Eyes of a Sage IX: Hell Comes in the Form of Voltage

(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Co. had infiltrated Mount Karagi, Kabuto Yakushi’s hideout.  New Taka had just been assigned to capture Killer Bee, someone they previously lost to.  With Hidan, he finally meets his son, Koukishi…)

Sasuke walked into the Unraiyoku Valley, the place he last fought Killer Bee.  Everything was so nostalgic.  Everything was the same as last.  The giant crater in the middle (Courtesy of Jugo.)  Unlike the scene, the battle wouldn’t end the same…

“We’re here.  Be on alert.  Remember, he’s now the Fifth Raikage.  The Kage is always the strongest ninja in the village.” he said, having already activated his Mangekyo Sharingan.

He’d never show it, but his sight was practically gone.  Having used his Susano’o against the Kage’s and Danzou twleve years ago, plus when he and Naruto confronted each other.  This could be the last time he ever saw the light of day…

“Sasuke!  I hear something.  It sounds like Killer Bee rapping.” Jugo whispered, directing Sasuke towards the sound.

“He’s in that cave again.  Suigetsu and Danzou, you take the right.  Jugo and Reibun, you take the left.  I’ll take the center.  Now scatter!”

The groups attacked Bee, surprising him.  Suigetsu slashed him with his sword, creating a huge gash in his side.  Then Reibun used Wind Release: Wind Palm Explosion, sending a shockwave towards Bee.  Bee dodges but get’s caught in Danzou’s Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu.  It blasts Bee into the wall of the cave, making the cave wall crack.  Before Danzou can use another attack, Bee appears in front of him and uses Lightning Release: High Voltage.  The electrical blast explodes in Danzou’s face, sending him towards a spike on the side of the cave.  The spike drives through Danzou’s back, impaling his heart in the proccess…

“Sasuke, take my eyes.  I can see that the Chakra around your eyes has depleted.  If you don’t take my eyes, you’ll go blind.  So, take them as a sign of respect.”

Sasuke was shocked, no one had ever showed him this much affection, except his mother and brother.  He instictivly reached for eyes, but before he could reach them, Bee grabbed them and threw a sword at Sasuke.  Sasuke, not having much eyesight, get’s hit in his bicep.  He yells in pain, snapping out of his trace.

“You’ll never get these eyes!” Bee yelled, trying to figure out a good word to rhyme with ‘eyes’.  While he was distracted, Suigetsu attacked him, and once his sword struck Bee’s thigh, Sasuke appeard next to Suigetsu and grabbed the hilt of Suigetsu’s sword.

“Suigetsu, release your sword.  I’m going to zap Bee into Hell.” Sasuke said.  Suigetsu released the sword and as soon as he did that, Sasuke yelled, “Lightning Release: Thousands Volts of Hell!”  Since the sword was stuck into his thigh, Bee went down like a potato.  Jugo picked up his fried body, put over his shoulder and began to carry him.

~ by Noneatencookie on April 1, 2010.

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