Limit Chapter 3: The Low Down

There was a lushes green heavenly forest with countless trees. Plants and vegetation was spread throughout the land like a green sea. You could hear birds of all sort chirping and singing. Each bird making a different sound yet it all came together making one beautiful sound.  The forest was on an island that seems to be so calm. It sways back and forth almost as it was just going with the flow of the ocean. The water that surrounded island was crystal clear. It sparkles from the sun rays as if it was a sea of diamond. The reefs that laid on the sea floor were very beautiful and alive eye popping color. You could hear the waves of water crashing onto the sandy surface of the ground.  There was a nice warm breeze as the sun was beginning to set over the horizon of the ocean. You could hear and see seagulls flying around trying to eat the little crabs that came assure every once in a while. But deep in this forest were three large man made Foundations. There first one looked like a college campuses with white tiles and palm trees.

There was a boardwalk that circled around the three buildings and also ran in between them. One Building was 250 stories high and about as wide as 400 yards. It was a dorm that looks like the type rich kid would live in. It looked to be a brand new building as it had a fog glass entrance with the words “Welcome to of Rain Academy” in gold bold print engraved in the slide open glass doors of the Dorm.  Right beside the unusually large Dorm was what looked like a football stadium with a removable roof top to let in the sun or protect against the rain. Then there was another larger arena up in the air. It seems to just hover above the school. The school was positioned in between two buildings high on step. The school was very large and had three levels. It was mostly a sparkling peal white color with touch of gold that brought it out more. The steps that led to the school were made out of dark blue marble. The area shaded with countless palm trees on and off the campuses that seem like a blanket of coolness. To the left side of the entire foundation was a bridge that led to the ocean. There were students and people standing around talking and walking about the boardwalk. To the right side it seem to be a small town.

At the 30th floor of the dorm room, Tai and Marcus were standing in the hallway.  They were standing with Shuffle who handed them both a key card to their own dorm room’s right across from each other. It looked like a five star hotel that they were staying in.

“Thanks for helping us out Shuffle.” Marcus said as he took the keycard from Shuffle hand.

“Don’t press yourself about it.” Shuffle turn around and started to walk away, as his cell phone stated to ring. “Hello…….Alright I’ll leave right away, tell Base to meet me at my office.” He said putting a little pep in his step.

“So why don’t you want to share rooms again?” Marcus said looking at Tai.

Tai was trying to open his door but was having trouble with it. He finally got it open the address Marcus question. “Because who don’t like their personal space.”

“Forget you.” Marcus said catching Tai ear before he close the door.

“Na, remember me.”  Was what he said right before he closes the door not giving Marcus a chance for a comeback.

“Yeah whatever.” Marcus said before he close his door a little mad that Tai close the door on him.

When Marcus went into the room it looks like a full-size apartment. It had a living room with a couch and coffee table. The walls were a pearl white with some golden designs. The floor was white and dark blue marble with golden lines in it to separate it into a square like pattern. It had a flat screen TV that hangs from the wall. On the right side were a small hallway and an opening next to it leading into the kitchen. The kitchen was medium but it was filled with everything you would need. It had a counter that let you view that dining room that was to the back of the living room.

As Marcus walk towards the hallway he stop and looks. He then starts to walk down the hallway. It had three different doors to on each side and one to the back. The first door he opens was the laundry room. The second door was the bath room. Instead of the white and dark blue marble floor like outside it was golden tile. It hand a sink that was golden and white and it was square shape. The walls were the same as the rest of the room. It had a walk in shower that had a place for you to sit down in. It also had an old fashion deep tub that was made like a jet pool. The shower and the bath were both gold and white.

“I am going to enjoy this bath.” He said with a wide grin on face.

Tai was just finishing his bath and was still amaze about this place. Tai had on some gray jean and you can see a pair of black short that came above them. He didn’t put a shirt on and you could see his chest. He was not real muscular but he had some. He had a chain around his neck. It had a haft of the yin yang sign on it. It was black meaning that he had the yin part. He held on to it as he dried his hair. He walks into the bed room that was the last door in the hallway. When he opens the door he looks around in shock. The room was medium-large. It had a king size bed with sheets that matches the color of the marble. It had a window that face towards the ocean. It had a walk in closet that was to the right of the room. It also had a flat screen TV hanging on the wall in front of the bed. Next to the bed was a night stand with a lamp build into it. On the left side of the room next to the window was a book case filled with books.

