Bleach Talk – Are you Satisfied with the Way the Aizen Arc ended ?

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Are you satisfied ?

It’s a general rule used through the manga and anime verse . If you make a villain strong-er than the hero the hero has to become Strong-er to win . Be it the Goku v.s frieza fight in which SSJ 1 was what made Goku stronger , be it the Cell fight in Which SSJ 2 was what made Gohan stronger , be it Luffy [ from onepiece ] getting Gear 2nd and 3rd to win against more powerful enemies or be it Naruto getting to control the 9 tailed fox in order to prepare for the battles ahead with madara and co. It’s a general rule that is followed every where , in movies , TV shows , cartoons , anime , manga etc

But as Tite is he refuses to let Bleach get any glory back in any way .

Target of Kubo'ness or rather simply Kubo'ed

His latest Sting is Making our man Above – Aizen – Loose all his powers , even his zanpakuto and get sealed . I call bullshit on this one too . How low can you fall Tite , just how low ? What makes this idiocracy all the more hated is the fact we didn’t even get to see Aizen’s Bankai .

Enough for my rant though i’ll let you guys decide if Kubo is doing the right thing or not



1st July – IHS’s first birthday – 50,000 hits !!!

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Hey Guys and Welcome to IHS’s first Birthday Party , with 50,000 hits IHS is certainly not the most popular manga site but is surelyh headed in the right direction

IHS logo - Made by Tenrai Senshi -

I am going to be complete honest with you guys after i saw how poorly IHS.webs was received after it landed on the scene, my hopes weren’t high [rightly so i’d say]. But seeing 50,000 hits in an year is truly amazing [not thats its a huge number if you look at other blogs , its still a great achievment for ihs],that too when IHS had to be closed for around 4 odd months .I here would also like to say sorry to all the site readers and fellow sasugay haters/ manga lovers for being away for such an extended period of time. Just seeing how much passion you put into hating sasugay is amazing too ! . I have never been a really good speech giver honestly so im gonna keep this short . Thanks to All the Authors & Admins who worked hard for this “left” blog . I assure you such a situation would never come again

Before i go id like to share some of the old polls i made on IHS.webs.And a heads up the polls are still open so you can still vote .

Just goes to show you the ratio of sasugay haters to sasugay lovers , aint lookin good for the lovers.

TenTen pwns all! xD from being bashed all around with terms such as “useless” . Being blamed to waste precious time when she appeared on the screen to this ! tenten beats ino [WTF is that pronounced the same as ENO]

Fanboyism ? much eh ?

So guys Thanks again for supporting IHS over the year , we will continue to serve you [even better now ;)]

And Incase you were wondering the Post that got the most hits on ihs is My Tribute to Naruto uzumaki

Before going id like to give you a heads up to all the diffrent IHS’s on the net 😉



and Lastly


and please note the other blogs are just a mean to spread our sasugay hate to the world further IHS.Wordpress is and will be the true IHS .Finally on this great ocassion id like to tell you guys that IHS would soon have its own Domain i.e !!!

Happy Surfing


Does Bleach has any hope of recovery?

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Any Hope ?

Hey guys its Ahsan ,today i decided to take a look at the continuous erosion that bleach has been going through.It has almost been completely eroded of it Epicness that began and ended with the “rescue rukia” arc.From Variant power levels to Unacceptable Battle Endings , from no-plot to Stupid art! , what is there that Bleach doesn’t have ! To begin the post id say ill only refer to the most recent events in the manga , as only they are enough to show how Tite kubo has been literally shooting himself over the past few months or years. …

image by shiroifushicho

Zaraki Kenpachi , the last time we saw him he saved ichigo’s ass and was almost cut to half by that nnoitra the 8th espada. And we see him after a few chapters slashing up Yammy the number 0 espada ,technically the most strongest one there and kenpachi is slashing him up with one hand !

