Sacred Zanpakuto: Bloodshed Brings Forth War

Please, If you haven’t read the first two chapters.  Read them.  You won’t figure out what is happening if you don’t.  Thank you! ^_^

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

This chapter, like the last two, will be very short.  This will be like this until December so, just a heads up.  This weeks will be the shortest chapter ever!  Only 600 words!

At the 11th Squad barracks…

“Captain!  Why can’t we fight in the coming war?!  I demand an answer!! the 7th seat bellowed.  “I deserve one!”

“Do you know what happens to people that demand me to do something you little pipsqueak?”  Kenpachi’s voice was more vicious than ever.  He loved fighting.  But, he had no part in this coming war.  His Zanpakuto wasn’t against him.  he couldn’t even unleash his Shikai!  He didn’t want any part of this war.  “I kill them,” he continued, “then I cut them up into tiny pieces to feed to Hollows.  Do you want that to happen to you?!”

“N… no sir,” the 7th Seat was freaked out.  He knew that the 11th Squad Captain was tough on people.  but, not like this!  “I’m sorry for disrespecting you, Captain Zaraki.”

“Okay, now, let’s move out!  Our mission will be very hard.  We will have to take out every Hollow that we get an alert about.  We will do this until the war with the Zanpakuto’s is over.  That may take months, maybe even years.  But, it is our duty as Shinigami.  Do I make myself clear?!”  He was ready.  This was going to be his favorite part of his Shinigami career.  He got to slaughter all he wants, and more!

“I will not be apart of this Squad until I get my Zanpakuto back!”  Ikkaku was the one that spoke up!  He didn’t feel strong without it.  “If you make me come, I’ll strip myself of my position.  I will no longer be apart of this squad.”  He was dead serious.  And Kenpachi could sense this from his tone…

“Very well then.  Ikkaku, you may fight in the war.”  He began to stare into space…

“What is it?” Yachiru asked.  She was puzzled by this.  He would usually never do this.  Something was wrong…

“It’s just that, Yumichika doesn’t have his Zanpakuto either.  I can’t have both Ikkaku and him gone.  They are our best people in this squad.  So, Yumichika, do you want to fight in the war to get your Zanpakuto back?”

“No Captain Zaraki.  I do not wish for my Zanpakuto to ever be returned to me!”  All the others in the barracks turned to Yumichika and had a look of shock on their faces.  Why wouldn’t he want his Zanpakuto back.  It was apart of him, he couldn’t just abandon apart of his soul…

“Very well then.  Ikkaku, you may leave.  The rest of you.  We have gotten our first order.  Now, we go!!” Kenpachi announced.  he was happy about the slaughter, but unhappy about Ikkaku’s choice…


“Do we really have to go to Soul Society?  We’ve already been exiled from it.  I don’t want to be killed over this.”  Mashiro was being much more irritating than usual today.  Love and Kensei both wanted to strangle her!

“Wow Kensei.  I don’t know how you could have lived while she was your Lieutenant.  You’re such a patient person.”  Loves words were sincere.  He really didn’t care for Mashiro now that he got to know her more.  He wanted to blow his brains out!  He probably would have if she had been his Lieutenant…

“Yeah.  I barely made it through.  But, we’re here -sadly- with her and we’ll have to fight together.  So, lets get some training in for the day.”  Kensei was eager to get started

Next Time: Training Begins

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