Limit Origins

Limit Origins

Chapter 1

Fight For Survival or Die Trying

The heavy patter of running feet sounded across the stormy skies of a rainy day, echoing off their steps as they desperately carried a young, frightened boy through the streets of the city around him.

It was as though the child was running for his life, which in this situation was more than likely the case. A helicopter chased through the air after him as its wings cut threw the rainy air. The commotion had caught the city folks’ attention as the youngster scrambled by them, often bumping into strangers walking down the street about their daily routines.

The boy would receive a sudden “Hey kid! Watch it!” every time he unintentionally bumped into a stranger but he paid no attention to their responses. His only concern was escaping with the life that carried him forward.

A speaker then descended from the helicopter as a loud voice suddenly blasted across the heavy air.

“Hey kid! Stop running. We only want to help you!”

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” The kid responded, not stopping once in his escape to turn and face the voice yelling at him.

“We only want to help you.” The voice called again. “Please make this easier on yourself and give up now!”

“YOU DON’T WANT TO HELP ME!! IM NOT STUPID! YOU’RE GOING TO CAPTURE ME FOR EXPERIMENTS AND THEN TAKE MY LIFE!!” The boy responded as his running feet splashed across the street puddles as he ran beside the sidewalk, before coming up to an intersection.

His clothes were all but ripped and shredded by now, indicating his past battle with authorities and the evidence of a narrow escape. His heart raced with fear, fear that his wide eyes and face clearly shown to those who watched the boy run past them.

“Damn It! This wasn’t supposed to happen. How the hell did they find out about me?! I swear I never used my powers! What do they want?!” He cried as tears began to flow from his eyes as the thought of death at his ten year old young age was unbearable.

“Kid if you don’t stop running you will force us to use brute force and take you down. This is your last warning.”

Those words sank deeply into the child’s heart as his fear began to extend now visible to those who watched him run by. Just what did they want with him? It was clear he was no ordinary child as he had not tired out from running from the helicopter for twenty minutes straight and little did the boy know, the people in the helicopter had taken into account that the boy may try and use his powers to escape and had been called for back up from SPECIAL AUTHORITIES to take him out.

Why was brute force needed to take out a small boy who seemed to barely pose a threat to a five month old kitten? The boy simply opted to continue running as if the authorities please went ignored.

“Fine! You have been warned.” The pilot of the helicopter said before turning off his speaker and turning to his partner who sat beside him.

“Activate the machine guns on the helicopter. We will waste no more time with this kid.”

“Right away sir” His comrade responded as he pressed upon a red button with a symbolized gun on it causing two machine guns to extend from both sides of the copter.

Suddenly a small TV screen opened in front of the two from the helicopter. A Manly figure appeared upon it and reported to them.

“Sir we are at the intersection ready to flank. Are we a go?”

“Yes we are!” The pilot said in response. “Take him out and don’t hold back on our accord. He may use his Genkai to try and escape.”

“Yes sir.” Directly afterwards the TV screen went black and reverted back to its original position.

The young morsel they had followed then made his way up to the 4 way intersection to run across the wet street only to be severely flanked by what looked like black metal plated hover cars, the blue and red lights flashing above them indicating that they were some sort of authorities. One car quickly halted in the middle of the street blocking the pathway for the youngster to run. There were 4 cars on either sides of the street with the copter slowly closing in on a trapped child.

The sudden flash of lightning and the intimidating roar of thunder pierced its way across the city skies as the rain continued to fall mercilessly setting the stage for a dramatic conclusion to a young child’s life.

The youngster had since halted in his tracks at the sight of now being trapped and the hope of escape slowly dwindling. Just what were they going to do with him?

Suddenly all four of the doors of the car directly in front of the boys running path opened revealing what looked like three Army Troops dressed in all black with black motorcycle-like helmets on, while simultaneously bearing automatic rifles as they stepped out into view.

However the driver of the vehicle followed shortly after, and could easily be identified as a beautiful young blond with an all black combat suit on, bearing a similar resemblance to that of the troops nearby but without the helmet. Her darks shades reflected the boy’s face as she starred him down.

