Tribute to White Beard – The Strongest man in the world!!!


Hey Guys this is Ahsan here, i know its late but that guy deserves this post . I don’t know about you guys but ill be honest here people whitebeards death had a greater impact on me than ace’s i mean i literally teared up . May be  it was just because Ace had already died so the impact was twice as hard and the gentle bodies of us one piece lovers hadn’t yet recovered enough to face the death of such a great guy … a guy who rightly deserves to be called






You know guys what made it even worse was that that what white beard had come here for , what he wanted to do , he failed in it .He wanted Ace to live on …. he wanted to save Ace … he failed … yes he did fail. Moreover this battle was like a symbolizing one   The-Worlds-Strongest-Pirates v.s The-Marines ??? guess what The worlds strongest pirates not only failed in there mission but also lost there leader , the worlds strongest man in the battle . Even though these loses were inevitable ,unstoppable for the story to move on and for our hero luffy to grow … still I’m still shocked and in awe at the fact that whitebeard pirates Completely lost ! i mean who died from the marines side ? which admiral ? The fact that White Beard died like this really makes it hurt 10X more …


What we came for … He the strongest man on earth couldn’t do it !!

Though as i stated above it may seem like he died for nothing actually that is wrong , rather that is just our feeling making us say all of this .. even though he couldn’t achieve what he wanted he took on the entire marine hq on for his son and died until last bit of his soul was in his body he saved his sons , that’s what mattered to him , saving his Family.Great Pirate Edward Newgate Saved his family and most importantly he saved luffy who Ace gave his life to protect so in a way he actually did save  ace :)  .We got to an interesting thing about whitebeard as a flash back  that he wanted family rather than treasure that’s a little odd for a pirate but hey , he was one heck of a pirate . In the end though he got his dream and i think got one of the biggest families I’ve ever seen and considering his huge size i can imagine how many women had to suffer …


About his death well the only thing i can say is wow i mean i don’t need to say it again do i ? half of his face blown off , many hundred times stabbed , many hundred times shot , hit with (if i remember correctly) some 40 canon balls   and not a single scratch on his back…i mean man seriously he really proved he was the strongest man in the world!!

As for Blackbeard i think i can safely say every one piece fan is cursing him right now and so am i that guy isn’t going to be “accepted” anytime soon…



(Artwork by Lakkae)


~ by Ahsan on March 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Tribute to White Beard – The Strongest man in the world!!!”

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  2. 2nd.

  3. YOSH!!! Awesome tribute Ahsan! Awesome AMVs!!! O_O

  4. WB > ALL

  5. You are right brother, I will miss old man too. )o:

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