Theory post : getting to know the jinchuriki

Sorry if this sucks, I’ve never done a  Theory Post. So, don’t kill me. I need feedback on it though. So, write comments.

I wrote this post to about the Jinchuriki and their Biju for everybody that isn’t up to date with the Naruto Series. So, here it goes.

As most of you may know, a picture of the Biju and their Jinchuriki recently came out. For the people that don’t know, here is the pic…

biju and jinchuriki

biju and jinchuriki

Basic Info:

Ok, everyone knows that seven of the nine Jinchuriki have been captured, had there Biju (Tailed Beasts) exactracted and sealed. This of course, results in their death (But, Gaara was revived.) I feel bad for them, and this is for two reasons. 1) Most of them died young. 2) They were all hated by their own village. Only a few have changed this view. Those being, Killer Bee, Gaara, Yagura, and Naruto. Killer Bee did by having a Raikage brother. Gaara did by becoming Fifth Kazekage. Yagura did by became the Fourth Mizukage. And Naruto did by saving the village from Nagato, but the attacker of the village was The Six Realms of Pain. Coincidently, all these Jinchuriki have some relations to a Kage. Killer Bee is the brother of the Raikage. Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage, and is the Fifth Kazekage. Yagura was the Fourth Mizukage. And Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage. Yugito Nii is also respected for unknown reasons, but has no known relation to a Kage.

Interestingly, Konoha and Suna are the only ones of the Five Great Countries with only one Jinchuriki. But, they have the strongest and weakest Biju, the Nine-Tailed Fox and the One-Tailed Shukaku, respectively. While Takigakure is the only regular country with a Jinchuriki. And, they have the third strongest Biju, the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle.


Some Jinchuriki have some clues to them being Jinchuriki. Gaara has the Tanuki Eye Rings. Yugito has cat slits in her eyes. Yagura has a cut down the left side of his face. If this is something to do with the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle is unknown. Fu, the Seven-Tails Jinchuriki, has pupil less eyes. This is unknown if this has something to do with the Seven-Tails. Killer Bee has a tattoo of bull horns on his left cheek. And Naruto has whisker like lines on his cheeks. His teeth also sometimes become sharp and pointed.


Killer Bee

gara young

The fifth kazekage : Gara - young picture

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Jinchuriki Forms:

In there Jinchuriki Forms, they take on changes, physically and mentally. Gaara, in his Partial Transformation, goes insane with killer intent. He also is granted sand body parts and armor. His eyes change to the Shukaku’s eyes in this change. In his True Transformation, he makes a Shukaku replica and uses it as a shell. To unlock the Shukaku’s full power. Gaara must go to sleep to let the Shukaku go wild. The only way to stop this is to wake Gaara up.

gara - shukakau 1

gara - shukakau 1

In Yugito’s transformation, she turns into a smaller form of the Two-Tailed Demon Cat without losing much control. She becomes a cat made of fire. She also can shoot fireballs from its mouth. There isn’t much more known about it.


Yagura has been known to have complete control of his Biju. But, his Biju was unsealed before we could see him in action. So, he has no known Jinchuriki Form.Roshi’s fight with Kisame was never really seen.  So, his Jinchuriki Form was never revealed.

Han was never shown period.  His Jinchuriki Form is unknown.

Utakata was never shown.  His Jinchuriki Form is unknown.

Fu was never shown either.  Their Jinchuriki Form is unknown as well.  (I say “Their” because Fu’s gender is contriversal.)

Killer Bee’s Transformations are much like Naruto’s, but with more control.  His first transformation is the Three-Tails Transformation.  It looks like Naruto, besides the horns, and he doesn’t crouch down.  In his True Transformation, he becomes the full Eight-Tailed Giant Ox.  In this transformation, he can shoot Chakra Blasts from his mouth like the Nine-Tailed Fox.  There isn’t much more known about this transformation at the moment.

Finally, Naruto.  Naruto’s First Transformation is just a cloak of Nine-Tailed Chakra.  He couldn’t control it early on in the series, but now, he can use it efficiently.  His One-Tailed Transformation makes him grow a chakra tail.  He can finally use a Rasengan with one hand.

naruto with a single tail

naruto with a single tail

His next transformation is the Two-Tails Transformation.  In this transformation, Naruto gains another tail.  He also becomes more voilent, but, still retains control.  He has the same attacks in this form.  His speed, strength, and endurance increase.

The Three-Tails Transformation does that same as the Two-Tails Transformation.

The Four-Tails Transformation however, turns Naruto into a beast that doesn’t know friend or foe.  He attacks anything in sight.  He can use the Chakra Blast in this form.

naruto with six tails

naruto with six tails

The Six and Eight-Tails Transformations do that same as the Four-Tails.  Except, in the the Six and Eight-Tails, he gains the skeletal structure and the flesh, respectively.

Special Abilities:

Gaara is granted a Shield of Sand to protect him from any harm, even from himself.  He also can control any sand around him.  He has a special gourd with special sand in it.  It is much faster than regular sand.  He cannot sleep, for the Shukaku would take control and eat away at his personality.  That is where he gets his rings around his eyes.

Yugito gets to ability to control fire.  She gets nothing else ability wise.

Yagura was said to be one of only four people to be able to control a Biju.  Those being, Madara Uchiha (Through the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan), Hashirama Senju (His Secret Wood Style Jutsu), Yagura, and Killer Bee.  So, he must have the ability to control his Biju.  Well done!!

Roshi was granted the Lava Release (Corrosion Style) to melt earth and make it flow.

Han used Steam-Type Ninjutsu.  It is unknown if this is a special ability from the Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse.

Utakata uses Bubble-Type Ninjutsu.  It is unknown if this is a special ability from the Six-Tailed Slug.

Fu has nothing special.  Sadly. 😦

Killer Bee, like Yagura, had the ability to control his Biju.  Bravo!!  He also mentioned having the ability to cancel Genjutsu.

Naruto gets a near unlimited supply of chakra.  He also is granted a instantaneous healing ability after being injuried.

And, that is the end of my post.

Sorry if it sucked.  Remember, it was my first Info Post.  But, please rate it from 1/10.  I’d really appreciate it.  Thank you.

~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on August 25, 2009.

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  1. Great work for your first breakdown. 7/10 all the details were quite accurate , but it was only that there are bit too many pics. You could have done away with the extra pics when explaining appearances and forms.
    And finally Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!

    • lol i must have forgotten to say first then lol anyways second 😀

      ill tell your views to the writer he will surely like em .

      thanks for commenting at ihs

      and Welcome to ihs ^^

  2. Wow Ahsan, I’m back smart guy!

    I told you that in the comment on the Home Page, and once again, I will write Bleach Fics if you make me an Author at IHS, ok?

  3. And I mean like add me in wordpress, not just send email and do it


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