Her face took on a somewhat saddened expression as she could clearly see the boys fear and tears pouring from his face.

“Awe he’s just a boy. Such a poor child.” She said in a saddened tone as if she were feeling pity for the boy.

The youngster seemed to take sympathy in her misleading words as he hoped that she would feel sorry enough to spare him, but that hope was very short lived as her saddened face quickly left and soon there was nothing but a cruel expressionless face starring back at him.

The terrified kid felt his heart drop as she lifted her left hand gesturing it, giving a silent signal to fire at the seemingly defenseless child.

“NO WAIT! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” He shouted, but his pleas for mercy fell on death ears as one of the troops quickly took out his gun and shot as told.

There was a loud bang to signal the shot had been made and a quick flash of red light quickly made its way out of the gun and into the boy’s stomach.

How could they be so cruel to a child who had done nothing wrong and was only a mere 10 years old? A Sly grin quickly appeared on the blonde’s face as she realized her target had been hit.

“Mission complete!” She said in a playful tone that would quickly betray her cold assassin like aura and made her appear to be nothing more then a beautiful blond woman.

The child was now in complete shock as the stinging pain in his stomach caused him to look down at his wound that was seeping with blood. What was left of his torn white shirt was beginning to turn a brilliant red around his abdominal area. After catching sight of the cause of his pain he looked down at the shoot only to see a empty capsule container with a needle sticking into his stomach.

“Is this poison?!” He wondered to his self as he took the needling bullet capsule out of him and to his face to examine it.

“ poised me?” He asked in a whispered tone, barely loud enough for the blond women to listen and decipher.

“It’s alright kid. Don’t worry. It’s only a sleeping drug. We didn’t want you to feel anything.” The blond women said in a polite tone with a smile of concern on her face.

At that the drugged shot immediately began to take effect as the boy’s vision began to blur in and out as his body began to slowly stumble back in forth as if he were ready to faint. The pain in his stomach had now been numbed by the sleeping drug and the urge to sleep against his will suddenly kicked in. The boy’s feet shortly afterwards began to weaken under his weight and he soon found himself on his hands and knees letting out what seemed to be his last pleads for mercy.

“I don’t want to die. Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.” He pleaded over and over as his young mind was now in complete shock and traumatized in fear as he could think of nothing else. The boy was now struggling on his hands and knees, desperately struggling not to collapse entirely.

The women looked upon the child as a single tear fell from her eyes as she watched the hopeless case in front of her and found herself beginning to doubt her own intentions. But she immediately put on a bold face so as to not show her sudden weakness in front of the other troops. Was there no one who would come and save the boy? The crowd of everyday people that had gathered behind the hovering police cars never opted to question why a small child had to be shot, but only watched as there eyes pleaded for the boy’s life in silence. Not one of them dared to speak out against the governments intentions and the only assumed the kid had committed some hellacious crime for the punishment he was now receiving. It seemed as though the crowd was full of selfish, bold less and afraid people who didn’t care enough to step in.

The blond assassin then proceeded to take out her gun and walk over to the boy. Her footsteps echoed across the ground splashing in the rainy puddles that were before her. The boy could here her coming but found himself helpless. His body wouldn’t respond to his attempts to move and his vision had now failed him completely.

She made her way over to the his position with her gun in hand and kneeled down beside him. Her heart almost jumped with sadness as she heard his last plea “Please don’t kill me” as he panted heavily before falling completely to the ground unconscious.

Then there was silence and the only thing you could here was the helicopters wings and the pouring rain. The women kept still as her eyes examined the boy. It was as if the boy’s last plea had paralyzed her harsh punishing thoughts and temporarily brought her back to her kind human nature like senses instead of the cold assassin personality she wore to protect her cover. She placed her gun in her back pocket and gently turned the boy on to his back with kind and gentle care like a loving mother for her child. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight she next saw.

