Dawn of a New Era Chapter 1 Reflection

Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 1


16 years later…

“Jiraiya…His body never found…His grave right here…Tsunade…She lay in hiding, waiting to die…Orochimaru, his status dead…The Sannin…Destined to die? No…Impossible…Destinies can be changed…Sannin…To die protecting what they care for the most…? Yes…For most of them…Yes…That is how the Ninja World…Should be, isn’t it…?” Naruto’s daydream was shattered when Kakashi Hatake appeared behind him and tapped his shoulder.

“Naruto…Are you dreaming again? You know that you need to get a move on…right?” Naruto looked down at his feet, then cutting forward, staring at the headstone, “Jiraiya, A powerful, well-respected Ninja. Cared for many…”

“Yeah, Kakashi…I-I guess so…” Kakashi smacked him on the back of the head. “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you…Sannin like you should have control over that by now…Let’s go…”

Naruto and Kakashi disappeared in a puff.

Two figures walk dazzily through the Stormy Wasteland of Kumogakure…Searching for something…

“This’ll be a cinch…Don’t you think?”

“Hmph…Don’t take Lightning Village people too lightly! You should know them pretty well, but keep your guard up…”

“Oh, will you please stop this…I’ll do it, and I’ll do it right…So chill out…hohoho…Oh, and I wanted to know why you of all people are not doing this mission…?”

An eerie silence…

“They know my face to well…Just do it, Koukishi!” One of the figures took off his hat and clapped his hands together. The rain started to stop and formed a small “pond” of water. Koukishi jumped onto it, and molded the chakra into a Water Falcon. He waved to the other figure and was off into the stormy day.

“You’d better not die…Koukishi…”

In the sky, Koukishi murmered to himself. “Hmph…This operation seems vaguely familiar to what Deidara did…I hate this feeling…”

Sakura Haruno sits inside the Hokage Mansion…

“Sakura…What may I do for you?” Sakura stood up.

“Nothing…I was just visiting the village and I wanted to see who was the current Hokage…I didn’t expect it to be you, Shikamaru…!”

Shikamaru Nara stood up and smiled. “Well, it’s nice to see you here again! How long do you plan on staying Sakura?” Sakura smiled.

“Not long, I was just wondering how the village is prospering since I left 7 years ago…Wow…It has grown considerably…I’ll visit a few people then be on my way…I guess…*sigh*”

Sakura opened the large, dark-polished wooden door, gently shutting on her way out. Shikamaru grimaced and peered out the window, out open the large, powerful village. “The Strongest Shinobi village…stands proudly here…hehe…” He gave a small chuckle and then a broad grin and closed his eyes, dreaming of his daily chores.

Training Field…

A red-haired girl. age of about 12, hung suspended upside-down in the air. She took out dozens of kunai from her pouch and began spinning. She released the kunai every which way. The kunai collided with each other, causing a chain reaction of the steel knives to create a spinning funnel of kunai, not to stop unless physically destroyed.

“Ninja Arts Kunai Formation Tornado!” She jumped down inside and watched the kunai spin successfully. The noise of clanking screeched through the air, being able to be heard all across the field.

“Training Successful!” A boy, about 2 years older than the girl, walked up clapping. “It took me a week to perfect that and it only took you three days!”

“Thanks, Kuchia…”


“Hohoho…It seems the guard over the Lightning Village is low…Looks penetrable…Water Bomb Missile!” The falcon he was riding suddenly shot from under him and colidded with the guards on the wall. He jumped on top and looked over the village. “Tsk, it seems all villages have these gate-walls…Hmph…But the entry was easy…Moving on…” Skidding down the wall, he was inside the village.

“Earth Style Ground Churning Slab!” He clasped his hands together and a slab of earth appeared. He landed on it, halfway down the wall, and was shot over the village. “Again! Water Style Water Falcon…Hm?!” A bolt of lightning streak across the sky and nearly struck him. A wall of water is all that protected him.

Omoi stood perched upon a roof, glaring up at the falling figure. Koukishi landed on top of another roof, just a few houses away from Omoi. Omoi clenched his toothpick between his teeth, pressure strong enough that it shattered apart.

