Dawn of a New Era 2: Glimpse

Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 2


Birds flying high over the roof of the Hokage Mansion seem to be free and lively…Naruto now stands with Shikamaru…

“Shikamaru? You’re the 8th Hokage? I knew you were destined for greatness!” Naruto spoke with Shikamaru on the roof of the Hokage Mansion.

Shikamaru stood leaned against a tree, peering up at the faces on the Hokage mountain. During the Fifth Great Ninja War, the 7th Hokage’s face had become unrecognizable, being targeted by Land of Bird. The 8th Hokage’s face stood out brightly against the stone mountain.

Naruto scanned over his thoughts and tried to spark something from Shikamaru. “What happened after I left the village some 7 years ago, Shika?”

Shikamaru stood up straight and smiled, crossing his arms on the back of his, resting them. “Well…6 years after you left, I became Hokage. A few months ago, the Chuunin Exams went on again without a hitch. And also, Konohamaru made Jonin!” Naruto’s eyes grew big as he heard the astounding news.

“Really? That’s great!” Shikamaru went on…

“Gaara decided to resign as Kazekage and Temari took his place.” Naruto still stood motionlessly and silently, intently listening to the drastic changes. Shikamaru heard no response and carried on. “The old Tsuchikage passed away before the Fifth Great Ninja War…Iwagakure has, of course, gotten two new Tsuchikages since the first replacement was the leader of the war…And you know who died in the war…”

Naruto looked on tragically…

7 years after Naruto sealed Madara…

Blood was spread and spewed far and wide as war raged on. The skies had turned a fusion of blood red, pitch black and ominous gray. Everything was in the midst of terror…

“Chidori Blade!” Sasuke impaled multiple armies of enemy ninja. Gaara hovered above and sent a Sand Burial Wave down, crushing them to dust.

“There’s too many of them. Being outnumbered, there’s no way we can win, Naruto!” Neji performed the 8 Trigrams Mountain Crushing Pulse and annhialated a huge line of enemies. Kankuro appeared from behind Temari on Black Ant and hacked numerous soldiers to bits. Kankuro suddenly lost his grip and fell backwards from Black Ant. A warrior appeared in front of Black Ant, and in a mere second, a blast of energy erupted over the air, sending the allies of hero skipping away across the ground. Kankuro and Black Ant were taken in by the beam.

Kankuro now lay before Gaara and Temari, his face on the edge of death. Temari stared down at his battered face, tears developing and pouring from her face like bitter, soulful raindrops. Gaara hopped over them, anger and frustration in his face and used the Great Sand Tsunami and obliterated a huge portion of the soldiers. Finally, he raised his hands. “Sand Manipulation: Needles of a Thousand Grains!” The sand twisted and broke apart, forming very large and bulky sand needles. They shot down and through the mob of soldiers, annhilating hundreds.

When the allies noticed Kankuro’s death, Naruto, the leader of the brigade, cared no longer for mercy against enemies, now having a fallen ally and friend.

Kakashi leapt through the barrage of enemies, slashing them with a kunai, on his way to the core. Naruto noticed his movement and sailed through the crowd with a Rasengan, shoving a path to Kakashi. “Hey, where are yo-” Lee jumped in front of him as an army of soldiers made their way to him.

Lee used the Leaf Hurricane 4-Speed and took care of them in a blink of an eye. “Naruto, this is your chance! Go!”

Naruto was suddenly in pursuit of Kakashi. Kiba and Shino had his back all the way.

Present Time…

“And that’s about it…Oh, and I always wondered how you escaped the 6 Paths Seal…Do you mind telling me?”

Naruto frowned and stared at the ground. “Short story: The Kyuubi used it’s power to detatch myself from the seal, but the Kyuubi was sealed away along with Madara, however. I wasn’t able to tell anyone before the war because it was so sudden and there was no time, and before the war ended, I became Sannin and left the village…” Naruto sighed and looked up into the face of Shikamaru.

Shikamaru was absorbing the information. “I see…The Kyuubi was always looking after you…”

Naruto stomped a foot and his face became serious. “Incorrect. The Nine-Tailed Fox only protected me because it knew that if I die, it dies too. It was apart of me!” Shikamaru looked away. “Oh…”

“So…Where have YOU been the past 7 years? You know, after the war ended?”

Naruto straightened. “After that, I aided in rebuilding the small portion of Konoha that was destroyed. After that, I attained the Sannin name and Kakashi and I started traveling together. A lot of things have happened, too many to recite on the spot. Sorry.”

Shikamaru crossed his arms behind his head, quickly releasing them when he found his hands being stabbed by the prickly leaves on the tree behind him. “It’s all right. Just glad to see you back and know how you got back. I gotta get back to business. See ya later Naruto!” And with that, Shikamaru headed back inside, beaming.