“He looks……He looks just like my son.” She said as if she were in disbelief. “He looks like any other normal child.” Her thoughts now began to punish her and her previous harsh intentions as she thought to herself. “What am I doing? How could I be doing this to a mere 10 year old child? There going to do terrible things to him and possible kill him and its going to be all my fault..

She then gently placed her soft gloved hands on the youngster’s warm chest and could feel his heart beating peacefully in his chest. She then looked down at his stomach and cringed at the site of his womb. That sight triggered anger and confusion as that was the last straw and it caused her thoughts to severely protest what she had came out to do.

“I don’t understand. This is different. We have never hunted children before. What possible threat could this child possible pose to this country? He never once opted to use his powers. I…… I can’t do this.

Then there was silence as the women’s face was now showing a sad emotion, one that could be recognized as concern, a concern she had never shown before as the pouring rain gave the illusion that she was crying. Then the silence was broken.

“Commander Sara!” One of the troops from the car spoke up. “We need to transport him back to the base now. The leader is growing impatient.”

“R…right!” Her words stumbled out of her mouth as she continued to think to herself. She attempted to give herself reassurance of the good this missions completion would do for her country “Well I have to do this. This is for the greater good of the country. This is for the greater good and peace of all mankind.” Her thoughts didn’t seem to completely convince her or make her feel less guilty about what she was about to do. “I have to do this. I made a promise” she thought to herself.

“I… I’m sorry kid.” She said as she Gently put her arms underneath the boys body and lifted him up, carrying him in her arms. The boy slept peacefully for what seemed to be his last time.

“Where am I? Am I dead? Is this a dream?” The young boy’s voice echoed threw what seemed to be a dark dimension of space that seemed to stretch to eternity. There was nothing but darkness and space with no light in sight. The boy couldn’t stand to his feet though he tried but he found himself without a body. It was a though he could only see with his conscious. He couldn’t move, he could only talk and see the darkness around him.

“IS SOMEONE THERE? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME” The only response the boy received was his own echoing voice threw what seemed to be eternal darkness. Suddenly his thoughts of what happened to him rushed back into his brain as he could now firmly remember fighting for his life against black suited authorities and then running from a helicopter to being shot in his stomach.

“I guess this is it then. I guess……” The next two words pained him terribly before he could even say it. The boy felt his emotions drop and his hope disappear completely

“I guess I’m finally dead.” Suddenly as if to answer his please for help there was a sudden star of light that appeared to him.

“Who’s…..Who’s there? SHOW YOURSELF!”

As if to answer the boys request the star came closer and closer to him making the boy feel warm and suddenly comforted. And as it came into view why, it was only a mere child. She was a beautiful little girl in an angelic like appearance. Her appearance was all too familiar to the boy. She instantly recognized the boy and her face lit up with a beautiful innocent smile. Her smile could easily make a grown man cry and marvel at the beautiful innocence before him. The boy thus began to cry tears of joy at her all to familiar face, her long black hair shinning brightly to her bright like angelic glowing appearance that seemed to light up the darkness if only a little around them. Her smile seemed to heal his pain and terrible stress he was feeling thanks to the thoughts of being dead.

“Hi mark” The young one said in an innocent playful voice. The love in her voice moved the boy now identified as mark to feel cold refreshing feelings that seemed to put him in a paralyzing trance because it felt so good to the boy. Though the boy didn’t know where he was or what was going on, he felt safe again and it were as though her smile reassured him that everything was going to be alright.

“H… hi Jenna.” The boy’s eyes swelled up with tears of joy as he continued. “I thought we had lost you. I thought I would never see you again. Why…what are you doing here?

“I just wanted to see you again silly” The girl responded in a playful tone as her innocent smile began to replace a new found hope in the boy’s heart. “Do you want to play some games with me? We can play our favorite game?

Her innocent request made the boys feelings jump for joy but it was short lived as he had remembered he had no body to play with her.

“I would love to Jena but….”

“But what?” the girl asked as she moved her head slightly to the side with her smile now turning into a concerned frown.

