Dawn of a New Era 3: Transparency

NOTE: Yes, the Anbu Training Center exists -.-‘


Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 3


Karin lay in a bed, azing up at the ceiling. She was thinking about Sasuke. She had not seen him in a very long time. She wondered how he was. What he was doing. Where he was. How he was feeling…What he was feeling. She wanted to know his whole status. She wanted to know…

Karin had been clueless about Sasuke for months now. Not knowing his condition angered her, annoyed her, frustrated her to an extent where she would practically rip her hair out by the roots when she thought about him. She didn’t know if he was still alive or not.

She was clueless.

Springing up, she started to pack a bag. Her mind was set upon one objective; and she was going to achieve it even if it killed her. “I’ll find him…”

She headed out the door, into the open world. She hadn’t been outside in a week. Had not seen daylilght in awhile, as the hut she lived in contained no windows, allowing no light to get in. The climate had gotten colder, so she had to board up some of the open crevices around the base of the hut and in the roof, connecting some of the broken eaves as well.

Karin sighed when she walked out into a long, chilly breeze that had risen from the west. “It’s gotten so cold out here…”

She was finally going to see Sasuke again. Learn of his condition. Hear his voice. See his face.

If she could find him, that is.

Leaf Hospital, room 201…

Sakura sits by Kakashi’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up. “Wow, he’s really ou-…Huh?”

Kakashi’s eyes fluttered, slowly spreading, revealing his now refreshed eyes. His gaze was thrown over to Sakura. “Sakura! Nice to see you…” His hand was immediately over his left eye. “Argh…!”

Sakura sighed gravely. “Are you okay Kakashi? Your eye is feeling rather drained…isn’t it?” Sakura moved closer. Removing his hand, she placed her own hand on his eye. Her hand glew with the power of the medical ninjutsu. In a few moments, Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief.

It felt better. It felt as it had before he even used it in the battle with Kisame. “Thanks Sakura. It feels better.”

Sakura smiled. “Good. I have to get going. I’ll see ya later Kakashi!” She made her way to the door, slid it open, turned and waved, and left silently, shutting the door easily.

Kakashi thought for a moment, looked around. He then proceeded to close his eyes and dream.

In the Anbu training center…

A block of wood stretched into the air. A figure jumps above it and kicks down, separating it, causing it crckle and splinter all the way down, shattering to bits. The figure was Yamato. He fell to the ground and sighed.

“It needs more work!”

he suddenly noticed Shino Aburame appear in front of him. Yamato whirred into a stright position.

“Hello Leader Aburame!”

Shino put his hood down and gave Yamato a pressuring glare. Finally, he spoke. “I’ll help you train the move. I will summon termites from within the walls. If some of your wood can withstand or even fend off the termites, you’ll know you’re power is at its fullest. Ready?”

Yamato formed a hand sign and a tree sprouted tall and mightily from the ground. Shino placed a hdn on the wall and termites started spewing from it and gathering on Shino’s arm. Shino transported them to the tree and the termites started to crowd off and burrow into the tree. Soon, the termites had the tree down to a nub.

Yamato sighed and sweatdropped. He looked at Shino, rubbing his head in defeat. “I guess I need more practice if I want to make it FULLY powerful. To think, I thought I had this downpat…!”

Yamato sighed and un-summoned the tree. Shino transported the now full termites back into the wall. Shino put his hood back up and adjusted his sunglasses. “You do that…”

One of the other Anbu appeared by Shino. “Shino, your assistance is requested at the Hokage Mansion…”

Shino nodded and disappeared along with the Anbu member.

In the Mansion…

“Shino, you and another Anbu member need to head over to the Shrine of Hidden Leaf. I require your assitance with protecting the scroll. After hard consideration of all the ninja, I thought the Anbu Black Ops leader would be best.” Shino nodded and disappeared once more.

Shino appeared outside the Hokage Mansion and communicated with one of his bugs, telling it to go get one of the Anbu members. Shino then made his way to the Hidden Leaf Forest.

