Eyes of the broken Soul – Completed –

This is the fanfic of tenrai,on Naruto.

– Updates Coming soon-ish –

Chapter 1: Click here

Chapter 2: Click here

Chapter 3: Click here

Chapter 4: Click here

Chapter 5:Click here

Chapter 6: Click here

Chapter 7: Click here

Further Chapters can be read here

6 Responses to “Eyes of the broken Soul – Completed –”

  1. From all the fanfics i’ve read in this site, yours is by far the best!! Nice job Tenten!!

  2. candy was here. 🙂 nice fanfics, btw.

  3. fixed

  4. okay, that’s better, ahsan.

  5. Thank you very much for reading guys!

  6. still beautiful. good work tenrai.

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