“I…I don’t have a body.” The boy said as he put his head down in sorrow and pain from not being able to play with his little sister.

The little girl however simple giggled with her smile now glowing brightly upon her face once more.

“Of course you do silly. Why wouldn’t you have a body?”

“No really Jenna I don…” before the he could finish his sentence he noticed he was now standing with his whole body intact as if it had miraculously appeared out of no where.

“Well what do you know?! I got my body back!!! HAHA!!!” The boy jumped up and down with joy as things for the mere moment as it were seemed too good to be true. Things finally seemed to be going well for the boy. Oddly enough his worries now seemed to disappear and the thought of being dead didn’t seem to faze him anymore. The boy smiled for the first time that day as tears of joy began to run down his face. However his celebrating was interrupted by a said voice of a now upset girl who was had been brought to tears.

“I really missed you mark. I haven’t seen you in so long.” She sobbed in between her sentences as her tears became visible in her eyes. “Why? Why can’t I see you anymore?” She asked as tears now began to flow from her eyes down to her face as her innocent voice pleaded for comfort.

The boy was almost disheartened entirely at the sight of the young girl he cared for so much crying. The boy was then moved to run to her and embrace her in a hug.

“No Jenna please don’t cry. I promise everything will be ok. I’ll never leave you again I promise. Please don’t cry. I’m here now. I won’t leave you.” The boy now felt tears of his own now forming in his eyes this time for a different reason then joy as he tried with his heart to comfort the girl in anyway he could. His face was now saddened by the girls feelings as his concern for her was almost unbearable and could be clearly seen on his face as he kneeled down in his hug to the girl’s height.

The girl then returned a tight hug and buried her face in the boy’s chest as his newly formed white shirt began to soak up her warm tears.

“Do you promise?” The girl asked in a low tone, her words barely recognizable because of her face being buried in his chest. The boy however understood and gave back a reassuring “I promise” before squeezing her comfortable in the hug.

Minutes went by as the girl and boy found comfort in others embrace before breaking it. The girl now had a newly formed smile on her face.

“Thanks Mark. I love you” ^_^ the young child said politely waiting for her response.

“I love you two jenna.” The boy politely responded. “So What do you want to play?” Marcus asked with smiling eyes and in a cheerful tone.

“I know what we can play!” The girl Responded in an exited tone. “Follow me” She said before running off through the darkness of eternity.

“The kid took off following behind her when suddenly a sickening feeling entered into his body. The feeling was evil. It was as though it was trying to warn him that something terrible was about to happen. The boy was suddenly stopped in his tracks as his feet began to sink into the darkness of the ground. Fear then shot up his spine as the warmness he felt from his sister was gone altogether and was replaced by a bitter cold that engulfed him.

“What’s…going on?” The boy asked as he desperately tried to stop himself from sinking into the ground. His sister stopped in her tracks and turned around disappointed to see Mark not running behind her as she thought he was.

“Why aren’t you following me mark?” Mark’s attempts to stop himself from sinking into the dark ground had succeeded. Now he was trying to free himself from its cold grasp. He put both his hands on one leg and pulled with all his strength but to no avail. Then the scream of an innocent little girl frightened him as the voice was all to familiar.

“LET ME GO! GET OFF OF ME!” Mark looked up to find his worst suspicions and fear true. It was indeed his sister and she was in grave danger. A dark suited troop exactly identical to the ones that helped capture the boy himself a bit earlier appeared out of the darkness and was now trying to incapacitate his sister.

“YOU! Marcus said with widened fear inspiring eyes as he looked on in disbelief as to what he saw. “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!” Mark yelled as the all to familiar menace was now capturing his sister. Two more seemed to appear out of no where to aide him

“Take her away.” One of them said as the little girl desperately tried to escape but to no avail.

“No! No! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! LEAVE HER ALONE. GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” Mark pleaded but they didn’t seem to listen as they continued there assault on the beautiful innocent child. Mark now more then ever tried his hardest to break the grounds hold on him but the harder he tried the more stuck he seemed to be.

