Bakuman- A great Start to a new Arc?

One of the Biggest Criticism that is laid down on Bakuman is that it is getting repetitive with Ashirogi Muto trying to get to Number 1 and beat Eiji . But with the ending of the Last Arc Eiji remained unbeaten hence he finished his Manga . So now for this arc there is a fresh new Opponent , Who is actually later shown to be working for another guy, who’s face is yet to be shown. Where as this approach matches that taken in the last arc With the Whole Internet Sharing and Stuff . For some odd Reason this arc looks fresh , it feels as if it would Deliver .

Shown Above are the two new Opponents whom Ashirogi is going to be facing in this arc. What’s interesting is that they/He have/Has the same type of Manga that Ashirogi Intends to write Ala Non-Mainstream Yet Mainstream Battle Manga. To be Very Honest I did not find that manga the least bit interesting .However What I get out of this situation is that Ashirogi is Basically going to Make his Version of “Death Note” . Because that’s what as I see as a Non-Mainstream Yet Mainstream Battle Manga , the Hero’s Evil and the Whole Manga is Just a Fight with L . Yet it is easily one of the Best Manga Ever written and Drawn. So I’d be having no issue’s if Ashirogi’s gonna draw a similar Manga to Death Note.!


~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on July 28, 2011.

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