“Not to bad I must say.” He said after he grabs a book and flopping down on the bed.

About 15 minutes later Tai came out with a gray tee shirt on that had black designs. He had on some black shoes and had his dreads into four pony tail that lay on his back. He took of his glasses and started to clean them with his shirt. As he was doing that Marcus came out of his room. Marcus had on a red shirt with a black long sleeved shirt under it. He had on some blue stone wash jean and dark blue jeans.

“Were you waiting long?” Marcus said as he locks his door.

“Yeah” Tai responded with a boring tone

Marcus looks at Tai not expecting him to say that. “My bad then”

“No problem.” He said shrugging it of letting Marcus knows he wasn’t really waiting that long.

“Alright then now we go to the elevators!” Marcus said pumping his fist into the air.

Tai looked at Marcus with a confuse look on his face, as they walked down the bright illuminated and expensive looking hallway down to the eight golden elevator doors. There were four on each side of the room.

“I still don’t understand why they had to make the elevators out of gold.” Tai said as he started to yawn.

“I know right. This whole building looks expensive. They got golden elevators and they even got crystal glass entrances.  Pulse they got marble floor and steps.” Marcus said as though he was pointing out the obvious.

“Well that how it is when you got money to just spends” Tai lean up against the wall next to the elevator.

“Yeah I know right.” Marcus said as he pushes the button to the elevator

Thirty seconds later one of the elevator doors opened. Tai and Marcus walk into the elevator. There was a young light skin teenage girl on the elevator talking into a pink cell phone. Her hair was a silk black color shining from the ceiling light of the elevator.  She had on tight dark blue jeans and a white shorts sleeve shirt. Her hair was in two pony tails extending all the way to her waist. She had on light pink shoes with no laces and looked to be in shape. She was a little shorter then Marcus and Tai. She hung up her phone as Tai and Marcus stood on the elevator. The elevator had golden wall with black designs going on them. To the back of the elevator was solid glass that allows you to see out in to the forest and the valley. The suns beams shine strongly into the elevator make it look almost heaven like. This causes Tai to cover his eyes with his hand.

“Look at the new kids. The both of you just moved in right?” The girl said as she notices the two boys.

“Yeah we just got finish coming from our rooms” Marcus said as he looks at her.

“So you two already talked with the principle and got set up and everything?” She asks them.

“Yeah we have already taken care of that.” Tai kept his head bent down from the sun trying to keep it out of his face.

“Man she is rich!” Marcus said once more getting excited.

The girl giggles at the comment. She was quiet nice looking and had almost a sparkle charm to her. The way she acts seems to resemble the indecent of a child.

“Yeah everyone says that. Maybe that is because she is a billionaire.” She said still seeming to be amused but Marcus comment.

“I wonder how much this place brings in.” Tai started to wonder to his self.

“Well that would explain how she got the Golden elevators.” Marcus said.

“Yeah that is because a lot of people invested their money into this foundation.  Well it is nice to meet you two. My name is Aurora and what are yours.” She said introducing herself.

“That’s nice.” Marcus said as he looks out the elevator.

Tai looked down to the side with his hands in his pocket. 10 seconds went by as the elevator was traveling down to the lobby. There was an awkward silence.

“Well what are your names?” Aurora said a she was getting impatient

“Oh mine is Marcus.” He finally spoke.

“Ok nice to meet you Marcus. What your name?” She ask turning to Tai.

There was a few more seconds of quiet before Aurora clear he throat to get Tai addition. “Oh yeah my bad my name is Tai.” He jumps as though he was daydreaming.

“Ok nice to meet you also Tai.” She said extend a hand to him.

The elevator finally stops at the lobby floor.

“Hey won’t you two meet my friends.” Aurora said as the door start to open.

As the door to the elevator open up three people was in front of the door. They were about three feet from the elevator one was a girl leaning up against a banister. Then there was two boys, one was setting in a very conferrable chair playing with a hand held game. The other on was standing up looking at his watch.

“Aurora what up you are ten minutes late.” The boy setting down said this.

He was the same skin tone as Marcus. He had slick brown hair that was in a small pony tail wrap with a rubber band. He had on a brown shirt that shows the muscle in his arm and chest. He was build but he still had a small frame. He had on some blue jean with a pair of brown and black boots.

“My bad Mike but I had to change out of my uniform and I couldn’t decide what to wear.” She said as though she was in trouble.

