Limit Chapter 4 Part 1: More Threats and More Hate.

Limit Chapter 4 Part 1: More Threats and More Hate.


Our setting takes place early Monday morning with the sun beginning to rise over the clear blue ocean. In the main office of the academy was Tornesie with a black blazer outfit on and a nice young lady dressed in a red blouse and black skirt. She looked to be in her mid thirties and she looked to be Latino. She was dressed real nice and professional. This was the principle Carla Jones. Both of them stood in the doorway talking.

“You ring for me?” Tornesie ask while cleaning his finger nails,

“Well we are about to begin the New Year, so I need an update.” She said as she walking into to her office and setting at her desk. 

“Well we have five new students that have passed the entrance exams. Tai Night, Marcus Brooks, Marvin Ross, Germaine Brooks and Alice Rice” Tornesie said dropping the file of the student he name.

She opens up the folder reading through the thick file very quickly. After about a two minute she put the last folder down.

“Marvin Ross seems to be very impressive. He was able to beat two of the Clay Ghouls by himself. Did you see it Tornesie” She waited for his answer as she push Marvin file to the side. “No I was not there, only Shuffle and Timber was there.” He spoke in a low tone.

“So what about Germaine Brooks, I see that he have lightning powers.” She said doing the same thing to the file that she did to Marvin’s. “Well he was actually was ill when he first got here. The illness was stopping him from using his power. Once we cure it he was back in business. When fighting the Clay Ghoul he was off to a slow start but soon easily defeated it in the end.”

“Well now we move on to Marcus Brooks. What the story on him?” She asks Tornesie as he sat down in a chair. “Well he was pretty good. His speed kept him one step ahead of the Ghoul.  He was the first to fine out their weakness. I see promise in him.” He said in a boosting tone.   

“Now what about Alice rice” Carla started take a sip of her coffee. The sun started to shin into the office lighting it up. Tornesie took a deep breath and started to talk once more. “She is another one I see promise in. She beat the Ghoul in a fast manner. She seems to be able to plan out her matches to the T. She is also very good with technology.” Tornesie took another long breath and open his mouth. “I’ll save you the trouble. Tai Night was the one I was worried about the most. He shows no power and was badly beating in the match. Now this is what Shuffle told me. I am not sure about this one. I did read his file and it say that he was good in close combat but he rarely fought his opponents.

“So have he fought anybody that use their Genkai Power.” Carla asks as she was more into the conversation. “Yeah and he was beating pretty badly. He was hospitalize for a week or so. After that he started to show his bad habit of being unmotivated. I guess it broke his sprite.” Tornesie said his last word in a low and serious tone. 

“Well that is all Tornesie you may go.” Tornesie got up and walk out of the room not saying word. Carla turns her chair around and looks out her window at the kids that was walking to the city part of the island. “It seems that we are going to have more on our hand then Sc Angle. 

Marcus was getting ready as he was putting away some dirty close. He was wearing plain black T-shirt and some black jean. He got finish lacing up his black boot.

Man I almost forgot I need to fine my cell phone.” He said hitting his head with his palm and ran into his room. 

Germaine and Tai were standing at Marcus door already dressed while Tai was half sleep. Tai was wearing a blue shirt with a long black vest over it. He had on a pair of black shoes and black cargo pant with blue abstract design on the leg. Germaine had on a winter green unbutton polo shirt with a whit tang top under it. He had or a pair of long blue shorts.

“What is he doing in there? We were supposed to meet Calvin for breakfasts soon.” Germaine said as he pace back in forth

Tai was leaning up against his door yawing watching Germaine. “Well he never really has been the one to show up early, just chill for a sec.”

 Suddenly there was a change in the temperature in the room. The golden hallway color suddenly dimmed losing its gold like aurora. Then the air seemed to turn a dark blue.

Tai!” Germaine said in an alarming tone. Tai was still thinking to himself at the time.

“This is almost the same kind of chill I got off of Meya. Wait it can’t be her.” Tai was snap out of his thought by Germaine calling him once more.

They both turned around to the left side of the hallway only to see a dark like figure far off down the dark blue hallway with his arms crossed on his chess. He had dark blue hair and a blue outfit on.

“So you are the new kid’s eh. What do you say if we have a little battle and see what you made of?” He said in a deep voice trying to intimidating them. He lifted up his left arm pointing towards Germaine and Tai.

“Frost Code: Shark!” He shouted.

