Is Onepiece Heading Back to “Where it Belongs” i.e At The Top ?

If you have been reading OP from the Last two Months you deserve Appreciation as You’ve Seen the Mind-Bogglingly Huge Spoiler,You’ve Seen the Stupidly Streched out Chapters , You’ve Seen Almost Everything that could have gone wrong with the Current Arc in Onepiece . Everything was Going Haywire,there wasn’t anysense to anything going on in the manga , Sometimes the plot Moved Amazingly Fast and Sometimes Baffling’ly slowly .

Straw Hat Pirates Make their Entry

However Brushing Aside all this Madness and Chaos Oda Seemed to have gotten to the best part of the Arc , When Straw Hat Crew Be Lookin’ to Kick Some Butt.With a Great Plot-twist regarding the killing of the Mermaid Queen and the Classical as always Entry of Luffy . Onepiece Seems to be back on the right track and Hopefully Back On TOP .


~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on July 28, 2011.

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