“Anyway we need to get to the craftier. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning.” The girl in the group said.

She had short black hair that came to her neck. She had blond highlight that was near the front of her head on both side. It made her look very attractive. She has a nice figure that was shape like an hour glass. She had on a blue shirt with a short black coat over it. She had on some blue jean also and a pair of low heels that was black. She was around Marcus skin tone also but she was browner like color.

“I know I am sorry Ciara.”  Aurora started took look like she was tired of saying sorry and really didn’t care anymore.

“Who are these two?” The last boy said.

He had a medium brown skin tone. His hair was shaggy like and it came down to his ears. He had on a black long tee short with a purple long sleeve shirt under it. He had on some black jean and black pair of shoes. His jeans had some dark purple like design coming down the leg.

“Oh these are the two new freshmen Calvin. The one with the short hair is Marcus and the one with dreads is Tai.” She said walking up towards the two boys.

Calvin and the rest of the group walk over to Tai and Marcus. At first it looks like a show down until Calvin soften his gaze.

“It nice to meet the both of you, I am Calvin and these two are Mike and Ciara.” He said pointing at the said two.

“Hey what’s up.” Ciara said waving her hand.

“Yo.” Mike said as he finally turns of the game.

“Well we waited long enough we need to get to the craftier. Won’t you join us?  That way we can give you a better understanding of the school?” Calvin said as he looks at both Tai and Marcus waiting for them to respond.

Marcus looks at Tai for approval.”Sure we will join you.” Tai said.

“Ok good then let’s go because I am hungry. If the writer made this introduction any longer I will starve” Ciara said holding her stomach. The rest of the group look kind of confuse but soon got over it.

The whole gang was all standing in front of the café. It was huge it was like twice the size of a big gym. It also had tented windows on each side of the café. It had a clam atmosphere with some dim lighting. It had red tables and chairs. In other place there was both that had red padding on them. Once you walk past the sitting area is where the food would be server. It was set up like an all you can eat restaurant. The spread of food was very impressive. It also had smooth jazz playing over the loud speakers.

“Wow this place is the best. It so huge compared to any where I have eating before.” Marcus started to fall into a trace from the aroma of the food that was slowly floating in the air

“Yeah I know I was in shock at first.” Ciara said emitting Marcus.

“Yeah but you’ll get use to it I now time.” Mike said once again pulling out his game playing it.

“This is much better then eating in the back of an alley.”  Tai was the last one to come into the café. So he seen it last. “Well can you even call this café?”

Both Calvin and Aurora look a Tai from the side.

“What I am just saying.” He said while rubbing the back of his head.

“Ok then won’t we take our seats so that we can eat. Plus we can talk about anything that you are still are unsure about.” Calvin suggested as he shrug of what Tai said.

“Ok that’s cool with me. We can sit over there by the windows.” Marcus said as he pointed to a table by the window.

“Ok then we can get our food and we will meet over there.” Ciara said as she grabs the closes person to her that was Tai and drag him off. Tai look to the other for help but none was give.

Everybody else went their own way to get their food. After about three minutes they all came back to the table that Marcus pointed out.

“So let me just give you the regular stuff you would do on an everyday basic. After the break you will start class that will concise of five classes. You will have History, Math, English, Gym, and one of your choice. You would have to wear a uniform but it is pretty basic. It is an all black outfit; it can be any kind of pants our shoes for the boys. Same thing for the girl but they can wear skirts. Yet for the boy it is a black dress shirt. Plus in this school your power is rank from 0 to 5. You will learn more about that in your classes.” Calvin said taking a sip of what look like tea.

“Ok so where do we get the clothes.” Tai ask.

“Well you’ll get them in the morning. So no need to worrier about it at all.” Ciara said as she put a fork fall of pasta in her mouth. Tai look at the girl amaze that she only chewed it twice before she put another fork full in. She was attractive but she had a big appetite to.

“Oh yeah the school hour are eight to three. By us living so close to our school it is very hard to be late.” He said taking another sip of tea.

“But you stay being late Aurora.” Mike said joking.

“He said hard, not impossible.” She said with a bread of sweat coming down her head

“Now here something that more important, the Genkai Gene. Now I am sure that you two have somewhat of an understanding of what it is.” Calvin said to Tai and Marcus.