“This cant be happening! Why do the bad things always happen to me?!” The boy said as his seemingly conscious mind was now going into shock and disbelief.

“MARK!” The girl cried out as her struggling attempts to break free failed epically. “MARK PLEASE!” She paused as one of them pulled out a needle and fear poured onto her beautiful innocent face. “DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME! I DON’T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!” She cried out her last words as her innocent eyes locked with the boys own as horror conceived them both, her beautiful innocent gaze pleading for help.

NO! DON’T HURT HER! DON’T TAKE HER AWAY!. NOT AGAIN!” Marcus screamed at the top of his longs as the innocent girls pleading eyes continued locked onto marks own as fear had drained the poor girl silent. They then gave the girl a needle and she yelled in pain at the embrace, her eyes never once leaving the locked trance and little comfort she found in marks helpless gaze.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Mark yelled as his rage and anger now begin to boil at the site of his helpless innocent sister in pain.

“MARK PLEASE! DON’T…..LET….them take me” Her last words were strained and whispered out as she then fell unconscious in the menace hold thanks to the contents of the needle given to her.

“Good she is out. Now let’s go. We have what we need” one of them said as they immediately afterwards began to disappear back into the darkness.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! PLEASE NO!” Marks please went ignored as usual as his tear poured from his face and his helplessness hurting his righteous pride more then ever. They Evil Menaces laughed at the boys helpless case as they made there way into the darkness.

IM GOING TO KILL YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO KILL ALL OF YOU!” mark yelled as his voice now began to go sore from yelling all day but there was nothing he could do.

Mark watched as they slowly disappeared all together leaving him in the darkness again, alone in the cold and stuck into the ground. Mark slouched in defeat as the tears were raging down his face. He cried for what seemed to be an eternity. He could still here her pleads for help in his mind and see her pleading innocent eyes starring at him waiting for him to save her. But he couldn’t. He could only watch helplessly on the side as his poor innocent sister was taken from him.

“I…..” He panted in between his words. “I couldn’t save her.” Mark said in a low depressed and defeated tone. “I was too weak. I couldn’t save her. I can’t believe I let them take her again. I let them take her again. Not again.

The Dark room of eternity and the silence that partnered with it did little to comfort Marks raging emotions. Mark just stood there, slouched as his feet were still stuck into the ground. But he didn’t seem to care. The fear inspiring dark room of eternity no longer had an effect on mark. He could only think of the girl’s last gaze into his eyes, her face saddened with fear and tears running down her cheeks as her beautiful innocent face and pleading eyes begged for Mark to save her.

Soon the guilt began to go straight to the young childs’s righteous pride and the feeling was now unbearable for him to handle and he burst out into a rage of vengeful words.


Mark thus began to anxiously look around desperately looking for a way to escape the darkness.

“NO!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!” The boy suddenly began to yell violently as his body thus began to glow as his genkai gene slowly activated.

“I HAVE TO SAVE MY SISTER! LET!!!!!! ME!!!!! OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!” The boy screamed as his body exploded with light, shattering the darkness as if it were glass.

The noisy patter of relentless rain continued falling from the dark and stormy skies as the blond women carried the unconscious boy over to the black police hover cars for transport. The women’s guilt of what she was now doing killed her slowly inside as she gently carried the young boy who rested peacefully in her hold.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of you. You won’t feel any pain. I promise. It’s the least I can do.” The beautiful women said as she wiped the recent tears from the boys face.

Just as the blond reached the car she heard a faint and quiet whisper from the sleeping boy as he repeatedly whispered “Let me out, let me out.” Suddenly his whispers turned into a sleep fatigued low tone of voice that steadily kept getting louder and louder. Soon the boy please to escape his nightmare began to become reality as he slowly started to awaken.

“What! How is he waking? That’s impossible!” The women said before gently placing the boy down on the cold wet street before taking her gun out and taking a few steps away from the boy to analyze the situation.

