Eyes of a Sage VI: Union of Fate ~ Part I

(Recap:  When we last left, Madara played a game with Sasuke and made Sai battle Suigetsu.  Ultimately, Sai won.  Meanwhile, Hidan told Chishio of his time in the hole, while she thought about telling Hidan of his son…)

Sasuke walked into the Room of Fate.  As he walked in, the room filled with a eerie glow.  The rest walked in.

“Is this… the Room?” asked Suigetsu, barely able to spit the words out.

“Yes, Suigetsu.  You, Karin, Jugo, and Reibun will also have to accept your fates in here.” Sasuke said.

“Okay.  But, I don’t understand.  If we’ve been in Akatsuki for 13 years, why do we have to?” Karin asks, dumb struck

“You must go through the Fate’s test.  If you don’t, you will begin to get weaker.  It’s probably why you lost to Sai.  Now come.”

As they gathered in the middle of the room, Sasuke used a Chidori to make the metal in the weapons attract to him.  As he made his Chidori stronger, the weapons flew at him.

“Just a precaution.  If you aren’t accepted, you might attack us.  Now, Karin is first.”

Karin stepped to the exact middle of the room.  As she did this, a surge of Chakra exploded from the ground beneath her.

“Wh- what’s happening?!”

“It’s okay, it’s looking at your Chakra, if it isn’t sinister enough, the last person to be accepted, me, must kill you.”

As she calmed herself, she started to glow red.

“What does red mean?” she asked.

“It means you must die.  Sorry Karin.” said Sasuke.  He charged towards her, slashing her in half.

“Bu- but Sasuke.  I, I… love you!” yelled Karin.  It was all she could say, before her body went limp and her pulse stopped.

“Okay, it’s your turn Jugo.”  Jugo walked up to the middle and the explosion began.  In a matter of seconds, the explosion of Chakra had ended and Jugo began to glow green.

“What does green mean?”

“It means you live, for now.”

At Mount Myobokuzan…

“Naruto, are you ready for your finally lesson?  You must learn it now, or never.  I say this because you have to get back to your team before Madara strikes.” Fukasaku said.

“Yes, I’m ready.  But, I have to tell you, I’m not going back to my team.  I told them I’m leaving the village.  I’m not a missing-nin, I just can’t stay there.  I can’t risk killing dozens of people for the stupid Nine-Tailed Fox!”

“Okay.  I respect your decision.  Now, to do this lesson.  You must remain completely still, just like you do when you gather Sage Chakra.  But, instead of gathering it, you’re going to let me unleash all your Chakra.”

“Okay, but wouldn’t that unleash the Nine-Tails, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, but only momentarily.  I’m doing this because we need to find all potential Sage’s.”


“Because the Great Toad Sage received a prophecy yesterday.  It said, ‘You’re child, Fukasaku, will teach a man named Naruto Uzumaki.  Naruto will be the Father Sage.  But, he will bring forth a war that will decide the fate of your world.'”

“So, I will become the Father Sage?  And I will bring forth a war?  Well isn’t that just awesome?” Naruto said, sarcastically.

“Yes, and the war will be between the Sage’s and the Demon’s.”

“The… Demon’s.  I thought they were just a myth.”

“That’s what I thought, until I heard the prophecy.  I can’t tell you anymore of the prophecy, for I will be killed by Gamabunta.  I swore to secrecy.”

“Okay.  But, how would unlocking my Chakra help us find potential Sage’s?”

“Well, as the prophecy said, you shall become the Father Sage.  That has already happened.  The Father Sage has the most powerful power in nature.  He has a connection to every living thing.  Whether it be trees, grass, people, animals, even Demon’s.  With that connection, you have a even more powerful connection to Sage’s and Potential Sage’s.  Your connection is so powerful, you can see who they are, where they are, and what they’re thinking.  As Father sage, you must find all Potential Sage’s back here and teach them.  For now, we need to find the most powerful.  You’ll know who it is because his or her bubble will be the largest.  Now, please let me release your Chakra.”