Shrine of Hidden Leaf…

Shino arrived at the shrine soon and awaited his Anbu assistance. Later, a member appeared, his mask fitted into place on his face.

Shino asked for a name. “Neji Hyuuga at your assistance.” Shino smiled, took down his hood, took off his sunglasses and fitted his mask on.

“Alright. We need to keep a secure guard.”

Neji nodded and he and Shino began their guarding period.

An hour into their duty, Neji started reading the writing on the shrine door. Most of it was illegble, but he was able to make out bits and parts. It read, “Leaf…wi…fire…stan…strong…and…sturdious…Hoka…Hashira…Senju…is the founder…of…th…Will…fire…He will pro…vill…for as long…as…lives… and…fur…Hashirama Senju…forever…”

Shino noticed Neji reading and started to explain. “I started doing some research on what it says. I know what it says fully. Leaf’s Will of Fire stands strong and sturdious. Hokage Hashirama Senju is the founder of the Will of Fire. He will protect the Village for as long as he lives and further. Hashirama Senju forever. It’s touching, really.”

Neji smiled, but Shino stepped in front of him. Shino wiped off a clod of dust from the bottom and put together the scribbled writing.

“Hmm…In full, it has the signatures of the hokages, minus the 6th. Hmm…Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Tsunade, and Shikamaru Nara. The 7th Hokage’s name is way too illegible. Even though we know who it is…This is really mysterious. That’s why the scroll is protected here. This shrine is the heart of the village. It holds much history.”

Neji was still flabbergasted. “And you know about all this?!”

Shino looked around and whispered. “I do a lot of research…” Neji smiled again and began his duty once more.

Shino finally stood up from peering at the tablet and joined Neji in guard duty.

On top of a building in the Leaf Village…

Sauno Uchiha sits again, leaning on a metal pole attached to the roof of a building. She sits thinking about things to do, missions, duties…

“Maybe Shikamaru has a mission for us…But if he did, he would call our team there…gah…” Sauno sighed and stood up.

“There must be…”

“Something we can do? I agree…” Sauno turned slightly to see one of her teammates, Uzuna Uzumaki, standing next to her. Sauno nodded.

“Oh, hey Uzuna. I haven’t seen you in two days. Where you been?” Uzuna looked around.

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to say. Anyway, we have a mission. I’ve informed Hizuka. Meet at the Hokage Mansion in ten minutes.” Uzuna disappeared and Sauno hopped off the building.

Ten minutes later, Sauno, Uzuna, and another boy named Hizuka Haruno stood inside the Hokage Mansion.

Shikamaru stamped a paper and looked up. He lobbed Uzuna a scroll and he unraveled it. The top labeled, “A Rank.”

Uzuna started to read the description. “Go to the Hidden Lightning Village and investigate the theft there.” Sauno, Hizuka and Uzuna couldn’t believe what they read.

Shikamaru stood up and walked around his desk. “I know you must be thinking that this is something Jonin should only be able to handle, but I believe your team is about equal to some of the other Jonin in the village. I also think you are able to handle an A-Rank mission. This will be a difficult Reconnasaince mission, but as I said, I believe you three can handle it. Be sure to gather the adequate information on the theft.”

The team high-fived each other for getting such a difficult mission.

The next day in front of the Hidden Leaf Gate…

Iruka Umino met the team. “Okay, so I take it you guys know the mission?”

They nodded and stood readied. “All right, then let’s push on to Kumogakure!”

The team ventured from the Leaf Village and out throught the Hidden Leaf Forest.

Team Iruka hopped and glided across the perfectly green treetops, arriving in Kumogakure lands within a day.

On the border, they decided to camp out for the night and start again in the morning.

That night, in a large wasteland, the winds traveling, blowing gravel and dust, Sasuke and Suigetsu stand training in the moonlight…

Their swords clang with a twangy ring, the blades shimmering the in the faint moonlight over them. Suigetsu clashes and slides back, grinding his sword in the ground. It hadn’t been quite as adequate ever since it was broken during the Five Kage Summit duel with the Raikage.