 Suddenly a bright light blue energy shark formed in front of the figure. It was glowing very brightly. It looked to be made out of foggy glass. It then charged straight to Tai and Germaine at a quick pace, swimming threw the air as if it were in water. Germaine and Tai stood motionless still looking serious with their hands in their pocket as the cold blue energy like shark closed in on them.




“It looks like the SA teams schedule is pretty tight this week. It looks like the big man Magma himself has a match. Yea big man!” Refuge cheered.

“Will you stop calling me that? Your been acting funny Refuges.” Magma said looking at him. 

“Hey it’s no fun acting all serious all the time. I just can’t wait to see Magma in action. The Manager of the SA Team featured in a match. Any match with you in it is going to be good.” He said patting him on his back.

“Or short.” Magma said grinning.

 “I don’t know about that.” Refuges said looking at Magma from the corner of his eye. “Well where is Shuffle and why is he not doing this paper work.” He said writing something on a piece of paper.

“He is in the west regions of the Shiro Resistance with Venom and Ryder.”He said with a solemn look on his face.    

“What is he with them two? Venom is enough but Ryder also. What did he do something to piss of Sc Angel?” Refuge jump out of his set as if it was on fire. He was looking at Magma with a frightening look. Magma showed no emotion in his face but his body language gave it off.

“He was sent there to retrieve them for the SA Team meeting. I am not even sure why they even want them two to attend” Magma said before noticing that someone was at the door. He turns around to see who it was alerting the same to Refuge. Standing in the door with a blank expression was Meya.

“Who are Venom and Ryder” She asks walking into the room sitting on the couch.

At first it looks as if Magma didn’t want to say nothing. The reason could be that it was none of her business or he didn’t want to worry her. He was even more annoyed that she just made herself at home in his offices.   

“Well it would make since that you don’t know ether one of them. Buy both of them not being in the academy for so long. Venom and Ryder are the two must hated SA Team Leader. Venom she is very strict and only seems to care about money. She even put many of her own in danger many of time. Ryder is the youngest of the SA Team leader. He only sees one solution to any problem and that is destroying it. He became an SA Team leader by brutally beating a former leader. Then he took over their group. As I said none of us like this two. “Magma looks at Meya to see what her expression was. It was just as blank and cold as it was when she came in.

“So why send our leader of all people. I mean you and Refuge should be enough power to bring them back. Speaking of that why just send one person. If they are so bad then why just send Shuffle by himself.” She started to show a hint of worry in her voice but her face stayed the same.

“As I said Shuffle must have made someone pretty angry.” He said getting up. “I have not been able to get in contact with him to see if he needs any help. But I pray that he don’t.”


~In the western regions of the Shiro Resistance~


We see a person running through what look like a city that was caught in a war. He looks like he was beaten pretty badly and was breathing very hard. He soon ran around a house that seem to bailey be standing. He stops and set down reviling that it was Shuffle. His normal shade was gone from his face showing his light brown eyes. He set down and grabs his phone from his pocket. After tinkling with it he threw it at the wall causing it to break into two.  

“Damn it! They just had to break my phone. This is not going like I have planned it.” He then stops talking seeing something coming in from his right. The person was shielded by the shadows. “So this is where you ran off to. You know you can’t hide from me.” It was a young voice but it sound like a beast was talking.  “Really to make us chase after you like that. That no way to treat a lady.” Another voice said from behind Shuffle. She was stand on a small house and her body was block by shadows.

Shuffle look back and forth seeing that he was cornered. He took a deep breath and began to speak. “All this was just because we need you two back for a meeting. Plus really Venom I don’t really see you as the lady type.” He said in a cool tone. Buy now the first person step out of the shadows showing it was a young boy with silver hair. He was short and had on a white sleeveless shirt on and shorts. He had metal bracelet on his wrist with chain that was connected to his metal belt. His pupils were brown slits.

“They should have known better then to send just one person to get us.” He said with a low growl. “And then you of all people Shuffle.”

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing Ryder.” Shuffle start to stand up as the Venom jump down for where she was from. “So how do you plan on taking us back? You should know even you alone is not enough to stop us.” She said walking in on Shuffle.

By now Shuffle had his hand by his waist. Shuffle lift up his worn out shirt to revile a card holder strap to his belt. He pops of the strap and on it taking out a deck of cards. He then shuffles them from his right to his left hand. They almost seem to float in the air as he did so.

“Well it time for me to stop asking. It about time I make a statement.” As Ryder and Venom close in Shuffle he had a cocky grin on his face.    









~ by The Incredible Marksman on September 10, 2009.

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