Does Bleach has any hope of recovery?


Any Hope ?

Hey guys its Ahsan ,today i decided to take a look at the continuous erosion that bleach has been going through.It has almost been completely eroded of it Epicness that began and ended with the “rescue rukia” arc.From Variant power levels to Unacceptable Battle Endings , from no-plot to Stupid art! , what is there that Bleach doesn’t have ! To begin the post id say ill only refer to the most recent events in the manga , as only they are enough to show how Tite kubo has been literally shooting himself over the past few months or years. …

image by shiroifushicho

Zaraki Kenpachi , the last time we saw him he saved ichigo’s ass and was almost cut to half by that nnoitra the 8th espada. And we see him after a few chapters slashing up Yammy the number 0 espada ,technically the most strongest one there and kenpachi is slashing him up with one hand !

Aizen After Absorbing the Hogyouku

Sosuke Aizen perhaps the one who writes bleach. kubo has so far shown us that by putting the hogyouku on his chest Aizen got powers that are beyond “reality” . The way i see it is that Kubo is still thinking how on earth can he give Aizen all these powers that he practically beat up

1- all Captains (present in fake karakura town)
3-Captain Commander
4-Urahara kisuke ( about whom Aizen himself said that he was smarter than him)
5-Ichigo’s dad and yourichi

if we just forget about how Aizen got the powers and stuff for a minute and look at what Kubo is planning ahead it doesn’t look any better either . Apparently a guy who took down all the people mentioned above is to be defeated by a raitsu depleted Isshin and an Ichigo who has trained for some 2000 more hours . Does Tite Really except us to eat this shit ?
Captain commander and captains who trained for thousands of years couldn’t beat him and ichigo with 2000 hours of training is supposed to beat Aizen ? just amazing at how retarded kubo can get . From my point of view if things carry on like this Bleach isn’t going anywhere except down. Kubo needs to wake up and make a real “plot” and balance “power levels” . For all we know kon is going to wake up tomorrow get a bankai and defeat Aizen . i included a poll to see what you guys have to say about it and also don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments !

For tonight i depart with one message



~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on June 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Does Bleach has any hope of recovery?”

  1. First

  2. It’s shonen, it’s a law that the main guy has to have spiky hair and be unique with the strongest power only he posseses and have over 9,000 shitty characters OMGFing at the fights to make him appear more l33t. Then you have even more characters basically narrating what’s going on because the author lacks the capacity to demonstrate what’s going on without needing to write it out.

    Nobody but ichigo can acocomplish anything, seriously.
    There are way too many characters, it’s impossible for him to bring proper closure and/or establishment for them, and you can forget screen time.
    Which is butt-fucking retarded thing to do when you are writting a character baased story.
    He’s engineering the story so badly… digging a hole he will not be able to get out of unless he actually starts listening to his fans and/or gets some more help with writting the story.

    It’s a story about Ichigo on a power trip.
    That’s all. Because the world KT created revolves around him, things happen because KT want them to, therefore all the characters seem 1 dimesional and the empty shell of a plot is only made more obvious; losing the opportunities bleach ever had of accatually becoming a story.

    KT himself admitted not knowing how to end the arracncar arc, which consisted of hype and horrible pacing.
    Bleach has too many cliffhangers, and there’s only so many new power ups, character designs, kubo can pull. It’s indeed getting repetitive and dull.
    Actually it’s ast repetitive, it’s mandatory for this poor excuse of a story to move.
    All the inconsisten make me want to barf.
    Don’t even get me started in the arrancar arc.
    -The espada were fodder.
    -With all their strength, unique abilities and just plain potential, failed. Proving that they were fodder.
    -Aizen shows up and single handedly rapes:
    -The gotei 13
    -The vizards
    -The liutenants
    -Urahara, soifong & isshing
    -Ichigo then pulls massive power up literaly from his ass and goes back with his reiatsu drained father and at this point; a predictible twist happens. Kicks aizen’s ass.

    – The people aizen just fucked in the ass send him to super jail. Really kubo?

    And the list goes on, and to all you bleach asskissers; you know it’s true and I won’t reply back simply because this is what I think, and I refuse to waste my time debating what’s wrong with shonen mangas.

    And dats my 5 cents on why bleach sucks.

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