Dawn of a New Era – Status = Unknown

A fanfic by Naru Ruler^^ , relating to …………


– Status = Unknown-


“Naruto! We need to find an opening before time runs out!” Sasuke leaped into the air, drawing his sword and releasing the Chidori Stream downwards. “Die!”

“Hahaha! You impetant fools! You will fall to my mercy…!” Madara absorbed the electricity with his palm and forced it back into the air, Sasuke avoided it, however. Naruto gaied advantage and threw a flurry of kunai, which in turn transformed into Narutos.

“Shadow Clone Shuriken! Rasengan Storm!” The flurry of Naruto made Rasengan and forced themselves at Madara. Madara’s Sharingan eyes started to spin in a rapid formation and suddenly, the Narutos vanished in a blast of energy. Sasuke finally saw the opening and activated his MS.

Naruto gave the signal and formed the Great Ball Rasengan with a clone. Sasuke started to charge a Grand Chidori. Sasuke smirked. “Madara! You’re going down…NOW!” Naruto and Sasuke dashed forward at the same time. They both held their right-and left- hand out to each other, causing the Rasengan and Chidori to form together. Naruto suddenly went into Sage Mode and the energy between their hands started glowing bright blue.

Sasuke and Naruto screamed, in unison, “RASENDORI!!!” They two of them came at Madara, cocming into contact, causing a massive explosion in the cave they were in, forcing the entire mountain to chain-explode, forcing a huge detonation. 6 seconds later, a mask was crushed by a rock and shattered into many pieces.

Sasuke was blown from the rubble and tumbled across the ground roughly, coming to a stop against a boulder that was dislodged from a higher point in the mountain range.


Inside the energy still surrounding the main wreckage, Naruto was smirking and holding a seal. “This is your final stand Madara! Seal of the Six Paths!” He threw the seal on Madara’s face. Suddenly, everything stopped for a split second, giving Naruto just enough time to figure his next plan; to stand still. The energy surrounded Madara and Naruto, instantly sealing them and their surrounding into the slip of paper.

Sasuke ogled into the rubble, glazed over eyes peering to see if this had happened. “H-He sealed himself…too? *gulp* That wasn’t

a-apart of the plan…NARUTO!!!”

Here are the chapters ( read , comment , enjoy)

Chapter 1 !!!!!!

imma catch em all O_o

imma catch em all O_o

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