“LET ME OUT!!” And with those loud words suddenly the boy awoke back into the world he was trying to escape from. He awoke back into the hopeless situation that snared him and threatened to take his life.

“I’m… I’m back” The boy said as if he were somewhat surprised by his sudden wake. The intense urge to fall back asleep quickly reminded the boy of its presence. The boy finally placed one arm on the ground and the other arm on the ground as well as he thus began to lift himself back on his hands and knees. Then he slowly struggled to his feet as his face showed rage to the troop watching in disbelief at the boys power to resist the drug.

“I don’t understand this.” One of the troops responded. “The boy should be unconscious let alone standing. What’s going on?”

“His gene must be resisting the drug. I find it amazing that the kid managed to awaken his genkai gene under such harsh circumstances. This cant be good” One of the other troops responded. And with that they each immediately took out there guns and aimed at the child who was now starring at them with anger filled eyes.

“Don’t move kid” Those words caught the boy of guard as he heard the women’s voice coming from behind him. He slowly turned around to the young blond women who had her gun pointed at the boys head. The women showed no emotion on her face and to the kid she proved to appear like a cold assassin ready to take his life. But little did the boy know the girl was battling with herself inside as to if she could pull the triggered or not. One side of her wanted to serve her country. The other side of her wanted to spare the young boys life and wanted so desperately for him to escape her clutches. She gazed into his eyes and noticed something different about the boy.

His eyes wear no longer filled with fear and were no longer dropping tears, but they were filled with a new found hope and determination fueled by anger. It was as if he no longer cared about dying and was no longer afraid. There was determination in his face as his fist suddenly balled at his side.

“Please kid I don’t want to….”

“YOU DON’T WANT TO WHAT?! HURT ME?!” The child said cutting her off in and explosion of anger that startled the women. “WELL YOU HAVE ALREADY HURT ME YOU DAMN MONSTERS! HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRUEL?! SHE…” he paused as he thought about his next words as tears began to form in his eyes and his angered tone of voice turned into a pleading one. “She was only 4 years old. She was just a little girl. How could you do that to a child?” His words ended in a mere whisper as his tears flowed from his mixed emotional face that looked so angry it could kill a rhino but at the same time so sad he could cry a lifetime.

Those word sent shock into the blond women’s mind as she realized what the boy might have been referring to.

“What is this boy suggesting that we took a four year girl four experiments. I never knew about this. How can we be so heartless?” The women said to herself as she was now completely unsure of her intentions and felt as though she were about to emotionally break down from the childs innocent words. The women continued to think to her self.

“We are supposed to be hunting those who disobey the law and use there powers to harm others. And usually these are grown people not…..” The girl paused as tears began to form in her eyes. “Not little children. I didn’t sign up for this.” The women’s conscience was now eating her up inside and she could no longer function without compromising herself and the mission.

Her emotional trauma could now be seen to the child as her grasp on her gun pointed at the Childs head began to nervously shake as she could no longer hold it firmly still while a single tear fell from her eyes. The boys words had struck her deeply and the boy could now visible see it.

Unaware to the girls now growing urge to compromise the mission and what was going on between her and the boy the troops began to question among themselves. “What is she doing? We need to get moving?”

“THAT’S IT SARA SHOOT HIM! HES ACTIVATED HIS GENKIA. SHOOT HIM NOW!!!” One of the troops yelled, but the women didn’t respond. She just stood there shaking. How could the ask her to end a young Childs life.

“SARA SHOOT HIM NOW!” Sara looked into the kid’s eyes as she now began to physically breakdown as her face saddened as she bit onto her bottom lip as her tears were now flowing down her face. It all came to this moment. Would the girl have the heart to shoot a poor defenseless and innocent child and complete her mission?

The boy stood in disbelief and shock as to what he was seeing. He couldn’t believe that the woman was crying. “How could one of them actually care about me enough to cry?” the boy marveled to himself because it was the first time he had ever seen one of the monsters he referred to them as actually cry and show emotion other then harshness, cruelty and anger.