“You’re power is…hohoho…Let us just see…hohoho…” Koukishi jumped into the air and clapped his hands together. “Earth Style Barrier Sphere!”

Koukishi was surrounded by large slabs of earth, the boulders flexing and wrapping around him in a sphere. It came down at Omoi quickly.

Omoi jumped into the air and slid out his two swords. Electrifying them, he flung them in a boomerang formation at the sphere of rock. They stuck inside and Omoi stood perfecttly still on an eave, staring up at potential death. “Kai!”

The swords detonated and the sphere was blown apart over the village, scattering pieces on roads and rooftops. Koukishi appeared on the opposite eave of Omoi, now frowning. “You’re strong…perhaps too strong…I should go straight for the…”

Koukishi disappeared into the roads, now heading for the Raikage’s Mansion. “Damn…” Omoi followed in hot pursuit.

Koukishi arrived at a small shrine and stepped into a small puddle. “Water Dragon Missile!” The water shot into the door of the shrine, instantly obliterating it and allowing access into the wooden shrine.

“Hohoho…It seems…I’ve found it…” Koukishi muttered as he found a scroll perched upon a pedestal.

“Tsk, Tsk! No you don’t!” Omoi blasted himself through the roof and kicked Koukishi in the gut with an electrified kick. “Ha!”

Koukishi disappeared; as it was a Shadow Clone. The real Koukishi appeared at the opening with the Sroll. “The Kumogakure Scroll of Hope…As said by someone notable, this should satisfy my quota quite nicely…hohoho!” Koukishi disappeared. Omoi slammed a fist to the ground with anger.


Outskirts if the Lightning Village, Entrance to the Stormy Wasteland…

Kamui appeared as Koukishi was embarking into the Wasteland.

“You get back here! You scum! You stole our scroll!”

Koukishi frowned and held his hands to his side. “Aww…Why do people have to be so, so very rude? Hohoho…If we need to, we can settle this now…If you’d like, of course. Or I’ll be on my way and spare you the trouble of getting morally battered. Your choice, you know…” Koukishi smirked

“You smart alecky jerk!” She dashed for him, double-edged kunai in hand, intention to kill.

“So disgracefully rude! I’ll put you in your place…hohoho.”

A large, open ended cave in a damp valley-side 20 minutes later…

4 holograms stood inside, awaiting something…

Koukishi and the man from before appeared inside, on the left of the four holograms. Koukishi presented the scroll and an energy cause it to disappear.

Hologram 1 spoke in a high voice. “Hmm…Okay, one scroll has been retrieved…This is already starting out good…Koukishi, good job on not failing this mission.”

Hologram 2 spoke in a low, solid voice. “Why don’t we just ruch each village and snatch their scrolls straight away?”

“No…That is not a good plan…mainly because at the moment we would be spread too thin…hmm…”

Koukishi and the other man left, as well as Hologram 2 and 3 faded.

Hologram 1 and 4 stood and spoke in hush tones.

A large lake surrounded by wooded area, Suigetsu floats atop the water…

Suigetsu Hozuki lay afloat on the water, his thoughts calm, the water serene, laying motionless…

He suddenly gave a sigh and sank deeper into the water. His head poked up as it got closer to shore. Stepping out on shore he put his hand on his blade. Once more, Suigetsu sighed and took his hand off the handle.

Suddenly, his threw his hand on the handle and swung his sword out, sweeping it across the air. Nothing happened for a split second, but then, the trees in front of him sliced in halves and pieces. “…”

Sheathing the sword once more, he sighed again. “Pathetic…”

“Suigetsu…Wait up.” A figure that sounded famiiliar to him dashed across the water and greeted him on the other side. “Long time no see…Suigetsu!” Suigetsu kept the frown on his face, trying to keep it straight, finding it almost impossible.

“You’re almost correct. That was almost pathetic…It just needs work…” Without notice or warning, Sasuke unsheathed his sword and lashed out at Suigetsu. Suigetsu, without a second thought, blocked the attack with his own blade. He smiled and kicked Sasuke out of the way and sliced the sword through the air. “Water Style Invisible Aqua Cutter!” Sasuke was slit across the abdomen and thrown into the water.