Sasuke stands with his sword straight out, pinpointing a direct landing point on his foe. Suigetsu continued to frown as the training session continued to fall flat for him. He threw a leg out on the ground and sent a wave of water towards Sasuke. Sasuke jumped over it and slashed down.

Suigetsu jumped and collided, pushing back with the force of his will and brute strength. Finally, releasing the power he had, he blew Sasuke from the air, causing him to slide on the ground, only to be greeted with another slash from the large Beheader. Sasuke backflipped and threw his sword mid-flip. The dagger-like Kusanagi (Orochimaru’s Sword) flew towards Suigetsu. Suigetsu blocked the sword with his own, the sword flying away from him. Sasuke suddenly appeared in the air flipping backwards at Suigetsu.

Suigetsu pushed away from his sword, Sasuke landing on the handle. His sword landed in his hand and he darted towards Suigetsu. Suigetsu grimaced as he realized his mistake and the trick. “Dammit.”

Sasuke sliced Suigetsu across the abdomen, only to find him disappear in a glob of water. Suigetsu appeared by his sword, dashing away as he grabbed hold of the handle. Suigetsu quickly span on his heels, adding great power to the sword, spinning in 360 degree circles five times, accumulating the power of the centrifugal force. Finally, he released it in the direction of Sasuke. Sasuke whirred around and slashed his sword with the high powered sword coming his way. The second he clashed, the two swords powered upwards. Coming to the ground, they clanged with each other as they lay between Suigetsu and Sasuke.

Suigetsu and Sasuke look deeply into each other’s eyes, anticipating the opponent’s next move. “Argh…”

Sasuke made the first move and dashed forward with blinding speed. Grabbing the Kusanagi, he appeared in front of Suigetsu and stopped as he was in mid-slash.

He whispered in Suigetsu’s ear, “Good training…We’re done for now…” Suigetsu let loose a sigh of relief.

He moved forward and picked up his sword, sheathing it on his back. Sasuke shiethed his sword as well.

Looking up in the sky, Sasuke finally said, “Let’s camp here for the night and move at dawn.” They settled down and Sasuke was quickly asleep, Suigetsu lay there and think however.

Suigetsu remembers the time they went to Otogakure, mainly to get the Kusanagi to replace his other sword. It was a long journey, even after getting past the borderline due to remaining rogue ninja dotted here and there, however not much of a hassle when at the hands of Sasuke and he.

He also remembered what happened in the war.

Fifth Great Ninja War after Naruto headed to join Kakashi…

Sasuke stands awaiting for more troops to attack. Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin stand with him. Suigetsu rushes forward and dices some of the enemy warriors, getting occupied with more and more.

Karin starts pitching explosive-tagged kunai into the army. Suddenly, Sasuke is attacked from behind and he slides on the ground. Juugo feels the impulse to kill and transforms into his Cursed Mark stage.

Juugo crushes many soldiers, due to his intent to kill and to protect Sasuke. Three soldiers decided to blind-side Sasuke with the same attack that killed Kankuro. Sasuke whirrs around only to see his death flash before him. Juugo darted forward and jumped in front of him. The last words he spoke…

“Sasuke! I’ll protect you! The only other person who…Means something to me! At least I can die knowing I protected…YOU! SASUKE!”

Sasuke hid his tears as he jumped back and Juugo was consumed by the blast. Sasuke fell to his knees. The soldiers shot towards him and he released the Chidori Stream to kill them. Slamming his fist to the ground, he shouts Juugo’s name numerous times. Suigetsu and Karin appeared before him, having seen what happened. Suigetsu’s eyes and fist clenched and Karin felt liquid trickle slightly down her cheeks.

Sasuke stood up and charged into the army, clanging his sword with them, now having the intent to avenge his friend.