The women’s heart was now racing because the fate of a Childs innocent life rested in her hands as she continued to look into the boys eyes that were filled with anger and sadness. She was trembling at the mere thought of pulling the trigger.

“CAMMANDER SARA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! SHOOT THE KID NOW WHILE WE HAVE THE CHANCE!!” The women’s legs began to weaken under the pressure as she began to sob and shake violently, being unable to pull the trigger and take the boys life. Finally the women completely broke down and drooped her gun and turned away from the child and began to walk away as she cried.

“I… I cant” The women cried as she hid her face from view from the praying eyes around her.


NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The boy screamed as he lifted both his fist in the air and brought them down with all his strength and pounded the ground causing an immediate earthquake like vibration, cratoring the ground on impact sending the girl and the surrounding troops bouncing 3 feet into the air and then falling to the ground as some of the cars bounced from the deadly vibration and tipped over. A flagpole fell from the vibration towards the helicopter causing the pilot to take immediate action to avoid the calamity coming towards them.

“Such Strength! Is this his power?” The blond assassin said while recovering from her fall.

The boy had just unleashed the power of supernatural strength the like of witch was never seen in a boy so young. Before anyone could recover from the sudden earthquake the boy took off at an unusual high pace speed, running and jumping over the troops and the flipped over hover that had recently blocked his path.

The boy ran at a high break neck speed of sixty miles per hour desperately trying to escape. His legs were moving so fast it looked like a blur to the human eye. The boy possessed the incredible power of super strength and speed as he now used his powers to escape the clutches of the government.

The helicopter had thus escaped the calamity of a falling flag pole and was now flying over the destruction caused by the boy below.

“SHIT! He is getting away. We are going to have to follow him until the SPECIAL AUTHORITIES get here.

The boy ran with his heart racing in his chest as he watched the buildings go bye on either side of him. He jumped over intersection to avoid accidents and occasionally swung off flag poles to increase his momentum. Soon the chopping wings of a persistent helicopter sounded across the rainy stormy skies as they were now hot on the boys trail as the desperate chase began. Would the boy be able to escape now that he using his powers or will his genkai gene’s activation only delay the inevitable?

“Once you get a lock on him I want you to fire!” The pilot of the helicopter said to his partner.

“But sir! What about the civilians. There may be too many innocent casualties down there.

“Don’t worry!” The pilot responded. “They have already cleared out this part of the city for labor day anyway. NOW I WANT YOU TO SHOOT THAT RUNT AND NO MORE QUESTIONS UNDERSTAND?!”

“Sir Yes Sir!” his now afraid comrade responded nervously.

And with that the helicopter locked onto the boy and immediately began firing at the boy with its automatic weapons.

The Violent sounding of the automatic guns and the bouncing sounds of impending bullets flaired behind the youngster just barely missing him as the sparks from the missing bullets trailed directly behind the child. The panicked at the sound and increased his speed thus putting distance between himself and the impeding bullets. The boy desperately ran for his life swerving and weaving out of the way of parked cars as the trail blazing bullets behind him destroyed everything in its path.

“They really are trying to kill me now.” Mark Ran at a blinding speed barely avoids the calamity of bullet closing in behind him. This was the boys first time using his powers to save his own life. Would the boy escape the fiery death blazing bullets that trailed behind him? Elsewhere more trouble was brewing for the boy as if things couldn’t get any worse.

“I SAID CALL THE DAMN HELECOPTER OFF!!” A familiar blond woman yelled as she now pleaded for the young boy’s life. She argued back and forth with the surrounding troops who were now overruling the women’s authority.

“Sorry commander Sara!” One of them responded. “But we have just received a higher command form the boss to kill the boy before we ring him back to base. You are no longer any use to use. You’ve compromised our mission enough.

“What?!” The blond was in tears as she couldn’t believe how dead set her surrounding comrades were on taking the young Childs life. She had never Ben so determined to save a Childs life besides her own son she loved so much and just so happen to be a year younger then the boy himself. She had now changed. The young boy had changed her heart and she was now driven by an entirely different motive.

“NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU MAGITS!” The women now spoke with authority in her voice as she caught her troops off guard. “THE LAST TIME I CHECKED IM THE ONE IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP AND ILL BE DAMNED IF IM GOING TO JUST SIT BACK AND LET YOU TAKE A BOYS INNOCENT LIFE!” The troops were surprised by her sudden threatening authority over them and didn’t dare to speak up against her lest the loose there jobs on the spot. Finally there was a glimmer of hope for the boys survivable as the young blond women began to compose her own thoughts for a plan to save the boy. It was as if the boy was her own son now the way she opted to protect him like a mother.

Relieved to see her words had struck the core of fear into the troop’s hearts as she had intended the women smiled as luck finally began to go her way.

“Our apologies commander Sara, we are at your command.” One of the troops said in a now sincere tone.

“Good! Now this is plan. We are going to save this child even if it means we have to bring down that God damn helicopter ourselves. GOT IT?!”

“You know what I’ve got a better idea. How about you die women?!” And with that said there was a sudden loud bang indicating the sound of a gun going off directly behind her. The instant feeling of sharp intense pain shot up the girl’s spine a blood began to fall from her back. The women looked on in shock and horror as the terrible realization of being shot sunk into her mind. A single tear fell from her eyes as death begin to grip her life. She died for being the only one to show sympathy and love for the boy and it wasn’t right. At that the women fell to her knees and then to the ground lifeless.

The dark menace standing behind her now lifeless boy holding a black gun face fell into an evil grin. He wore Dark clothes and was covered in a dark cape not revealing too much of his body. The mere familiar site of him put fear into the watching troop’s hearts. But none of them dared to question why he had just killed one of his own.

“We have arrived.” The dark menace said in deep manly toned voice. And directly after the dark figure said that 4 dark cloned troop simultaneously appeared seemingly out of no where directly behind the cold killer. These were the SPECIAL AUTHORITIES that were now going to hunt down the boy. Each troop wore a suit designed with special capabilities such as, super speed, strength, automatic weapons, and bullet proof armor and cat like reflexes and agility. This team had never failed a mission and is cold hearted assassins.

“Give us five minutes just five minutes and we will have the boy’s heart on a silver platter.” The cold menace said while starring down each of the remaining troops from Sara’s squad. “We no longer need you assistance so call off the helicopter and we will take it from here. You boys pack up and go home. You have failed me enough in one day.

“Sir yes sir!” Was his immediate response before they followed his orders. This man was the leader of this operation and had never failed a mission. He and his hand chosen troops were cold hearted assassins and could care less about the Childs death. There only concern was serving there country no matter how dirty or heartless their task was.

The dark man then turned his attention to his five super suited super soldiers behind him.

“I want that kid back here dead or alive in five minutes. Make sure that there is something left of the boy to salvage. Go Now.”

And with that the five super suited killers took off in a showy display of super speed as the suits camouflaged into the cold rainy air, completely disappearing completely to the human eye.

How will the young child even with his newly found powers escape the clutches of super soldiers? And if they catch the boy, what do the evil assassins supposedly claiming to serve there country do with him? Will the boy stand a chance against these growing odds? Find out all this and more as the chase for the boy draws to a final climax in the next exciting action packed chapter of ‘Limit Origins’.

Authors Commendation: So um………yea O_o This is indeed my first chapter so I know there will probably be a lot of spelling mistake and grammar errors you may have noticed despite my efforts to rid this chapter of them. I can assure you my writing skills will increase as I read and write. Please tell me what you thought of my first chapter. ^_^

{Mumbles something about not being able to attain a beta reader from the site} T_T

~ by The Incredible Marksman on October 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Limit Origins”

  1. My first story on my own ^_^. So now what? O_o

  2. Special thanks goes to tenrai and ahsan for helping. Wouldnt ben able to do it without them ^_^

  3. thanks man , p.s awesome story keep it up ^^

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