Eyes of a Sage IV: Sasuke’s Offer

(Recap: When we last left, Danzou and Sai Uchiha had met with a shinobi from the Cloud Village.  While Sasuke and the rest of Taka had left an Akatsuki Hideout, behind Madara’s back, to find Danzou and Sai to offer them something…)

Somewhere in the Boundary between the Sound and the Lightning Country…

“Impressive.  That Uchiha can sense chakra almost as good as me.” exclaimed Karin.

“Yes, they are quite impressive.  That’s why you can’t underestimate them.” Jugo said concerningly.

“Whatever!  Remember when we first met, Sasuke?  I could have easily killed you.  And since you and Itachi are supposable the strongest Uchiha’s since Madara, I doubt these two will be very strong.”

“Suigetsu,” Sasuke began.  “you can go out in the open and attack them if you like.  But, if you get killed, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Fine.  I’ll wait.” Suigetsu said stubbornly.  He hated taking orders, and Sasuke wasn’t helping.  He was a Mist Ninja.  The most ruthless of ninja.  He was nicknamed, Little Demon Zabuza, by the rest of the Village.  If he didn’t get to kill someone soon, Taka was going to have problems…

.     .     .

“Sai, how many are there?” asked Danzou.  If this was an ambush, they needed to know how many.  With that number, they would be prepared…

“Four.  But, I can feel someone was following those four.”

“Thank you, Sai.  Now, come out you four!”

.     . .

“Okay, they asked us to come out!  Now I’m doing what they want!” Suigetsu barked!  He was fed up with Sasuke giving him orders.  He was doing what he wanted…

Suigetsu charged out of the trees’ Executioner’s Blade in hand.  With one swing, he chopped off Danzou’s head.  After that, he charged at Sai.  Just before he could kill Sai, Danzou grabbed Suigetsu’s sword…

“B… but how?!  I just chopped your head clean off!”  Suigetsu said, shocked.  That was impossible.  No one could survive that, not even Madara if  it had made actually contact.  Something was up…

“Well, I used a substitution.  Look back where my body would be laying.”  As he said that, Suigetsu looked back and saw a tree trunk.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I would like you and your friends to leave.  If you don’t, I will have to hurt you.”  Once he finished, the rest of Taka came out of the forest.  Sasuke stepped up to Suigetsu gave him the signal to fall back.  Suigetsu unwillingly stepped back…

“Hello.  I’m Sasuke Uchiha and this is my team, Taka.  I understand that you’re Uchiha’s too.  I also understand that the Leaf has made all Uchiha leave the village and become Missing-Nin.  So, I would like to, personally, induct you into the Akatsuki.”

“Oh, well, I’m Danzou Uchiha and this is my brother, Sai.  And, even thought your offer is very generous, we must decline.  I don’t want to be branded a criminal just because I’m in an organization that started The Fourth Great Shinobi War.”

“Well, I cannot force you, but, you have a few minutes to think it over.  So, please think about it.” said Sasuke.

A few minutes later…

“Have you changed your mind?”

“Yes, we have.  You have a point.  But, why do you want us?” asked Danzou.

“We want you because we need you two to kill Madara.  He will soon grow so powerful that he will no longer need us.  So, we need people that have exceptional skills to defeat him and end his rein of terror.  So, you have decided to come with us?” asked Jugo.

“Yes, we have.  We will do whatever we can to help kill Madara.  Since he was the reason that the Uchiha were banned from the Leaf, it would be my pleasure to personally kill him.” said Sai.

“Okay, then you must follow us.”  As he said it, Sasuke had turned and started to walk back to the hideout.  The rest of Taka, Danzou, and Sai soon began to follow him…

.     .     .

“Hmm, Sasuke is plotting to kill Madara.  Then I must show Madara this information.  Good thing I “recorded” their conversation.”  Zetsu said as he disappeared into the tree he had melded with…

About an hour later…

“We’re here.” Sasuke whispered as he made a hand seal.  Once he was that was done, he pushed his palm to the giant rock blocking the entrance.  A blast of chakra flew past everyone, knocking a few trees down in the midst.  The rock then began to slowly move to the side, showing the opening.  It was true, the Akatsuki really did pull out all the stops just to get into their hideouts…

In the Leaf Village…

“Okay, I’ve learned from Genko Aburame that Akatsuki have been trying to recruit members and have been successful with 3 people.  Those people are Danzou and Sai Uchiha, and a man named Reibun.  Danzou and Sai are from our very own village, while Reibun is from the Waterfall Village.  Danzou and Sai have the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan Kekkei Genkai.  Reibun has a very interesting Kekkei Genkai.  His Kekkei Genkai is Kakuzu’s of the very same village.  Naruto, you remember Kakuzu don’t you?”

“Yes, Lord Hokage.  He is the first person to ever be hit by my Rasenshuriken.” said Naruto.

“Well, he has the same Kekkei Genkai.  So, we must be very cautious.  On our mission, we will have Hashirama Senju AKA the First Hokage, Genko Aburame, Grena Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Ikusa Hyuga, Negi Hyuga, Zetsumei and Seimei Senju, Deru and Ured Inuzuka, Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee, and me.” said Kakashi AKA the Sixth Hokage.

“Let’s head out!” said Hashirama.

“Okay!” everyone said in unison…

Deep inside the Nara Forest…

“Hehe.  Finally, Akatsuki will see that Hidan is truely the strongest Akatsuki member to ever live!  I just hope he has lived through all of this.

“OH MY F***ING GOD!!!  I CAN FINALLY BREATHE!!!  THANK YOU, CHISHIO, MY LOVE!!” Hidan said as he burst in delight!  He was saved, and by his former lover, no doubt.  After 12 years, he was finally free!  now he could get his revenge on that Nara kid and the rest of Akatsuki…

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  1. 1st lovin it 🙂

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