Eyes of a Sage XI: Sasuke’s Demise

(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Kuza had found Kabuto and had begun to battle.  While Kuza fought Kabuto, Naruto fought a man named Genkimaro, the sole survivor of the Kaguya Clan.  With Taka, the Mist Hunter-Nin had found them and began to battle.  The leader, Tenshi Hyuga, had easily defeated Suigetsu, but now has to fight Sasuke.  With Hidan, he and his son, Koukishi, sparred, with niether being the victor…)

At Sasuke v. Tenshi…

“Well, I believe this will end quickly.  Susano’o!”  Sasuke said as Susano’o appeared in full powered form.

“Well, this must be Sasuke Uchiha, or as he’s known in the Mist Village, Sasuke of the Susano’o.  Even with that, you won’t last long against me.” Tenshi said.

“Hmph!”  With that, Sasuke made Susano’o aim at Tenshi with his crossbow.  “Fire!!”  Susano’o released the arrow, which shot dead on.  Tenshi started to spin and used Rotation.

“Damn the Hyuga.  Well, I’ll still win.  Susano’o, keep firing!”  With that, Susano’o kept firing and reloading his crossbow.  Tenshi barely manages to dodge the first two, but is hit on his side by the third.  “Perfect!”  Sasuke said.  Now, I will end this befor-”  Before he could finish his sentence, his vision fade.  He had gone blind!

“Oh s***!  I can’t see!  Susano’o, you have to be my eyes.”  Sasuke yelled.

“Perfect!  Now I can kill him!” Tenshi thought.

“Now, Eight Trigrams: Tempest Dance of Infinity!”  Tenshi dashed up to Sasuke and used Air Palm to destroy the barrier around Sasuke that the Susano’o created.  Then he jabbed at the Sasuke, moving around before Sasuke can hit him.  As he finished he said to himself, “358, 359, 360, 361!!!!”  Sasuke fell to the ground as Susano’o faded.

“Bu… but how did you defeat me?”

“You and the rest of the Uchiha are all much too cocky.  You believe that you are more important and more special than anyone else.  That’s how I won.”

As Sasuke began to close his eyes, finally finding peace, Reibun appears at his side and stabs his hand through his back.  Once he brings his hand out of Sasuke, he pulls out his heart and implants in into himself…

“Why did you do that!?” Tenshi asked, shocked.

“I did it because Lord Madara ordered me to.  Sorry Sasuke.” Reibun replied.  He walk towards Suigetsu and put him on his shoulder.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I must take your Angel’s Eyes.  Please just hand them over.”  Reibun began to walk back to Tenshi, but a Hunter-Nin appears in front of him and uses Hidden Mist Jutsu, rendering Reibun blind.

“Fine, I’ll just leave with Suigetsu.”  As he said this, he walked towards to woods and disappeared.

“Don’t worry Captain Tenshi, I’ll get you out o-” the Hunter-Nin began to say, but Jugo jump towards him.

“How dare you kill Sasuke.  I cannot forgive you for that!  Die!!”  He lunged at the Hunter-Nin.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you kill Captain Tenshi.  Water Release: Grand Water Torrent!”  Before Jugo could stop, he was hit with that Jutsu and was covered in a torrent of water.  Within seconds, Jugo’s body was ripped apart and dismembered.  He was dead before his head it the ground.  The Hunter-Nin grabbed Tenshi and began to walk in the direction of  Kirigakure…

~ by Noneatencookie on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Eyes of a Sage XI: Sasuke’s Demise”

  1. Sasuke’s death?!?!?!?!?!?

    Awesome fanfic man. Oh, FIRST!!!!!!!

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