“Okay.”  With that, Fukasaku made a hand seal and pushed his palm against Naruto’s stomach.  As he did that, Naruto’s Chakra flooded from every pore of his body.  He began to see all the Potential Sage’s, as there are no other Sage’s at the moment.  He saw a boy around 14 years old.  Then he realized, the boys bubble was the biggest.  He also noticed he had the Rinnegan!

“Damn!  Fukasaku, we need to leave, now!”

“Why, have you found them?!”

Yes!  And he has the Rinnegan!  We can’t let him become like Nagato!  Let’s go!  I’ll use a Reverse Summon.”  With that, Naruto used Reverse Summon and they were transported to a desert.

“Oh no.  This isn’t good, not good at all.”

“What’s wrong?”

“We’re in the middle of a desert, there’s no natural energy here.  If there’s no natural energy, then we can’t use Sage Mode to help him.”

That’s not good.  Because, he’s in the middle of a fight!  See?”  As Naruto said that, Fukasaku turned to see the boy fighting 3 shinobi and 1 kunochi.

“Leave him alone!” yelled Naruto, Rasengan in hand.

“Stay out of this!” said the Kunochi.  She then began to charge at Naruto.  Fukasaku jumped into her way and used Wind Style: Ferocious Wind, sending her flying.

“You just messed with the wrong person.  Wind Style: Vacuuming Hurricane!”  The Jutsu made Fukasaku fly into the air, all the while cutting him with the Chakra fused with the wind.  The Jutsu ended, making Fukasaku fall to the ground.

“No!  Lord Fukasaku!  Summoning: Gamaken!”  Gamaken appeared in a puff of smoke, under Fukasaku, just as he plummeted to the ground.

“Thank you Naruto, and Gamaken.  You guys fight the other 3, I’ll fight this girl.”

“Okay” said Naruto.

“Yes, Lord Fukasaku.” Gamaken added.

Back at the Inn…

“Hidan, we have to leave.  You want your revenge on Madara, right?” Chishio said.

“Yes, but I’m hungry!  Why leave now?”

“Because we’ve been eating for 5 hours.  It’s time to call it quits.  Besides, I have to tell you something.  And, no one here can hear it.  Now come on.”


Twenty minutes later…

“WHAT!?!?  I’M A FATHER!?!?!?!?”

“Yes, but you can;t freak out like this when you meet him.”

“When am I meeting him!?”



Chishio sighed.  “I knew this would happen.”

In the Room of Fate…

“Well, Jugo, Reibun, and Suigetsu have been made Akatsuki members.  Now it’s down to Danzou and Sai.  Danzou, step up.” said Sasuke, bored.

Like the ones before him, Chakra swirled around Danzou.  The Chakra disappeared.  He then began to glow green.

“You live.  Now Sai.” said Sasuke.

Just as Danzou, the Chakra exploded.  It disappeared, and Sai glowed… red.

“NO!!!!!  I won’t let you kill me!” screamed Sai.

“Sorry Sai, but I have to do this.  Amaterasu!” said Danzou.  As the black flames of Amaterasu burned Sai, he screamed in agony.  Before 30 seconds were up, Sai’s body was burnt to nothing.

“I’m sorry to make you kill your brother, Danzou.” said Jugo.  Jugo knew his pain.  He only knew because of his own brother, Kugo, who he had killed.

Back with Naruto and Co…

“Yes!  Fukasaku killed the woman!” Naruto yelled with joy.

“Well, we need to help that boy.” said Gamaken.

“Yes, you’re right.  Let’s get ’em!”

Before they could do anything, the boy yelled to them, “Stay back!  I am Kuza of the Rinnegan!  I can not be defeated!”

~ by Noneatencookie on March 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Eyes of a Sage VI: Union of Fate ~ Part I”

  1. 1st i really loving this fic ptc 😀

  2. 2nd! Great fanfic, but I think Karin and Sai’s deaths were a bit rushed. They should have been longer, maybe even with a fight.

  3. now that you brought it up dragon actually the fic is really great but i have also had just this feeling of rushing almost through out the fic

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