Aizen After Absorbing the Hogyouku

Sosuke Aizen perhaps the one who writes bleach. kubo has so far shown us that by putting the hogyouku on his chest Aizen got powers that are beyond “reality” . The way i see it is that Kubo is still thinking how on earth can he give Aizen all these powers that he practically beat up

1- all Captains (present in fake karakura town)
3-Captain Commander
4-Urahara kisuke ( about whom Aizen himself said that he was smarter than him)
5-Ichigo’s dad and yourichi

if we just forget about how Aizen got the powers and stuff for a minute and look at what Kubo is planning ahead it doesn’t look any better either . Apparently a guy who took down all the people mentioned above is to be defeated by a raitsu depleted Isshin and an Ichigo who has trained for some 2000 more hours . Does Tite Really except us to eat this shit ?
Captain commander and captains who trained for thousands of years couldn’t beat him and ichigo with 2000 hours of training is supposed to beat Aizen ? just amazing at how retarded kubo can get . From my point of view if things carry on like this Bleach isn’t going anywhere except down. Kubo needs to wake up and make a real “plot” and balance “power levels” . For all we know kon is going to wake up tomorrow get a bankai and defeat Aizen . i included a poll to see what you guys have to say about it and also don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments !

For tonight i depart with one message



Imma Back!

•June 15, 2010 • 4 Comments

Shalom everyone, it’s N.E.C (Noneatencookie) here to tell you I’m back with another FanFic.  This will be called Aien Kien.  It will be about Bleach, so I hope all the bleach lovers arrive soon.  Well, that’s all I got for now.


Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire [ Watch online or Download ]

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Eyes of a Sage XII/XIII: A New Era is on the Horizon!

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(Recap: When we last left, Sasuke had met his fate when he died at the hands of Reibun.  Reibun took Suigetsu (The only remaining member of Taka) back to the Akastuki Hideout…)

Chapter XII: On the Horizon

With Reibun…

“Suigetsu!  Hurry!  We need to get to Madara before he gets upset.” Reibun said with a hint of fear in his eye.

“Whatever, Reibun!  I don’t take orders from anyone!  Not you, Sasuke, and especially not Madara!” Suigetsu replied.

“Whatever, Suigetsu.  When Madara finds out, there will be hell to pay.”

They went silent…

With Naruto…

“You, Naruto Uzumaki, are the toughest person I’ve ever fought.  It’ll be an honor to kill you.”  Genkimaro snickered.

“No, I will not die and neither will you!” Naruto replied.  His power was incredible!  In all of the battles Genkimaro had fought, he had never seen people with this much chakra.  He would have to use his most grand technique, the Iron Bone…

Naruto dashed at him, at a speed so incredible it was almost invisible to the normal eye.  Naruto extended his arm, though it grew longer and wider as it stretched.  He slammed his palm down on Genkimaro’s back…

… and the pain was excruciating.

When he lifted his hand, it was bleeding!  He never bled when he was in a transformation.  He looked at Genkimaro, his back full of long sharp bones.

“Are you wondering why your hand hurts?  It’s because of my Iron Bone Technique.  It makes my bones harder than they can be with my Kekkei Genkai.  You can’t beat me.  You can’t even hurt me!”

Naruto quickly analyzed the situation.  His options: Option 1 – Die at the hands of Genkimaro; Option 2 – Sacrifice himself along with Genkimaro; or Option 3 – Transform into his full Nine-Tailed Fox Form.  He chose…

… Option 3.

The ground began to tremble.  The chakra erupted from Naruto.  His tails grew.  He grew, to the size of the mountain.  Before too long, he was the Nine-Tailed Fox!

Genkimaro, stunned by how powerful Naruto truly was, was taken aback.  He would have to try though.  He raced toward the towering beast.  Naruto tried to slam his paw on Genkiamro, but his size made him slower.  Genkimaro raced up his leg.  The leg, it was so… full of chakra.  He could feel the chakra radiating from underneath the skin.  But, he had to focus.  He jumped up to Naruto’s face, creating a drill of bone on his arm.  He aimed and yelled, “Clematis Dance: Flower!”…

… But Naruto was too fast.

