?”

“Of course I can.”

“Then show me what you’re made of.”


Minato blindly charges in to battle. He uses Wind Style: Slicing Palm to blow back the man, but he dodges and usesEarth Style: Mud Bullet. It makes a direct hit, but it was just a clone. Minato appears behind the man and stabs him in the back…

“But… how?”

“I’m the fastest in the village. No one can match my speed.”

“You’ll… pay for… this. All of… you, will pay.”

He slowly dies in agony…

“Oh no!! I’m late for my Exam!!”

He dashes to the Academy as fast as he can. He almost doesn’t make it…

“Ok, your test will begin with a transformation jutsu. You must transform into Lord Hokage with no flaws. Your second test will be a sparring match. You will spar with me for 10 minutes. If you hold your own the entire time, you will pass. You must complete both those tests to become a Genin.”

The class starts out with 53 students. Thirty-one of them pass the first test. The other 12 must try next year. In the next test, 9 students pass. Among those students are, Minato, Shredo, Desca, a girl named Fruuna, and a boy named Vecfa. Fruuna, Vecfa and a girl named Lesal are assigned to Tsunade as their Jonin. Three unnamed children are assigned to a Jonin named Geta. And, last, but not least, Minato, Shredo, and Desca are assigned to Jiraiya as their Jonin.

“Well, this is my team, aye?”

“Yes, sir.”



“And what is wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I just feel that you people will slow me down.”

“Well, I disagree. Teamwork will help you in combat.”


“Now, let’s all go around and state are names and purpose of becoming a ninja.”

“Ok, I’ll go first. My name is Minato Namikaze. My purpose for becoming a ninja is to become the Fourth Hokage!!”

“Well, that is a pretty high dream, but it’s doable. Now, you?”

“My name is Desca Gesamaru. My purpose for becoming a ninja is to get strong enough to defeat the Hokage.”

“Well, Minato has some competition, I see.”

“My name is Shredo Xexada. My purpose for becoming a ninja is to become respected by my fellow ninja.”

“I see. Then, you will be, as long as you stay kind and protecting of the village. I promise.”


“Ok, get some rest. We have a big day ahead of us. We have are first mission tomorrow.”

“What kind of mission?”

“Only a simply delivery mission. Nothing special.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow.”


“Ok, bye.”

“By the way, we must be at the gate at 6 am sharp.”


They all leave for their respectful homes…

Writer : paintheclown

~ by Ahsan on August 4, 2009.

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  1. omg! finally there’s sum fanfic about the 4th! hell yeah! 😛

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