Eyes of a Sage V: Water v. Ink

(Recap:  When we last left, Danzou and Sai Uchiha had just accepted Sasuke’s offer to be in Akatsuki.  Meanwhile, Naruto and Co. had just been given the mission to kill Madara and capture Sasuke…)

“We have a long mission ahead of us.  Let’s start this right and go in groups of four, one of the four being one of my Ninja Hounds.  Group 1 will be Naruto, Zetsumei, Seimei, and Bull.”  Kakashi said as he began to run the names off.  They had already left the village before Kakashi spoke again…

“Be careful.  Remember, these are Akatsuki.  Sasuke and his team have swore allegiance to Madara.  So have Zetsu and Reibun.  If you let your guard down for even a second, you could be dead.”

“Got it!” everyone says in unison.

In the Akatsuki Hideout…

“That’s right.  Taka and the two others are planning to kill you.  If you’d like, you could look at the ‘recording’.” Zetsu said.

“Hmm.  I had a feeling Sasuke was turning on me.  Now my suspicions have been proven true.  Oh well, that only means I have to teach my new pupil quicker.”  Madara said, activating his Sharingan in the process.

“What do you suppose we do?”

“We just sit back and relax as I teach Sasuke a lesson.”  Madara glowered.  His Sharingan changed to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Somewhere else in the hideout…

Danzou, Sai, and Taka are walking down a narrow corridor…

“Where are we going, Sasuke?” asked Jugo.  Jugo was at Sasuke’s side 24/7.  And he had never seen this hallway before.  Something was up…

“We’re going to the Room of Fate.  And no, you’ve never seen it before.  I’ve only been there once.  It’s the place where you are officially inducted to Akatsuki.  If you fate is denied, you are killed.  But, if your fate is accepted, you live to see another day.  Many potential members die here.”

As they got closer, the hallway became larger.  As they walked through the door, Sai’s eyes became Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan’s.  He immediately attacked Suigetsu…

“Suigetsu!  Duck!  Sai is trying to kill you!” Karin screamed as Sai slashed at Suigetsu with his katana.

“Wh-” Suigetsu stopped as soon as he saw Sai’s blade.  He immediately grabbed his sword and blocked him…

“Jugo. Karin. Danzou.  Stay back.  We must let Suigetsu win on his own.  If we interfere, he will never learn to listen to authority.  Also, Sai is being controlled by Madara.  I saw his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.  I also saw Madara’s Chakra flowing in Sai.  This is Suigetsu time to learn if he was really able to become a Swordsman  of the Mist.” demanded Sasuke.

As Sasuke finished, Suigetsu’s and Sai’s blades connected, throwing sparks everywhere.  Suigetsu made his arm water and sent it flying after Sai.  Sai jumped over it and took out a scroll.  He took a paintbrush from his pocket and began drawing…

“What are you doing!   We’re in the middle of a battle!  God, you’re just like that Jinchuriki from the Cloud Village.”

“Shut up.  Ink Style: Carnival of Ink!”  As Sai said that, dozens of Carnival Animals flew out of the scroll, gaining size by the second.  By the time they were near Suigetsu, there were already double the size of a Grizzly Bear.  As they approached Suigetsu, he used Water Style: Water Bullet.  Three Ink Beasts melted at the place they were standing.  The others charged at Suigetsu.  Suigetsu backed into a wall.  If he didn’t attack, he’d be killed… by ink!  So, Suigetsu threw his sword and it flew through the air.  It cut one of the monsters in half, making the top half the body topple over onto the floor…

In a inn in the Fire Country…

“So, Tobi was actually Madara Uchiha.  We-.  Give that to me!” Hidan said as he grabbed a piece of chicken off of Chishio’s plate.  He needed nourishment, bad.

“Well, I was going to say yes anyways.  So, what was it like, in the hole I mean.” asked Chishio.

“It was f***ing torture.  Not being able to kill made Jashin so angry.  He kept me alive to suffer.  I was surprised he let me live for twelve more years.”

“Well, Karma gets ya, even you, Hidan.”

“I wonder if I should tell him about his son.  No, he might react badly and run off.  I’ll wait until he’s ready.” thought Chishio.  She didn’t want her son to feel as if his father didn’t love him…

Back at the battle between Suigetsu and Sai…

The battlefield has been turned to rubble.  Suigetsu was panting himself into a early grave.  Not having his water bottle didn’t help him in this battle.  As Sai began to walk towards Suigetsu, to deliver the final blow, Suigetsu fainted.  But, Sai kept walking.  Sasuke was startled by this and sped towards him.  Just as Sai’s sword began to descend, Sasuke hand caught Sai’s.  Just then, Sai’s eyes changed back to normal…

“Woah.  What just happened?”

“I’ll tell you while we’re in the Room of Fate.” said Sasuke.

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