Present Time…

Suigetsu closed his eyes and drifted to sleep silently, the fire Sasuke had started popping and cracking, dying down slowly…

In a grassland…

Water twists and compresses around a fleeing figures leg and brings him to the ground. “Hmm…”

The figure explodes and the water is spewn in the grass. Kuchia appears behind Koukishi and punches him to the side. Another figure approaches him at a dash and throws a kick at him. Kuchia jumps up and lets the figure fly by. He releases a flurry of shuriken and takes it down. Two other figures approach him quickly and he easily takes them down with his skillful taijutsu.

One more figure approaches from the air and Kuchia activates his Sharingan. Jumping up, he kicks the figure in the side and performs the Primary Lotus on it. He slides to the side and huffs a bit.

A small round of applause erupts form the people he took down as they stand up unharmed. “You are very skilled Kuchia…I believe we need you in the Akatsuki…” One of the figures hands him a blue ring, and Kuchia sets in on his right middle finger.

“I’m ready.”

Hidden Lightning Village…

Team Iruka arrives at the Hidden Lightning Village gate. Iruka states their purpose for arrival and are let inside. Team Iruka makes their way to the Raikage Mansion.

Inside, they meet the Raikage.

Iruka steps forward. “Hello, we’re here on a recon mission to gather information on the theft of the Scroll of Hope that was in fat stolen from Kumogakure just days before.”

The Raikage stands up and starts to speak to Iruka and his team. “Speak to Omoi about it. He’s the one who witnessed and attempted to cease the theft. He should be on the roof. Shi, take them there.” Shi stepped inside and beckoned them to follow him. Team Iruka followed suit.

On the roof, Shi pointed to where Omoi was and Iruka met him there. “Omoi we’re here to…”

Omoi stopped him mid-sentence. “I know why your here.” He snapped his toothpick in half, chucked it and started chewing on another. “You’re here to gather information about the theft. Yeah, two of the other countries have already sent recon teams to find out stuff, so I apparently have no problem explaining, tsk. Anyway…” Omoi started to explain what happened. Iruka asked for a description of what the thief looked like and what type of ninjutsu he used and for any type of significant info about the thief.

Omoi sighed as he finished. “That’s all…I suppose we’re done here?” Omoi uncrossed his arms.

“Yes, thank you Omoi. Good day!” Team Iruka took their leave from the village.

On the way back, Sauno huffed. “He wasn’t in a very good mood, to say the least.”

“Well, he did say he’d had to explain it two times to the other countries, and he also traveled to the other three countries, and to top it off, he’s had three, including us, recon teams come ask for information. He’s probably had a very busy two-three days. And all that’s just what you put together. There’s also no telling how many times he’s had to speak about it to his Anbu team, and to their own village.”

Hizuka cut in. “And having to say the exact same things over and over again really can get on someone’s nerves.”

Iruka started again. “Exactly and he’s lucky he’s not someone who loses his temper well, even though keeping it in when it should come out for too long could be bad. Anyway, our mission is halfway complete. Let’s get back to the village and relay the info to Shikamaru.”

Hokage Mansion, Hokage Room…

Team Iruka stands in front of Shikamaru as Iruka hands the scroll he had written the information on to Shikamaru. “This is the data we collected from Omoi of the Hidden Lightning Village.”

Shikamaru scanned every word in the report and soon closed the scroll. “Thank you and…Mission Successful!”

Team Iruka beamed and the members left the Hokage Mansion, with their success in mind.

Karin stands in the middle of the field Sasuke and Suigetsu stood in the night before. She sensed Sasuke’s faint chakra and stomped a foot. She had missed them and she slapped herself for being so slow. “Dammit…Maybe I can track the trail of chakra.”

And with that, Karin started traveling in the direction Sasuke and Suigetsu ventured that morning.


Well, it’s over! And…Well, a more detailed chapter than the last…to say the least…

I’ve been a little dim the past few days so I didn’t have any great inspiration, dee-dum -.-‘

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! (My longest yeet *ahem*)

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