Sacred Zanpakuto: Zanpakuto Rising

Hey everyone!  This is paintheclown here to bring you my first ever Bleach Fanfic.  I just want to warn you that this is kind of like the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc in the anime, but, it isn’t.  I just took elements from it and put into my fanfic.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!

By the way, this chapter will be VERY short!  It will only be about 770 words.

“Give me back my friend!” Rukia screamed!  Her eyes were filled with so many emotions.  Anger, sadness, regret, anguish, and more.  But, what else that was in her eyes was shocking…  It wasn’t something in her eyes, it was her eyes.  They had gold sclera’s!

“Why should I?” the mysterious voice said.  They seemed to enjoy this girl pleading to get her friends back. “If you are a Shinigami, then you have no friends.  You only have people who only care for their own well being!” They knew this wasn’t true.  They just wanted to she this girl scream and cry.  But, there was something different about this girl.  Her eyes weren’t the same eyes she once knew…

“I swear Sode no Shirayuki!  If you lay a finger on them, I’ll destroy you!” She knew if she did that, then she wouldn’t be as powerful as she has been.  She really didn’t want to destroy her Zanpakuto, but, she didn’t have any other choice.  In some weird way, she always knew this would happen.  Ever since she gave Ichigo her powers, she felt that Sode no Shirayuki’s spirit energy wasn’t the same.  Now, it was down to there final battle, but, against each other this time.  “I have no choice, you will pay for kidnapping my friends!”

She blindly charges at Sode.  Her hands are bleeding because she’s gripping her Zanpakuto so hard.  Renji watches as his best friend charges at her Zanpakuto.  His inner rage comes out!  he can’t control himself anymore.  He can’t watch as his closest friend tries to destroy her own Zanpakuto.  His mask starts to form.  He’s becoming a Hollow!

“Renji no!!” Rukia cried as she saw his mask take shape.  “Don’t give into your inner Hollow!  Resist it like Ichigo did before he could control it!”  But it was too late.  It had already taken control.  His maniacal scream was heard round the Seireitei.  Zabimaru took form and tried to restrain him.  but, it was no use.  Renji just threw him away with a simple Bala…

“This can’t be happening!” It was her worst nightmare!  Her best friend being taken over by his inner Hollow.  “Please Renji please!  Fight it off!!”  But it was no use, the only person now that could help him would be Zabimaru or Urahara…

“Rukia!  You go and take on Sode.  I’ll stay here and try to get some sense into Renji.  You got that?”  Rukia could feel that this would probably be the last time she saw Renji again.  A lone tear came to her eye.  Zabimaru was right.  There was no use fighting him if he’s a Hollow.  He could only persuade him to fight off the Hollow by himself.  And with that, Rukia flash stepped to Sode and used Bakudo #4: Hainawa to restrain Sode’s arms and legs.  But, Sode anticipated this and replaced herself with an Ice Clone…

“You can’t beat me with Kido!  I am your Zanpakuto, I’ve seen everything you’ve ever done!” she said with a wide grin.  “I guess I’ll just have my fun with you!”  Sode then charged at Rukia with all her might.  “Shikai!”  As soon as she released her Shikai, she used First Dance: White Moon on her.  Rukia barely dodged them all.  Just before she used her next dance, Muramasa appeared and stopped the battle.

“Lord Muramasa, what has brought you here?!” she said in shock.

“I have come to bring you back to the hideout.  And bring those ones over there.” he said as he pointed to Zabimaru and Renji.

“Yes my Lord!  Right away!” she said with anger.  She really wanted to play with her new toy some more, but, Lord Muramasa would have killed her had she disobeyed.  “Well, it’s been real fun playing with you.  But, I must go now.  But, the next time we meet, it’ll be the last!”  With that, she disappeared with Renji and Zabimaru in tow.

“At least Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad are okay.”  But, she didn’t feel like it was alright.  This was the beginning of a war…

That is the end of the the 1st chapter.  Please rate it (1-10) in your comments to see if you like it.  Thank you and  have a great day! ^_^

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  2. But, seriously, will anyone rate my post, please?! 😦

  3. Nice! and BTW 3RD!!!!!!!!! XD

  4. 3rd 😛 , nice

  5. wonderful ptc. the story rocks ;D!! i wonder what muramasa has in store for zabimaru and renji. hurry and updat :D!!

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  7. Very good chapter.

  8. 10!!!!!!!!!!1 I love it ^.^ continue on. The best of lucks.


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