Right outside the village gate…

Konohamaru stood, his sword gleaming in the sun, the fiery hot spirit burning inside him, his energy flowing through the sword. “Hmm…”

Konohamaru stuck the sword in the ground and formed a hand sign. “I wonder if I can still…Do it…Wood Style Vascular Plant Growth: Tree!”

Konohamaru slammed a hand to the ground, waiting for a reaction. After a minute of no occurance, he stood up straight and sighed. “Nothi-” Suddenly, the ground shook for a minute and a tree started to grow from the ground. “Whoa, it seems I can still do it…! Okay…” He picked up his sword once again.

Dashing forward, Konohamaru hald his sword in one hand. As he approached the tree, his feet lifted from the ground slightly and he started to whip around, his body majestically spinning with the sword’s steel still shining bright in the afternoon sun. Finally, he came down and the sword sliced the tree in the middle. Nothing happened…and then the tree split in half cleanly and perfectly, leaving the top half only to tumble over and lay on the path.

Sheathing his sword, he smiled, triumphantly. “Okay, that’s good enough…” He then held his hand out and started to form a Rasengan, roughly the size Jiraiya used to use, and dashed towards the lower half of the tree. When he arrived, the Rasengan clashed with the stump and detonated upon contact, blowing him away. Konohamaru only slid on his feet, however. “Urk…Well…Ahh…”

“KONOHAMARU! How did you do that!?”

Konohamaru lurched forward when hearing the booming, vibrant voice of Naruto from behind him. “Ack…Well…Hey Naruto! Um…I…Uh…”

“It doesn’t matter Kono. Great to see you again.”

Kuchia Uchiha stands in front of a shrouded figure…

“Are you ready Kuchia?” Kuchia nodded.

“Yes sir…” Kuchia followed the figure into the depths of darkness within a cave…

In the four-way, open-ended cave, two holograms stood along with Koukishi…

“So, leader, what do you suppose we do?” Koukishi inquired to one of the holograms.

Koukishi crossed his arms and sighed. He wanted more action. He wasn’t the bold, rash kind, but he liked to be able to get out of the cave once in awhile. He really did hate being kept cooped up inside. Koukshi sighed and thought to himself, “I know I’m not getting out there for some time so I should just stay patient and deal with it…”

“Well, the word of the theft hasn’t spread too wide yet. When it does, everyone will be on guard and on par with the plan. What we’ll do is wait until the commotion dies down once more and then strike the weakest point. So we lay low for now…”

Sighing again, Koukishi was finally dismissed.

The hologram faded and the final was left to stand silently.

The dark figure and Kuchia appeared inside. “Hm? So you’ve brought him! At last, Kuchia Uchiha, I’m glad you finally decided to join us!”

Kuchia’s face was shrouded with confusion, but belief. “Yeah, sure…”

“Now, I want to test your strength.”

Kuchia’s expression stayed scraggly. “Okay…”

In Ichiraku Ramen…

“So, Naruto, things well with you?”

Naruto sighed, but stayed with a smile. “Yeah, sure, they’ve gone pretty well. So you’re a Jonin now! Just one more step closer to Hokage I suppose!”

“Yeah…” Konohamaru choked as he swallowed a bit of ramen.

Konohamaru had wanted to become the 7th Hokage, but when he failed, he set his eyes on the 8th title. He wasn’t a Jonin at the time, so Shikamaru beat him out by a 6-month period.

Naruto finished his bowl and stood up. He turned and lifted the door-flap, letting the glorious light shone in on Naruto’s face as he started to leave. Konohamaru slammed down his chopsticks and sprang from his seat.

“I want to spar with you!”

Naruto stopped, frozen in his tracks, a frown forming. Without turning back, he said all at once, “Sorry, Kono, I have some urgent business to tend to. Maybe when I return…”

“You said that seven years ago!” Naruto stopped once more, the wind now picking up, blowing his hair on his face.

“I realize that…But this is important and I may be too late. I must go. Maybe…next…time.” For a split seond, he turned his face on Konohamaru. It was strict and stern. Konohamaru sighed and sat back down to finish his bowl of Miso.

In the ocean…

Kisame falls back in awe. “Argh…Since when did you attain the power of Tsukiyomi!?”

Kakashi fell to a knee, feeling he was losing his footing on the water due to extreme lack of chakra. “I really have no need of explaining myself to you!”

Kisame tried to pull himself up and re-orient himself, finding it difficult to shrug off the remainder of the powerful illusion. His thoughts were a mess. “Shouldn’t I be used to this…? Itachi once used it on me…I should have no issues…argh…”

Kakashi charged one more powerful Lightning Blade and glared at the struggling shark-man. “You’re out of here Kisame!” He stood up weakly and charged at Kisame.

Kisame noticed the sudden-death movement of his foe and tried to draw his sword. Finding the energy, he grabbed his sword and unleashed a swing, clashing with Kakashi’s Lightning Blade and causing an eruption. Kakashi was slung back through the water and fell down inside. Kisame slid back. “I’ll leave you to drown…argh…”

Kisame disappeared in smoke. Kakashi drifts down silently through the water, now out of chakra, only to drown slowly…

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and saw a figure swimming towards him. It suddenly multiplied into two and he was yanked roughly by the shoulder, up into the foggy daylight. Finally catching his breath, he gagged on the water now being exumed from his lungs.


