Bleach Talk- The Best or the Worst path to have followed?

Welcome everyone to another edition of bleach bashing here on IHS, brought to you by yours truly Ahsan.So Ichigo regains his powers. Everyone would have seen that coming , but what most would have not had seen coming was him Regaining them via the same method . I mean seriously ? We all know Tite and his trolling’ But what my feeble mind can’t begin to comprehend is that people are actually loving this new development . I for one can’t begin to even imagine what’s coming towards us in coming chapters .

The Irony

Many say that this was the best available option in terms of plot. Well if Tite really wanted to write a good manga he should have never been in this situation. Even if he did bring things down to this , there were a gazillion other plot-twists that could have been made to give back Ichigo his powers or simply changing the another main character. It’s Amazing how the Best path’s and the Worst Path’s often coincide , Some might find something to be the best while others find it to be the worst . In such a complex situation one has to applaud Oda for doing such a terrific job with One piece’s plot. It’s really a great series to read , the only requirement perhaps is the need to adjust to Oda’s drawing style . Otherwise it’s as good as Manga’s get.

Coming back to bleach and the best/worst path. I for one think that this was an amazingly stupid decision to make even by Tite Kubo’s standards. I don’t want to repeat myself but the Repeating cycle is itself becoming overly repeatitingly. Let’s see what you guys have to say bout’ Zis’

Creator of IHS – Ahsan

~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on August 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “Bleach Talk- The Best or the Worst path to have followed?”

  1. From where it’s at now, they couldn’t have correctly gotten the plot in terms of shinigami powers back on track without it. I’m pretty upset by the typical trollin’, but what are we gonna do about it? Just from what we’ve seen, I’d say it’s the best choice if Ginjo manages to be a badass. However, if Ichigo takes over as the the same power house he once was and no villain can properly rise against him, TERRIBLE move.

    • Ginjo Manages to be a Badass? Come on now there are ALL the captains + the CC , Urahara and Ishin there, How can Xcution beat them? The Latest power up comes as a desperate attempt to make this fight less pathetic . As for Ichigo being the same power house , well that’s a given . He used Getsuga Tensho didn’t he ? It’s only a matter of time when he yells “Ban…Kai” lol

  2. Yeah, it’s really just a sad situation for Kubo to have let it get so far out of control. From where I saw it, he just totally f’d it up the moment Aizen broke character. How could you have possibly constructed a better villain than that? The minute Aizen decided he was too good for his shikai, or miraculously pwned every captain it was a down hill spiral. And to have the audacity to have Ichigo, who resorted to hollow form to beat the number four espada, make a joke out of Aizen? Man, should have just accepted and ended it.

    I’m tryin’ my best to give him something, but it’s just to big of a hole. Well, it’s four a.m. here, so hopefully I got my point across, but idk. Really would have done wonders if he only had a bit of his powers back and the captains were the only ones fighting. I think Ginjo is a fight more personal to them than the fight is to Ichigo :/

  3. This is all just, horriable. Bleach has had its ups and downs but its too repedative, what happened to the conversation Urahara and aizen had about the soul king and the talk about captains moving to protect the soul king or something. Why can’t they ilaborate on that? wouldnt that give cause to a new/ better arc? Besides the horriabe descision of repedaitve and boring arcs im sick of the fillers. I understand the purpose of using fillers in the anime, as manga takes a little longer but to put fillers in the manga? At times i love this show but most of it im just suffering through it wating for the one good arc…

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