Sasuke climbed up and out of the water, unscathed, smiling at Suigetsu. “Good, but you must be stronger if you wish to obtain the remaining swords…”

Suigetsu frowned and gazed up at the sky. “I know…Tsk…Those swords will be mine…Some day…Soon…”

Sasuke and Suigetsu headed off into the heavily wooded area beyond the lake.

Sakura sits inside Ichiraku Ramen with the girl from before, Sauno…

“So, Sauno, how has life been?” Sauno sighed and look into her bowl of ramen.

“Eh…Nothing special in particular…I entered the Chuunin Exams last year and became a Chuunin…That’s all really…Hey, Sakura…You mind if I inquire about your past?”

Sakura looked at her with an astonished look at first, but then her face softened and she started to speak about her past. Sauno listened intently to what Sakura had to say…

Kakashi stands on the water in the middle of the ocean, his thoughts racing…

“Hmm…I feel a presence…” Suddenly, a figure appeared on the water a few feet away from him.

Kakashi reached in his pocket and grabbed a mask and pulled it out.

The figure chuckled. “Kakashi Hatake! Why be so hasty? How do you know I’m even here to make trouble?”

“Kisame Hoshigaki, you’ve always been known to stir up trouble…Why are you here out in the middle of the ocean anyway?!”

“Same question I had in mind to ask you…Kakashi…Seems strange to be all the way out here, away from civilisation…” Kakashi flicked his headband up and his Sharingan was revealed.

“Don’t do this…” Kisame placed his hand on his sword and frowned.

“Ha, you’ve always been the on hasty for a match…”

Kakashi pulled out a kunai, but before he could have a second outlook, Kisame had already thrusted down on him with his blade, sending him hundereds of feet below the water…

Kisame peered down, knowing very well it was not over and suddenly got a face full of Lightning Blade sending him high into the air.

“You’re such a fool Kisame! Lightning Blade Viper Stikes Victim!” Kisame came down and stood on the water, panting.

“Hmph…What a powerful move…” The clone dispersed in an explosion of water. Kisame suddenly appeared below Kakashi, but Kakashi dspersed himself as a lightning clone, shocking Kisame underwater.

Kisame pulled himself out of the water, gasping for breath and still having lightning purge and surge through him.

Kakashi stood a few feet from him, glaring at the gasping body. “Fighting me with the hope of winning is futile, Kisame.”

“Don’t be so like you Kakashi! Water Style Water Shockwave Bomb!” The water around him started to rise and suddenly flew in a fast jet towards Kakashi. He was slammed into and thrown dazzily into the water, only to tumble down quickly.

Kakashi floated to the surface, moaning on his back. Kisame smiled. “This isn’t over Kakashi! Water Style 5 Man Eating Shark Storm!”

5 sharks were formed and 4 struck towards Kakashi. He stood up weakly and was bashed into the air. The 4 sharks started to surround kakashi and swirled upwards in a tornado form. The 5th shark appeared in the air struck downwards, striking Kakashi.

Kakashi floated in the air for a split second and suddenly shouted, “Mangekyo Sharingan!” Kakashi was suddenly set upright in the air and he activated his MS.

The world around Kisame was sucked quickly into a void. Kisame was taken inside and Kakashi fell out of the air, everything happening all at the same time.

Suddenly, an explosion occured and the shockwave spread all across the ocean, causing an outspread wave to ring. Kakashi felt a sharp, stinging pain in his eyes and Kisame suddenly appeared atop the water and Kakashi covered his eye, his expression awestruck.

“DIE! Water Style Shark Skin Needles of Death!” His sword ripped the bandages apart and the skin on it suddenly shedded a few bits of spikes and they flew towards Kakashi. Kakashi uncovered his bloody eye and suddenly, an explosion of water was in the place of Kakashi and the entire ocean shook. When the mis cleared, Kisame clapped his hands satisfyingly.


Kakashi appeared behind Kisame and held a Kunai up to his neck. “Like I said…ngh…Fighting back is…FUTILE!” Kisame suddenly lunged backwards with his Samehada. Kakashi noticed and jumped, landing on his sword.

“Mange…kyo Sharingan…Tsu…ki…YOMI!” Kisame was captured instantly.

Naruto steps into the Hidden Leaf Village…

“Back..At last!”

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