They both nodded their head to the question. “So we will still start off with the basic. The Genkai gene is what cause use to have these abilities that we have. It is very unique part of our DNA. It can be manipulate depending on what it is mix with.” Calvin say taking a pause waiting to see if they was following along,

“Ok let say if a man has the Fire Genkai and a woman has a Rock Genkai gene, if they were to have a child, it could have a mixer of the power. Or they could just get one. Some even don’t have it at all, even though their parents have it. The gene can lay dormant in your DNA.” He said once more wait to see if they understand.

“Ok then think for the lesson.” Tai said as he tries to stop Ciara from eating a slice of his pizza.

“Let me guess you already knew this.” She said still not give up on trying to take Tai food.

“Yes we are just a little sketchy on how it came to be.” Marcus said to Calvin who was paying no addition to Tai and Ciara.

“Well I am not really so sure about that. Yet this is what I do know, the first races that believe to have the Genkai gene was Ikioi Konki Race, Lycaon Race and an unknown race. The Ikioi Konki Race was able to manipulate there life energy. The Lycaon Race was nothing more than mindless animals. That killed and prays on other. The third race wasn’t known as much. Yet there is one thing I know for sure. Ikioi Konki Race was the most feared.” He said with a low tone in his voice.

“Why is that?” Tai ask eagerly for what Calvin was going to say next.

“Because they were the ones who were said to nearly kill the Lycaon and exterminate the other unknown race. They were hunter and believe that they were better than the other. Some of the Lycaon Race is still here but are mix breeds. The unknown races were believed to be wiping out completely.” Calvin said still keeping the same tone.

Marcus looks down with a hollow expression. Calvin caught on to this and continues to watch Marcus. “Many of use today are believed to be decedents of the Ikioi Konki races. Yet with many cross breeds our powers have change. So may I ask what the races you two belong too?” Calvin said waiting to see what Marcus was going to say.

Marcus had a look of guilt as Tai was a look of confusion. Tai was the first to speak up.

“Who knows with all this mix breeding going” Tai said. Calvin caught on to the fact Tai was trying not to answer the question. But he chose to leave it alone.

“Yea never really knew my parents.” Marcus said pulling the same card as Tai

By now Calvin was really feeling like something was going on with these two. Yet again let it go because he just met both of them.

“Well don’t worry about it so much” Ciara said after she use this time to finally get Tai slice of pizza.

“Well thinks Calvin for the info.” He said before he realizes that his pizza was gone.

“It was no problem.” Calvin said trying to not laugh at Tai giving up on stopping Ciara.

“Well I’m full. It is about time we roll out.” She said as she at the rest of Tai pizza.

“Yea I do have some homework to take care of.” Aurora was still laughing at Tai and Ciara.

“The break just started, why not wait to do it.” Mike said to her as he turns off his game and finally started to eat his food.

“No unlike you I like to get thing done. Now come on if I am correct you and I both have homework to do.” Aurora said getting up pulling both of them from the table waving good bye to the group.

“What are they boyfriend and girlfriend.” Tai said looking at them as they left out of the café.

Both Ciara and Calvin started to laugh. “What so funny guys.” Marcus said looking at the both of them.

“Oh you didn’t know. They are brother and sister.” She said as she finally caught her breath.

“Oh my bad” Tai said as he started to reach for hid drink. As he grab for it he realize that it was gone. He spotted Ciara drink it then mouthing the word sorry. Tai this time didn’t even try.

“Don’t sweat it. With the way they act it is hard to tell. It just that Aurora really looks up to her brother, that all. Hey won’t we go back to you room Calvin and watch a movie, if that cool with you.” Ciara suggest to Calvin.

“I don’t mind do you two mind joining us.” He said pushing the empty cup to the side.

“No sound like fun, I am in. What about you Tai.” Marcus asks him.

“Yeah I just got to go to the restroom.” He said getting up.

“Ok well I’ll write down my room number on a piece of paper. So you can just make it over there when you are done.” Calvin said writing down the number on a piece of paper handing it to Tai

“Cool, I’ll catch you over there then.”Tai put the paper in his pocket and walk to the rest room. By time he came back Marcus and the rest was gone. As he was walking out he saw a girl reading a book. She was darker then he was but not real dark. She had on some reading glasses on her face. Her face was real smooth and she had long silky black hair that was in two braids that came down her back. She had on a blue t-shirt with a white scarf wrap around her neck. She had on some black jeans that show carves in her waist. She was chewing a piece of black lickerish. The thing that made her stick out the most was her eyes. It was like looking at the ocean at night. It was dark with a hint of blue that showed more depending on the way her face was position. It almost looks as if you can see the waves in her eyes.

