Bleach Talk – Are you Satisfied with the Way the Aizen Arc ended ?

Are you satisfied ?

It’s a general rule used through the manga and anime verse . If you make a villain strong-er than the hero the hero has to become Strong-er to win . Be it the Goku v.s frieza fight in which SSJ 1 was what made Goku stronger , be it the Cell fight in Which SSJ 2 was what made Gohan stronger , be it Luffy [ from onepiece ] getting Gear 2nd and 3rd to win against more powerful enemies or be it Naruto getting to control the 9 tailed fox in order to prepare for the battles ahead with madara and co. It’s a general rule that is followed every where , in movies , TV shows , cartoons , anime , manga etc

But as Tite is he refuses to let Bleach get any glory back in any way .

Target of Kubo'ness or rather simply Kubo'ed

His latest Sting is Making our man Above – Aizen – Loose all his powers , even his zanpakuto and get sealed . I call bullshit on this one too . How low can you fall Tite , just how low ? What makes this idiocracy all the more hated is the fact we didn’t even get to see Aizen’s Bankai .

Enough for my rant though i’ll let you guys decide if Kubo is doing the right thing or not



~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on September 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bleach Talk – Are you Satisfied with the Way the Aizen Arc ended ?”

  1. I should agree together with the above commenter, the simple fact that information and assistance such as you provide is now readily avaliable does indicate we all find ourselves that much more encouraged in comparison with a number of years ago.

  2. Best Game Ever!

  3. But I Wanna Play With Cloud Strife, Anyone Have A Link For The Map??

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