Itachi Uchiha : “Those Eyes” – Chapter 1

Itachi Uchiha

“Those eyes”


This was the first fic i ever wrote , but at that time my writing skills were too low and hence this fic was below par, well my writing skills increased and i re-wrote this fic apart from what i did  i would like to give  my freind TENRAI the entire credit for this fiction as wihtout his help this would have never been possible

i do not own naruto i wrote this fic only becuz i like the show , i dont stand to make any money of this)

(the next chapter will take a long time 😉 )

Chapter 1:

His eyes went wide open, all his thoughts flew away, he was baffled and perplexed, his usually emotion-less face was drenched in fear…He tried to argue but he could not speak, but his question was answered before he asked it.

“yes you heard correct itachi; you have to kill them all”

Without even making another effort to speak … he simply turned and walked away in silence. As he got out of that cursed building, and away from the choking air that seemed to strangle him, his brother’s smiling face gleamed momentarily in his mind… and the thought of killing him sent shivers down his spine…

Instead of making his way home today he decided instead to take a moment to relax a little, finding an abandoned bench in a nearby abandoned park and seating himself as his nerves continued to tear away at him.

As he was sitting there he remembered back on how he had to kill his best friend in order to attain the Mangekyou Sharingan, which greatly helped him achieve this position, and now it demanded that he had to kill all his beloved!

He had been assigned his mission and his loyalty to his village would demand that he did not fail, but in the same breath, he could not help it as his hands trembled violently, knowing all too well of the precious life he had to take in order for it to be a complete success.

He was in a catch 22 situation and he had to make a decision soon. The village, or his family. However, the more he thought about it, the more he was at sixes and sevens with his decision. He had no clue of what he should do or how best to proceed…

Just as he was about to head home, once again abandoning the seat he had previously occupied, Danzo and the same mysteriously masked man; who had told him about the mangekyou’s secret; appeared out of nowhere right in front of him.

He was shocked by the sudden appearance, but otherwise made no expression to betray his surprise. Instead, he simply stood his ground, only offering to speak softly while addressing his unexpected visitors.

“What are you doing here?”

He aimed his question at the masked figure who continued to regard him curiously, but Danzo responded instead, in his usual crisp and decisive voice.

“Itachi…. he will assist you in your mission. Uchiha Itachi …meet my friend ……….UCHIHA MADARA.”

This time, even the ever stoic Itachi could not help it as his eyes widened in surprise, a notion both of his visitors noticed easily.

“Uchiha Madara…?” he mumbled curiously.

“Yes…” Danzou replied once more. “Madara Uchiha… the possessor of the eternal Mangekyou and the strongest Uchiha to have ever lived…”

Itachi was finally beginning to understand …the day they had met he had sensed some strange and immense power in that masked person. His power was overwhelming and mysterious…. but in his own urge for power, Itachi had ignored it at the time.

At that moment, Itachi felt the same devilish urge that had driven him into killing his friend flowing through his veins once more. He wanted power… more power than even the greatest of the Uchiha to have ever lived could lay claim to! However, his desire did not simply end there. No, because he would not be satisfied even then, not until he was more powerful than any other living being in existence.

The puzzled expression that had contorted his face only moments before, quickly evolved into a devilish smile, while his EYES and the RED PUPILS burning in their gaze reflected with the light of his newfound resolve. He knew Madara must have already recognized the desire radiating in his eyes; after all, such a hardened gaze surely had the power to perceive that much.

Itachi gave a sharp nod at that moment, as if to answer to unspoken words, and then spoke up once more, this time with a soft and devilish expression catching in the wake of his voice….

“Alright then, Uchiha Madara…we will meet at 2 am tomorrow morning in front of my house. We will need to act together if we are to succeed in wiping out our clan, but I will take care of my family myself. They will answer to no-one’s hands but my own, is that understood?”

Madara gave a quiet nod and vanished a few moments later, leaving only Itachi and Danzou behind. Once he was gone, Itachi then directed his gaze towards Danzou. The older man’s expression made him aware of the fact the Danzo, too, knew. Just in the way the older man behaved, as well as the evidence of an underground network that answered to the his authority, had always caused Itachi to grow suspicious of his motives, but now the young Uchiha knew that all those suspicions did have a base after all…

Once everything had been decided, Itachi then made his way home once more, his steps falling heavily under his feet as the burden weighing against his heart ate away at his very soul. Once he had arrived at the sanctuary of their home, without whispering a single word of greeting to his family or even his brother, he went directly to his room.

Lying there on his bed, Itachi thought on all the mysteries that had recently been revealed.


These and many more questions continued to tear away at the young man’s thoughts, as he continued to analyze all the information that had been presented to him. Many answers were offered in the depths of his own reasoning, after all he was the genius prodigy of his clan, but some questions were still left unanswered…

About the time he had finished reasoning with his own consciousness and found answers to most of his question, it was already time for him to head out for his mission. He got up from his comfortable bed and jumped out of his room into the cold, dark night air. He quickly caught site of Madara already waiting for him, right in front of his house, so he moved over to the masked figure where they both began to stare into each other’s eyes. Itachi spoke first, breaking the silence that had otherwise enveloped them.

“How can I be sure that you are Uchiha Madara? I don’t trust Danzo as it is already and it is not impossible for any Uchiha to discover the Sharingan’s secret.”

At this sudden inquiry, Madara hesitated to respond at first, but then took off his mask, before speaking up in answer.

“Well, since you are joining Akatsuki, there is no harm in showing you my face and my Eternal Sharingan.”

Itachi looked into Madara’s eyes as they were revealed under the darkness that swept their gaze and for the first time in his life, he caught a glimpse of the pinicle of the Uchiha’s power, the ETERNAL SHARINGAN. However, even still, despite his awe, he was somewhat bothered by the man’s words.

He had not been told of joining any organization called ‘Akatsuki!’.

“What is this Akatsuki you talk off, my mission is only to annihilate the Uchiha clan, nothing more.” Itachi inquired, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he spoke.

Madara’s expression simply lifted into a mocking grin, realising that the man before him had been ill informed.

“I see so Danzo had been hiding this from you, I wonder what’s he up to?”

He offered, his amusement never once betrayed in his voice.

“I guess ill just have to tell you the real deal.”

End of Chapter 1:

Hope you enjoyed it!

~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on August 8, 2009.

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  1. awesomeness! itachi is mine! wow, im sure lucky. there’s a minato fanfic and now an itachi one? oh, candy likes how this is going!

  2. Awesomeness! Great job Ahsan especially for your first fan fic. 🙂

  3. hehe thx guys thats the motivation i needed now to start the next chapter

  4. Sorry, I didn’t even know you posted it

    I’ll check it out later

    Right now, I’m busy

    But, I bet it will be great, even for a first time fanfic 😉

  5. AWESOMENESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. awsome work ahsan :D!! great job on ur first work!!!

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