He transformed back to himself.  Before Genkimaro could react, Naruto Reverse Summoned Genkimaro and himself to Mount Myobokuzan.  When Genkimaro opened his eyes, he saw a paradise of plants and amphibians.  Genkimaro was shocked.  How had he got there?

“Where am I?!  Where have you taken me?!” Genkimaro yelled, infuriated that he had been outsmarted.

“You are at Mount Myobokuzan, the valley of the toads.  Welcome.” Naruto replied.

“Why am I here?”

“You are here because you have so much potential.  You should train here and become a Sage.  You would be even stronger.  Besides, do you really want to take orders from Kabuto?”

“No, and, because you spared me when you could have killed me, I will become a Sage as a token of my appreciation.”

“Excellent!  Well, I’m sorry but I cannot stay.  I must help my friend.”

“I understand,” he lied.  He had never had a real friend.  Now, he did.  Naruto Uzumaki.

“Thank you.  Fukasaku, please take care of him.”  With that, Naruto disappeared.

With Kuza…

The field they started  at was in ruins.  There was all but life in the area.  Kuza, barely being able to breathe, spoke up.

“Kabuto, how ’bout we end this battle.  Once and for all?” Kuza asked.

“Fine with me.” Kabuto replied.

The both made hand signs.  The must have weaved those for a few moments, because Kabuto had weaved 40 hands signs!  The prepared to release their jutsu.  Finally, the both yelled…

“Ying Yang Release: Seal!” said Kuza.

“Snake Technique: Snake Bath!!” Kabuto yelled back.

Kabuto’s attack met Kuza’s.  Kabuto’s jutsu was sealed.  Kuza disappeared.

Where is he?! Kabuto thought to himself.

Suddenly, Kuza appeared in front of Kabuto.

“Ying Yang Seal: Release!” Kuza yelled.  The snakes from Kabuto’s jutsu attacked Kabuto.  In seconds, there was nothing left but a empty skull.

After awhile, Naruto appeared beside Kuza.

“Where’s Kabuto?” he asked.

“Dead.” Kuza replied, pointing at the empty skull next to him.

“Hmm.  I see.  Do you want to go to Mount Myobokuzan now?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

With that, they disappeared.

Chapter XIII: New Era (Epilouge)

At the Akatsuki Hideout…

“Lord Madara.  I have killed Sasuke, like you asked.  The only member of Taka left is Suigetsu.”

“Good job, Reibun.  Since you have accomplished this remarkable feat, I pronounce you the new leader of Akatsuki.”

“Thank you, Lord Madara!  I promise I won’t let you down!” Reibun exclaimed.

“Lord Madara, how many Akatsuki members are there now?” Zetsu asked, finally speaking up.

“There are five, if you count yourself as two people.  But, we have more people waiting to become part of Akatsuki.” said Madara, his Sharingan looking more red than ever.

At Mount Myobokuzan…

“Lord Fukasaku, where is Naruto?” Kuza asked.

“I’m not sure, but he had a feeling you’d ask that.  So, he wrote you a note.”  Fukasaku handed Kuza the note.  Kuza opened the folding…

Dear Kuza,

I’m sorry that I cannot see your training through to the end.

I’ve gone back to my village.

They have sent me a message of distress.

Akatsuki is rising again and I am needed.

I promise to check up on you whenever I can.

With hope,

“The Father Sage” Naruto Uzumaki

“Well, what does it say?” Fukasaku asked.

“It says Naruto won’t be coming back for awhile.” Kuza said as a tear welled up in his eye.  He rubbed his eye and smiled.

In the newly formed Yamagakure…

“Jinkoku, where are you?!” a woman yelled.