“To Love You, so you like to read manga I see.” Tai said this as he was crouching on the table in front of the girl. She moves the book from her face to see who was speaking.  Tai was looking over his glasses at her.

“Um do I know you?” She said looking over her glasses copying Tai. The piece of black lickerish was almost gone.

“No but you were reading this manga book. I couldn’t help but take a look.” He said to the girl while he was still on the table.

“Well how about saying you name and asking about the book.” She said closing the book pushing it to the side.

“Yeah you are right. Hi my name is Tai Night and what is yours.” He said extending his hand to shake hers. At first she gave him a unsure look but then her face light up as though she just remember something.

“See there you go. My name is Meya Snow.” She said shaking his hand. Tai jumps down off the table and pull out a chair so he could sit in front of her.

“Again I am sorry.” He said feeling a little nervous but not showing it. He had to admit that this school was anything but short on beautiful looking girls.

“So what are you into manga also?” She asks as she studies Tai.

“Well yeah I really just start getting into them.” Tai respond.

“Well if you like manga, it is a store on campus that sells them.” She said as she put the manga book into her bag.

“Ok I’ll look out for that. Thank you for your help.” Tai said as he got up and was about to walk away when she grab his arm. She had a good grip on his arm that would in any other situation have made him react violent.

“May I ask you something” She said as Tai turn to look at her.

“Um sure what’s up?” He said sitting back down.

“You are new here right.” She said with an almost evil grind. Tai started to feel a little uneasy with her. Her grip on his arm was tightening and he started to get a cold chill. I was like his arm was going num.

“Yea I am.” He said eyeing try to see what was going on.

“You should be careful around here.” She said finally letting go of his arm.

“What are you telling me this for” Tai was trying to get the feeling back into his arm. Down almost to his hand the whole arm has became num.

“Because you are now a target, in this school it is a rank of who is at the top. The more matches you win the more your rank increases.” She said not breaking her gaze or showing any other emotion.

Tai start to feel uneasy once more. Soon the same cold chill started to crawl up his spine. He shook it off not trying to show any sign of weakness. “So who is at the top then?”

“Well the top is SC Angle. His power is rank at 4.5.” Meya said as she notice the change in Tai body languages

“Who is that?” Tai said still trying to shake off the feeling that he had.

“He is the best fighter here. He rose to the top very quickly to. He is the leader of the SA team.” She said as it was just a normal thing. By now she had put another piece of black lickerish in her mouth.

“Yeah I have heard about that team.” He said

“Well it is separated into different division. Each division has a specific task to take on. Plus each division has a caption and a second in command. So many people dream at this school is to become an SA Team member. The way to achieve that is by winning matches.” She explains to him.

“So your point is.” He said trying to gain some control over the situation.

“You are not the brightest one are you boy. You are new so you are a target. What better way to gain a rank is by beating a newbie?” She said mocking his attempt at trying to intimidating her.

“So what are you after me to?” He asks.

“Now why would do that.”At this moment Meya left her glasses over her head.

Tai could feel a cold chill coming from her once more. She was staring at him dead in his eye like she was trying to intimidate him. Tai normal bored expression change into a more serious one. They both stared at each other into their eyes. Tai sigh and finally gave in turn back to his old facial expression.

“So why wouldn’t you do that.” He said trying to regain his self.

“I am already on the team. To beat you would mean nothing to me at all other than a warm up match.” She said mocking him once more.

“So what are you trying to say, that I am a push over.” He said slightly raising his voice.

“Like I said I am a SA team member. I fall under the leadership of Shuffle. So you don’t really match up to me” She said with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah I have seen him before.” He said annoying her comment keeping a better control over his emotions.

“Well he is my leader. Again that saying I am out of your lead. From want we know on you, you don’t even use your power. Well if you even have one.” She waited for him to respond.

“What!” Tai said losing control over his emotion but regain control fast.

“Do you think that we don’t know about someone one like you. We keep a track of everyone that enters this school, but it is really nothing on you. We don’t even know your power was yet you have a Genkai gene. So how did you trick the system all this time? I mean it is protocol for the government to have a record of your power. So how did you do it?” She said as she bent over the table staring Tai in his face. The piece of lickerish she has bialy hanging from her mouth but never falling.