“Shh…I got you Kakashi! What happened?” Kakashi continued to gag on the salty water, but soon had enough out of his system to speak legibly.

“It was Kisame Hoshigaki…He didn’t die during the Fifth Great Ninja War.”

Naruto seemed unphased. “I thought so. I didn’t think he could die in something as simple as a war…pfft…Well, it seems he fled. Summoning Jutsu! Gamakichi!” Gamakichi suddenly appeared above water. Naruto lobbed Kakashi’s drained figure to his head and hopped on as well.

“Gamakichi, take us to the Leaf Village!”

“Yes sir!”

Gamakichi took one, huge hop across the large span of liquid.

At the Leaf Village Hit Springs…

“LEE!” A scythe is flung through the air at a target.

Rock Lee, now 34, dodges the projectile with high speed.

“What is it TenTen?! Why so furious!?”


Form the front of the girls spa room, a figure lurks away.

Lee finally stops hopping and stands straight. “Are you crazy TenTen! I’m not that shallow!”

TenTen, now 33, appears in front of him. “Hmm…Then what did I see…Eh!?”

TenTen noticed the figure lurking away and throws a kunai, pinning it’s shirt to a wall. “AHHH!”

“There you are…EH!? Kuri!? What the hell are you doing peeping!?”

Kuri Umino detaches the kunai from his shirt. “I wasn’t…I was…Um…” TenTen’s face grew serious. Taking out some shuriken, Kuri finally decided to speak. “Okay, okay!”

Iruka appeared behind TenTen and drew back. “What’s happening here?! What is Kuri doing here…and why are you holding shuriken up to him!?”

TenTen suddenly threw her shuriken back into her pouch and explained herself.

Iruka walked over to Kuri, grabbed him, and disappeared. Lee sighed, along with TenTen, and they walked away.

A minute passed and Neji appeared. He looked around, sighed and stomped a foot. “Gah, I missed them…” He then disappeared.

On the walk back to the Leaf Village, TenTen stops and turns to Lee. “Have you had a mission in a while?”

Lee rubbed the back of his head and started tampering with his bandages. “No, it seems that Shikamaru hasn’t given anyone missions in a very long time. I really need one however…”

Neji suddenly appeared in front of them. “Urgent news. Shikamaru needs all Jonin and Anbu back to the village!”

The trio disappeared.

On an open road leading to Konohagakure, Sasuke and Suigetsu travel…

Sasuke stops and feels a faint wind. Closing his eyes, he lets it blow on him for a minute and then turns his direction. An Anbu Black Ops member appeared in front of them, kneeling.

“Sasuke Uchiha, the Hokage of the leaf requires all Leaf Jonin and Anbu to the mansion.” The Anbu member disappeared.

Sasuke turned to Suigetsu, nodded, and the two of them started at a dash towards Konoha.

The next hour passed, and all Lead Anbu and Jonin gathered on top of the Hokage Mansion in front of Shikamaru…

The last ones to show up were Sasuke and Suigetsu, Naruto and Kakashi, Yamato, and Anko Mitirashi.

Shikamaru turned to the Jonin and Anbu. “We’ve received information on a very important matter. Omoi, the head of the Anbu for the Land of Lightning, is here to speak about it.”

Omoi appeared from the shadows of one of the trees. “Well…To put it simply, Kumogakure’s Scroll of Hope was stolen.”

An explosion of gasps arose from the crowd.

Kakashi even gave a weak gasp from the ground in the back.

“Now, we’ve put out a Code Yellow Situation at the moment. It’s not an international crisis that one was stolen, but if more thefts occur, it will bump up to it. I’m traveling to all the lands to inform them of this and to be on guard. Thank you for listening. Good day!” Omoi disappeared and Shikamaru dismissed everyone after telling them to be on extra guard of anything shady and to be alert.

Naruto picked up Kakashi and took him over to the Leaf Hospital, admitted him, and left.

At the village gate, Naruto met Sasuke and Suigetsu on their way out. “Hey Sasuke. How’s it going?”

Sasuke didn’t speak a word, but he looked at Naruto lazily.

“Hmm…Nothing then?”

Sasuke still kept quiet, but soon spoke. “Yeah…I have to get going. See ya…” Sasuke and Suigetsu took their leave, leaving Naruto standing alone, deep in his thoughts…


Well…Yeah…Nothing too eventful in this chapter, but I’ve had writers’ the block the past two weeks so getting anything written was an extensive prze for me so…HIZUH!

Hope it was enjoyable and stick around for chapter 3! (Writers’ block has been vanquished!)

See you later for the next installment ;P

Special Thanks to:

Author: Me of course ;P

Friend: For helping me get over the writers’ block!

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