1st July – IHS’s first birthday – 50,000 hits !!!

Hey Guys and Welcome to IHS’s first Birthday Party , with 50,000 hits IHS is certainly not the most popular manga site but is surelyh headed in the right direction

IHS logo - Made by Tenrai Senshi -

I am going to be complete honest with you guys after i saw how poorly IHS.webs was received after it landed on the scene, my hopes weren’t high [rightly so i’d say]. But seeing 50,000 hits in an year is truly amazing [not thats its a huge number if you look at other blogs , its still a great achievment for ihs],that too when IHS had to be closed for around 4 odd months .I here would also like to say sorry to all the site readers and fellow sasugay haters/ manga lovers for being away for such an extended period of time. Just seeing how much passion you put into hating sasugay is amazing too ! . I have never been a really good speech giver honestly so im gonna keep this short . Thanks to All the Authors & Admins who worked hard for this “left” blog . I assure you such a situation would never come again

Before i go id like to share some of the old polls i made on IHS.webs.And a heads up the polls are still open so you can still vote .

Just goes to show you the ratio of sasugay haters to sasugay lovers , aint lookin good for the lovers.

TenTen pwns all! xD from being bashed all around with terms such as “useless” . Being blamed to waste precious time when she appeared on the screen to this ! tenten beats ino [WTF is that pronounced the same as ENO]

Fanboyism ? much eh ?

So guys Thanks again for supporting IHS over the year , we will continue to serve you [even better now ;)]

And Incase you were wondering the Post that got the most hits on ihs is My Tribute to Naruto uzumaki

Before going id like to give you a heads up to all the diffrent IHS’s on the net 😉



and Lastly


and please note the other blogs are just a mean to spread our sasugay hate to the world further IHS.Wordpress is and will be the true IHS .Finally on this great ocassion id like to tell you guys that IHS would soon have its own Domain i.e Ihatesasugay.com !!!

Happy Surfing


~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on July 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “1st July – IHS’s first birthday – 50,000 hits !!!”

  1. congrats from me . just happened to pass by , really great work guys i hate sasugay/sasuke too 😀 hope you get more hits the next year !

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