Tai was still looking unsure about what was going on. He was think about how this girl new so much about him.  Even he didn’t know how he was able to keep his power hidden from the government. But he knew it was a reason for it.

“That is something that only I know.” He said getting up walking away from the table.

“Yeah right boy. Trust me we will find out what you are about. Plus why do you not have a birth recorder in none of the nation.” She said seeing right through Tai lie. Whatever game she was playing Tai was falling right into it.

Tai turn around and look at Meya again. This time he had a ferrous look on his face. He walks back to the table, slamming his hand on the table with force.

“What do you know about that? Tell me what you know!” He said screaming. This was the first time he should his full emotion to the girl. He soon realize that he was losing his cool. But this girl knew too much. She was able to tell him stuff that only two people should have known.

“Seem that we have hit a nerve.” She said seeing that he played right into her hand.

“I don’t have time for this.” Tai again left the table but this time not turning back. Meya look on as Tai walks out of the café. Two more people walk behind her and set down. One was a girl with medium light brown hair. She had a brown compaction and brown eyes. She was wearing a dark gold shirt with black laces and the same kind of pants. The other on look like a boy but was a girl. She was a darker tone then both of the girls. She had dark purple hair that was mated down by her hat. Making her looks even more like a boy. She had on a black shirt and pants. Her eyes were a dark green color.

“Well what did you find out May?” Meya ask the brown hair girl.

“Nothing more then what we know of now.” May said brushing her hand through her hair.

“Yea so far most of that boy life is surrounded in shadows.”Cassie the boyish girl one said.

“This is not going to go over well with Shuffle. He asks us to do figure out as much as we can about that boy.” Sweat started to come down her face as she uses a napkin to wipe it off.

“Well all is not lost, I have a plan. From what I have found out he is very good with close up combat. So he seems to be a perfect match for May. If we can get him in a match we can drive him to use his power.” Cassie said looking proud.

“That was a good idea little boy. I mean I am one of the top fighters when it comes to close up combat. Yet what do we do about the other one.” Cassie started to attack May because of her comment but was soon defeated.

“Yeah that is a problem. The other one seem to be strong. I seen his entrance match, he did better than I thought. Yet Shuffle said nothing about him. So let him be he might cause us even more trouble.” Meya  as she put another piece of black lickerish in her mouth.

“So did you pick up on anything on him?” May ask Meya as she still had Cassie pin down.

“Well he even doesn’t know about his pass or is hiding it. He seems to keep a blank face to keep people from reading his true emotions. He only seems to give that up when you bring up the topic of his past.” She stops to give the signal to let Cassie get up. “One more thing it is something about his aura.” She said looking into the air.

“What are you talking about?” Cassie asks still rubbing her sore wrist.

“Well when he was starting to lose control over his emotion his aura started to give off a twisting feeling.”Both May and Cassie look at Meya with a confuse look on their face. “It was a very strange feeling. The best way to explain it is by saying in felt like I was losing control. So be careful when you face him May, something about that boy is different.” She said looking kind of worried.

As Tai walk down the hallway leading away from the café he stops. He then looks around to make sure that no one was around. He leans up against the wall and took a deep breath.

“What in the hell is she? Her aura change so much from when I first started to talk to her. It was so calm at first. Her aura was so cold. It almost felt like a cold death was creeping over me.” He pause for a minute to get his thought straighten out.  “She is going to be a threat, and what is up with this school.”

In side Calvin room. Marcus and Ciara were both on the couch sitting down. It was two other chairs on each other side of the couch. Calvin came out of the kitchen with a bowl full of popcorn. He set it down on the table and sits in the chair that was next to the couch.

“Well what movie do you want to see? I have a wide selection of movie so what are you up to.” He asks while he grabs a hand for of popcorn.

“Well I feel like something scary movie today. I wonder what is taking Tai so long.” Ciara ask looking at Marcus.

“Yeah I wonder what is taking him so long.” Marcus said also.

As Calvin was going through his CD case full of movie, someone knock on the door. Calvin walks to the door and opens it up. Tai was standing there with Germaine by his side.

“Well I hope you don’t mind a guest.” He said walking past Calvin.

“Germaine you finally got here!” Marcus screams from the back.

“Yo what’s up?” He said walking into the room.

