Eyes of a Sage VIII: Union of Fate ~ Conclusion

(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Co. had just defeated the three ninja, only to learn that Kabuto Yakushi was behind the attack.  Meanwhile, Danzou was debating whether or not to kill himself, while Jugo gets a bad feeling about Reibun.  With Hidan, he and Chishio were on their way to see their son, Koukishi…)

At  Mount Karagi…

Naruto Reverse Summoned Kuza, Fukasaku, and him there.  The mountain was huge, much larger than Mount Myobokuzan.  With Orochimaru’s power, it’s only natural to have a gigantic mountian dedicated to your name…

“Oh my god!  It’s huge!  How will we find Kabuto?” asked Kuza, shocked by the mountains size.

“I’ve already located him.  He’s deep inside the mountain.  He’s also heavily guarded.  Twenty ninja stand in our way.” Naruto said.

“Whoa!  You can see all that with your Sage Mode?!”

“Yes, I can.  And you could too, if you join me at Mount Myobokuzan.”

“Okay.  I’ve made up my mind.  After we destroy Kabuto, I’ll come with you.”

“Great.  Now, let’s go in.” said Fukasaku, hopping up to the opening in the mountain.

With Sasuke and Co…

Sasuke, Suigetsu, Jugo, Reibun, and Danzou walk into a large room with a oval shaped table in the center.  Sitting at the table was Madara and Zetsu.

“Well, we’re all here.  What’s our new mission?” grunted Suigetsu.

“You’re mission is the same as your very first mission as part of Akatsuki.  You must find and capture the Eight-Tailed Ox.” Madara snickered.

“But, the last time we fought Killer Bee, Sasuke almost died… twice!  You can’t expect us to win this time!” shrieked Jugo.  Without Karin, Sasuke would die…

“It’s been twelve years.  You have grown much stronger since then.  I know you can do it.” Madara said.

“Whatever.  There is no way that Killer Bee guy will beat me twice.” Sasuke spoke, half-heartedly.  He wanted to believe that he could beat Killer Bee, but he wasn’t sure.

“Well, you’ve been assigned a mission.  Take it, or die.”

“I choose to accept.”

“Great.  You’re dismissed.”

As they left, Madara started to whisper to Zetsu…

“Do you really think they can beat the Fifth Raikage, Killer Bee?” asked Zetsu.

“Of course not.  But, with Sasuke trying to kill me, it’s perfect.  Having been twelve years since he had the Curse Mark, Jugo won’t be able to save him.  His plan will be foiled.  It’s perfect!”

“And, is Reibun in on the plan.  Or is he going to die with Taka?”

“Reibun’s in on it.  He’ll ‘try’ to help Sasuke, but he gets ‘knocked out’ and Sasuke dies.”

“How evil.  But, what could you expect from the evilest person alive?”

Madara chuckles at Zetsu’s comment.

At Mount Karagi…

“Wow Naruto!  You beat all of them within seconds!  Your training has really worked.  Now let’s get Kabuto.” Fukasaku said, amazed.

With Hidan and Chishio…

“When are we going to get there?!” asked Hidan, annoyed.

“We’re here.” Chishio told him.

As they go into the house, a boy walks up to them.

“Who’s this?”

“Hidan, this is Koukishi.  Koukishi, this is Hidan.  He’s your father.”

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