Eyes of a Sage XII/XIII: A New Era is on the Horizon!

(Recap: When we last left, Sasuke had met his fate when he died at the hands of Reibun.  Reibun took Suigetsu (The only remaining member of Taka) back to the Akastuki Hideout…)

Chapter XII: On the Horizon

With Reibun…

“Suigetsu!  Hurry!  We need to get to Madara before he gets upset.” Reibun said with a hint of fear in his eye.

“Whatever, Reibun!  I don’t take orders from anyone!  Not you, Sasuke, and especially not Madara!” Suigetsu replied.

“Whatever, Suigetsu.  When Madara finds out, there will be hell to pay.”

They went silent…

With Naruto…

“You, Naruto Uzumaki, are the toughest person I’ve ever fought.  It’ll be an honor to kill you.”  Genkimaro snickered.

“No, I will not die and neither will you!” Naruto replied.  His power was incredible!  In all of the battles Genkimaro had fought, he had never seen people with this much chakra.  He would have to use his most grand technique, the Iron Bone…

Naruto dashed at him, at a speed so incredible it was almost invisible to the normal eye.  Naruto extended his arm, though it grew longer and wider as it stretched.  He slammed his palm down on Genkimaro’s back…

… and the pain was excruciating.

When he lifted his hand, it was bleeding!  He never bled when he was in a transformation.  He looked at Genkimaro, his back full of long sharp bones.

“Are you wondering why your hand hurts?  It’s because of my Iron Bone Technique.  It makes my bones harder than they can be with my Kekkei Genkai.  You can’t beat me.  You can’t even hurt me!”

Naruto quickly analyzed the situation.  His options: Option 1 – Die at the hands of Genkimaro; Option 2 – Sacrifice himself along with Genkimaro; or Option 3 – Transform into his full Nine-Tailed Fox Form.  He chose…

… Option 3.

The ground began to tremble.  The chakra erupted from Naruto.  His tails grew.  He grew, to the size of the mountain.  Before too long, he was the Nine-Tailed Fox!

Genkimaro, stunned by how powerful Naruto truly was, was taken aback.  He would have to try though.  He raced toward the towering beast.  Naruto tried to slam his paw on Genkiamro, but his size made him slower.  Genkimaro raced up his leg.  The leg, it was so… full of chakra.  He could feel the chakra radiating from underneath the skin.  But, he had to focus.  He jumped up to Naruto’s face, creating a drill of bone on his arm.  He aimed and yelled, “Clematis Dance: Flower!”…

… But Naruto was too fast.

He transformed back to himself.  Before Genkimaro could react, Naruto Reverse Summoned Genkimaro and himself to Mount Myobokuzan.  When Genkimaro opened his eyes, he saw a paradise of plants and amphibians.  Genkimaro was shocked.  How had he got there?

“Where am I?!  Where have you taken me?!” Genkimaro yelled, infuriated that he had been outsmarted.

“You are at Mount Myobokuzan, the valley of the toads.  Welcome.” Naruto replied.

“Why am I here?”

“You are here because you have so much potential.  You should train here and become a Sage.  You would be even stronger.  Besides, do you really want to take orders from Kabuto?”

“No, and, because you spared me when you could have killed me, I will become a Sage as a token of my appreciation.”

“Excellent!  Well, I’m sorry but I cannot stay.  I must help my friend.”

“I understand,” he lied.  He had never had a real friend.  Now, he did.  Naruto Uzumaki.

“Thank you.  Fukasaku, please take care of him.”  With that, Naruto disappeared.

With Kuza…

The field they started  at was in ruins.  There was all but life in the area.  Kuza, barely being able to breathe, spoke up.

“Kabuto, how ’bout we end this battle.  Once and for all?” Kuza asked.

“Fine with me.” Kabuto replied.

The both made hand signs.  The must have weaved those for a few moments, because Kabuto had weaved 40 hands signs!  The prepared to release their jutsu.  Finally, the both yelled…

“Ying Yang Release: Seal!” said Kuza.

“Snake Technique: Snake Bath!!” Kabuto yelled back.

Kabuto’s attack met Kuza’s.  Kabuto’s jutsu was sealed.  Kuza disappeared.

Where is he?! Kabuto thought to himself.

Suddenly, Kuza appeared in front of Kabuto.

“Ying Yang Seal: Release!” Kuza yelled.  The snakes from Kabuto’s jutsu attacked Kabuto.  In seconds, there was nothing left but a empty skull.

After awhile, Naruto appeared beside Kuza.

“Where’s Kabuto?” he asked.

“Dead.” Kuza replied, pointing at the empty skull next to him.

“Hmm.  I see.  Do you want to go to Mount Myobokuzan now?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

With that, they disappeared.

Chapter XIII: New Era (Epilouge)

At the Akatsuki Hideout…

“Lord Madara.  I have killed Sasuke, like you asked.  The only member of Taka left is Suigetsu.”

“Good job, Reibun.  Since you have accomplished this remarkable feat, I pronounce you the new leader of Akatsuki.”

“Thank you, Lord Madara!  I promise I won’t let you down!” Reibun exclaimed.

“Lord Madara, how many Akatsuki members are there now?” Zetsu asked, finally speaking up.

“There are five, if you count yourself as two people.  But, we have more people waiting to become part of Akatsuki.” said Madara, his Sharingan looking more red than ever.

At Mount Myobokuzan…

“Lord Fukasaku, where is Naruto?” Kuza asked.

“I’m not sure, but he had a feeling you’d ask that.  So, he wrote you a note.”  Fukasaku handed Kuza the note.  Kuza opened the folding…

Dear Kuza,

I’m sorry that I cannot see your training through to the end.

I’ve gone back to my village.

They have sent me a message of distress.

Akatsuki is rising again and I am needed.

I promise to check up on you whenever I can.

With hope,

“The Father Sage” Naruto Uzumaki

“Well, what does it say?” Fukasaku asked.

“It says Naruto won’t be coming back for awhile.” Kuza said as a tear welled up in his eye.  He rubbed his eye and smiled.

In the newly formed Yamagakure…

“Jinkoku, where are you?!” a woman yelled.

“I’m right here, momma!” Jinkoku yelled back, running up to his mother.

“Jinkoku Mazuka, when will you learn to not go into that forest?!”

“Sorry, momma.  I heard a noise and went to see.  Sorry if I scared you.”

“It’s alright.  Now come in, it’s time for dinner.”

As Jinkoku walked into the house, he saw a wolf with fur that looked like it was a dancing wave.  It vanished as Jinkoku turned to the house, leaving the door open behind him…

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  1. Great fanfic! Can’t wait for the next episode, if there is a sequel…

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