Everyone’s attention seemed to turn to Germaine accept for Tai who just walked into the room sitting in the chair closes to Ciara grabbing some popcorn and acting as though nothing important was going on. Germaine stood motionless by the doorway. There was an awkward silence.

“Um……. So……” He said trying to find something to say.

“You know you suck man.”

“Hey that’s your brother not mine. You introduce him. I brought him up here.” Tai said as he turns to the side.

Marcus just looked at Tai with a “You got to be kidding me” expression on his face. Marcus got up and walked over to Germaine.”This is my brother Germaine.”

“Yeah we heard. It is nice to meet you Germaine. My name is Ciara.” She said.

“And my name is Calvin.”  He said still looking at Tai.

“Well nice to meet you all.” Germaine said bowing his head.

“Yeah man we were about to watch a movie. Care to join us.” Marcus asks with excitement in his voice.

“Hey Mark can we talk outside right quick?” Germaine signal Marcus to come out into the hallway with him.

“Sure man. Is everything ok?” Marcus said following Germaine.

“Yeah.” He said in a calm voice. Marcus followed Germaine out the door into the hallway and shut the door behind him.” So what’s up?” Marcus asks Germaine.

“Jenna.” Was the only thing he said.

“Right.”He said as though he already knew what was up.

“I can’t find her so my guess is she is either here or at one of the other nations or school.”You can hear the concern in Germaine voice. “If she isn’t here I am going to get transferred either with or without you.”

“I understand. So how long do you plan on staying here?” Marcus said looking down.

“About a week or two I think. Are you going to come with me?” Germaine ask him.

Marcus looked down at the floor in deep thought for a minute.”Of course man. I know you or Jenna would do it for me. But I was just thinking.” He said after second or two.

“About what?” Germaine ask.

“Well we learned that there are three schools right?” He said.

“Yeah” He said wanting Marcus to get to the point.

“Well if she is not here how about I get transferred over to one school and you the other?  That way we will kill time and are bound to find her.” Marcus said.

“I see. You know I thought about that to. But if anything were to happen to us I would like for us to be together.” Germaine said cutting down Marcus idea. “So what about Tai?” Germaine ask catching Marcus addition again.

“He doesn’t have to come with us if he doesn’t want to.” Marcus said as though he already knew Tai answer.

“You asked him already?” Germaine ask Marcus.

Marcus gave Germaine a playful grin before asking the question. By now he was even wounding about it his self. He knew Tai for the pass 5 or 4 years. But he would still be unable to understand what he is thinking.

“No not yet.” Marcus said bluntly.

“Don’t sweat it, we don’t need other in our family business” Germaine said as he lean up against the wall.

“So did you beat that monster?” Marcus asks trying to lighting up the mood.

“Yea and I got my powers back. The disease is cured. And the beast has returned.” Germaine said catching on.

“Man can you show me” Marcus said exited.

“Well not right now. There is too much metal in this hallway. I might cause an accident.” He said stopping Marcus from being exited.  “What about that secret power Eddie gave us can you use that?”

“I don’t know I never tried to before.” Marcus said before he notices that someone was coming.

Never tried what before? Mike asks as he and his sister Aurora came walking down the hallway to Marcus and Germaine.

“It’s a secret. But what took you guys so long. Calvin called you guys some minutes ago.” He said trying to get of the subject.

“Aurora had to get dressed.”  Mike said sarcastically pointing at Aurora.

“Shut up.” She said as she whacks him over his head. “Whose is this guy?” She said looking at Germaine.

“Oh ah this is my half brother Germaine.” Marcus said point at his brother.

“What’s up? “ He said as he waves his hand.

“Nice to meet you Germaine, my name is Aurora and this is my brother Mike.” He was still rubbing his head from his sister hit.

“What’s up man, it’s nice to meet you.” Mike said also.

“Nice to meet the both of you.” Germaine said as Aurora and Mike walk into Calvin room.

“So are you coming in the Calvin’s dorm room to watch the movie or not.” Marcus asks Germaine as he turns to go inside.

“Man these rooms look like stolen sweats from mansion. “ He said jokingly.

“I know right.” Marcus said as they both laugh.

“But no I am going to look around some more for Jenna.” He said.

“I understand if you need any help let me know.” Marcus said to Germaine as he started to turn around.

“Ok man I’ll see you later.” He said as he took his leave.

~ by The Incredible Marksman on August 19, 2009.


  1. EPIC!

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