“I’m right here, momma!” Jinkoku yelled back, running up to his mother.

“Jinkoku Mazuka, when will you learn to not go into that forest?!”

“Sorry, momma.  I heard a noise and went to see.  Sorry if I scared you.”

“It’s alright.  Now come in, it’s time for dinner.”

As Jinkoku walked into the house, he saw a wolf with fur that looked like it was a dancing wave.  It vanished as Jinkoku turned to the house, leaving the door open behind him…

Eyes of a Sage XI: Sasuke’s Demise

•April 2, 2010 • 1 Comment

(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Kuza had found Kabuto and had begun to battle.  While Kuza fought Kabuto, Naruto fought a man named Genkimaro, the sole survivor of the Kaguya Clan.  With Taka, the Mist Hunter-Nin had found them and began to battle.  The leader, Tenshi Hyuga, had easily defeated Suigetsu, but now has to fight Sasuke.  With Hidan, he and his son, Koukishi, sparred, with niether being the victor…)

At Sasuke v. Tenshi…

“Well, I believe this will end quickly.  Susano’o!”  Sasuke said as Susano’o appeared in full powered form.

“Well, this must be Sasuke Uchiha, or as he’s known in the Mist Village, Sasuke of the Susano’o.  Even with that, you won’t last long against me.” Tenshi said.

“Hmph!”  With that, Sasuke made Susano’o aim at Tenshi with his crossbow.  “Fire!!”  Susano’o released the arrow, which shot dead on.  Tenshi started to spin and used Rotation.

“Damn the Hyuga.  Well, I’ll still win.  Susano’o, keep firing!”  With that, Susano’o kept firing and reloading his crossbow.  Tenshi barely manages to dodge the first two, but is hit on his side by the third.  “Perfect!”  Sasuke said.  Now, I will end this befor-”  Before he could finish his sentence, his vision fade.  He had gone blind!

“Oh s***!  I can’t see!  Susano’o, you have to be my eyes.”  Sasuke yelled.

“Perfect!  Now I can kill him!” Tenshi thought.

“Now, Eight Trigrams: Tempest Dance of Infinity!”  Tenshi dashed up to Sasuke and used Air Palm to destroy the barrier around Sasuke that the Susano’o created.  Then he jabbed at the Sasuke, moving around before Sasuke can hit him.  As he finished he said to himself, “358, 359, 360, 361!!!!”  Sasuke fell to the ground as Susano’o faded.

“Bu… but how did you defeat me?”

“You and the rest of the Uchiha are all much too cocky.  You believe that you are more important and more special than anyone else.  That’s how I won.”

As Sasuke began to close his eyes, finally finding peace, Reibun appears at his side and stabs his hand through his back.  Once he brings his hand out of Sasuke, he pulls out his heart and implants in into himself…

“Why did you do that!?” Tenshi asked, shocked.

“I did it because Lord Madara ordered me to.  Sorry Sasuke.” Reibun replied.  He walk towards Suigetsu and put him on his shoulder.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I must take your Angel’s Eyes.  Please just hand them over.”  Reibun began to walk back to Tenshi, but a Hunter-Nin appears in front of him and uses Hidden Mist Jutsu, rendering Reibun blind.

“Fine, I’ll just leave with Suigetsu.”  As he said this, he walked towards to woods and disappeared.

“Don’t worry Captain Tenshi, I’ll get you out o-” the Hunter-Nin began to say, but Jugo jump towards him.

“How dare you kill Sasuke.  I cannot forgive you for that!  Die!!”  He lunged at the Hunter-Nin.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you kill Captain Tenshi.  Water Release: Grand Water Torrent!”  Before Jugo could stop, he was hit with that Jutsu and was covered in a torrent of water.  Within seconds, Jugo’s body was ripped apart and dismembered.  He was dead before his head it the ground.  The Hunter-Nin grabbed Tenshi and began to walk in the direction of  Kirigakure…