Eyes of a Sage VII: Union of Fate ~ Part II

(Recap: Within the Room of Fate, while Jugo, Reibun, Suigetsu, and Danzou were accepted, Sai and Karin weren’t.  With Naruto, he revealed he defected from the Leaf.  Fukasaku then begins to train Naruto again, but before they can do any real training, a Potential Sage named Kuza has appeared.  With Hidan, he finds out from Chishio that he has a son…)

In the Room of Fate…

“Well, you four have been selected to be in the Akatsuki.  But, I must warn you, this will be hard.  We have one other member that has already been through the Room.  Now, follow me and you will get your Akatsuki Cloaks.” Sasuke said as he waved for them.

As they walked through the corridors, Suigetsu became nervous.  He saw what had happened to Sai and Karin, and he didn’t want that to be him…

Jugo stared at Reibun, puzzled.  He couldn’t decide whether to trust him, or be careful and not put his life in Reibun’s hands.

Danzou silently weeped.  He never wanted to kill Sai, but if he didn’t, Sasuke would kill him and Sai.  He felt so selfish.  He was always saying that Sai was just as important as him.  But, if he killed him, he was just proving he wasn’t.  His conscience was telling him that it was wrong and he should have let Sasuke kill them both, while his selfish side told him if he ever wanted to live, he must kill.

With Naruto and Co…

“Wind Style: Palm Blast!” screamed Naruto, slamming his palms together, creating a giant wave of Wind Chakra.  The wave blew all three ninjas back forty meters.  Before they could make a move, Kuza used Lightning Style: High Voltage to electrocute them, while Gameken used Water Style: Water Bullet, creating a massive explosion of electrified water-covered ninja.  As the smoke cleared, the largest of the three stood up and pulled up his sleeve, to reveal… a snake summoning symbol!

“Ha ha!  Now you’ll pay for killing my fellow ninja!  Controlled Summoning: Manda!”  As he yelled this, he bit his thumb and smeared the blood on his arm, ending at the head of the snake tattoo.  Then, Manda appeared, but he didn’t look like himself, he looked dead…

Naruto began to run towards the giant snake, but before he got more than 10 feet from where he started, Fukasaku stopped him.

“Don’t get closer.  It’s a corpse.  It has a corrosive a Chakra around it.  If you get to close to the Chakra, it’ll kill you.  You need to use a long range attack.  I know having an affinity for wind makes you a short to mid range fighter.  But, you have a few long range attacks.”

“Yeah, I’ll use Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!  It’s perfect.  Kuza, I need you to distract him though.  If he watches me as I do it, he’ll easily dodge it, but if he’s distracted by you, he won’t pay attention to me, giving me a better chance of killing him.  Can you do that for me?” Naruto said, making his plan as he goes.

“Yes, but what do you want me to do exactly?”


With Hidan and Chishio…

“So, let me get this straight.  I am the father of a 14 year old boy named Koukishi?  He’s also immortal, like me?  And he hates fighting?” asked Hidan.  He didn’t want a son.  Especially one that hates fighting.

“Yes.  But, if he knew what his father was, maybe he’d like to fight, like me and you.” said Chishio, emphasizing the ‘what’.

“I guess.  But, if I have to live with him, he has to kill someone.  You got it?”

“Yes, I do.” she said concerningly.

Back at the Naruto and Co v. Manda…

“Thank you, Lord Kuza, you really helped us out.” said Fukasaku.  He wanted Kuza to come back to Mount Myobokuzan so he could train to be a True Sage.

“You’re welcome, Lord Fukasaku.  But, I should be thanking you.  It was my fight and I would have died if it hadn’t been been for you and Naruto.”

“Don’t forget about me!” said Gamaken, feeling left out.

“Oh, sorry Gamaken, I forgot to send you back to Mount Myobokuzan.  Here you go.”  With a puff of smoke, Gamaken was gone.  “Uh, Kuza.” Naruto continued, “We have a question to ask.  Would you please come to the Mountain and train to be a Sage?”

“Uh, what’s a Sage?” Kuza asked, puzzled.

“A Sage is someone that it one with nature.  They gather natural energy and turn it into Sage Chakra, which let’s you go into Sage Mode, a transformation that increases your power, speed, etc.” Fukasaku explained.

“Uh, sure.  But, I need to find out who ordered these people to attack me.”

“I know who.  It was Kabuto Yakushi.  He’s a medical-nin who can revive dead souls.”

“Then we must find him!” Kuza urged.

“Yes, so let’s go, I’ve already located him.  He’s somewhere on a mountain called Mount Karagi.”

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