Eyes of a Sage X: Clash! Sage v. Shikotsuyaku!; Rinnegan v. Medicine!; Byakugan v. Water!; Blood v. Immortality!

(Recap:  When we last left, Taka had begun to face Killer Bee, the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki.  In the battle, Danzou was killed.  Now, Bee is in a state of subconsciousness…)

Jugo, Suigetsu, Reibun, and Sasuke walked down a path connecting Kumogakure to the mysterious Uzugakure.  While they walked the people of Uzugakure stared in shock as they carried the unconscious body of the Fifth Raikage, Killer Bee.

“Sasuke, couldn’t we have walked through the woods instead of the middle of a village?” Jugo asked.

“No.  We need to show everyone that Akatsuki is a force to be reckoned with.” Sasuke replied.

“But, the Fourth Great Shinobi War already proved that.  That’s when you, Madara, Suigetsu, and I killed the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert, the Fourth Raikage, E, and the Third Tsuchikage, Onoki of Both Scales.  So my question is, what do we need to prove?”

“We need to prove that Taka is a force to be reckoned with.” Sasuke said, the coldness burned deep into his eyes.

They began to walk silently…

With Naruto and Co…

“Kuza, you and Fukasaku stay here.  I’ll go in and find out why Kabuto sent those men to kill you.” Naruto whispered.

“No, I’m coming with you.  I want to know why he did it myself!” Kuza said, trying not to yell.

“Fine.  But you need to stay behind me.  Got it?”


“Okay.  Let’s go!”

Naruto and Kuza burst into the room.  It was empty, minus the chair in the middle of the room, and Kabuto.

“Oh, hello Naruto.  It was you who was whispering behind the door.  Been awhile, hasn’t it?  Well, it’s a shame I won’t be able to listen to all that you’ve done in the last twleve years.”

“And why is that?” Naruto yelled.  He could feel the Nine-Tailed Chakra starting to leak out.

“Because my, uh… ‘friend’ is going to kill you.  Genkimaro, come out and play.”

A man walked out from the shadows.  He look just like Kimimaro, except he had a huge scar on the left side of his face.

“Yes, Lord Kabuto?  How shall I serve you?”

“Dispose of these insect, now.”

With Kabuto’s permission, Genkimaro hurdled towards them.

“Naruto!  Watch out!” Kuza yelled.

Genkimaro threw a punch at Naruto, but he evaded.  Naruto repeat Genkimaro and threw a punch.  Genkimaro tried to dodge it, but the natural energy around Naruto hit him in the jaw.  Genkimaro fell back, but got up instantly.  Once he was up, Naruto noticed his bone was protecting his jaw.

“No wonder you look like Kimimaro.  You have his Kekkei Genkei, the Shikotsuyaku!  It’s been named the second most dangerous Kekkei Genkei in existance.  But I’m Naruto Uzumaki!  I am the Nine-Tailed Fox Jinchuriki!  I will defeat you!”

“Stop talking and prove it.” Genkimaro sneered, grinning.

Naruto lunged at him.  He pulled out his katana and slashed at Genkimaro.  Genkimaro pulled his humerus bone out and blocked Naruto slash.  Naruto, getting more and more frustrated by the minute, kept slashing at Genkimaro, who easily blocked or dodged them all.  Naruto uses Wind Release: Seismic Air Palm and sends a blast of air into the roof of the room.  The roof crumples and Genkimaro jumps out.

“Come on, Naruto Uzumaki.  Show me what you can do.”  Wanting to end this, Naruto jumps and follows Genkimaro as he runs down the mountain into the forest.

“So, I guess it’s just you and me, Kuza of the Rinnegan.  Come.” Kabuto gestured, using his hand as a signal to ‘come’.  Kuza, enraged by the fact that Kabuto tried to kill him, sped towards Kabuto so fast that when Kuza uppercut him, he sent Kabuto flying thirty meters into the air.  Before he could land, Kuza used Water Release: Violent Water Wave and pushed Kabuto away from the hole in the mountain.  As he got up, he yelled, “Kuza, you just made a big mistake!”.

“I thought you were going to be strong.  I must have just imagined that someone called ‘Lord’ would be able to defeat a 14 year old boy.” Kuza snickered.

“Why you little brat!  I’ll kill you!”

Kabuto made a hand seal and hit the ground with his palm.  The ground started to shake and crack.  By the time the shaking and cracking got to Kuza, half the mountain had been destroyed.

“Wh-what was that Jutsu?!” Kuza asked, surprised at the sheer force of the Jutsu.

“It was Earth Release: Earthquake Slam.  It destroys all earth that comes into contact with it.  If I were you, I’d surreder right now.”

“Pfffft!  Like I’d back down to you.  One of the weakest people I’ve fought!”

Kabuto, not being able to take Kuza’s remarks, uses Ninja Art: Dead Soul Jutsu and reanimates all the men Naruto killed to get to Kabuto.

“Try to beat all thirty-seven of these guys.” Kabuto smirked.

With Hidan…

“This is my son?  This little twerp is my son?” Hidan demanded.

“Yes, he’s your son.  But, he’s got a… Kekkei Genkai…” Chishio’s voice trailed off.

“He’s got a Kekkei Genkai, eh?  Well, let’s see this so called, Kekkei Genkai.”

“Okay.  Koukishi, use it.”

“But mother, you told me never to use it unless it was an emergency.” Koukishi spoke.

“Well, it is an emegency.  Now show your father it, now.”

“Okay.  Blood Style: Black Blood River!”  After he spoke the Jutsu, he spit out a huge amount of blood and it began to flow like a river.

“Impressive.  But, I want to fight you.  See if you can beat your father!  Can you, or are you just a p***y?” Hidan said.

“O-okay.  I’ll try.” Koukishi replied.

“Perfect!”  Hidan grinned and threw his Triple-Bladed Scythe at Koukishi.  Koukishi dodged it, but Hidan twisted the rope connected to the Scythe and it hit him in the arm.

“AH!” Koukishi screamed.

Hidan retracted the Scythe and grabbed it in his hand.

“This battle was over before it even began.  Good-bye!”  Hidan licked the blood on the Scythe and changed to his Jashin Form.  He stabbed himself in his heart, but nothing happened to Koukishi.

“Wh-what’s happening?!  Why aren’t you dead?”

“Because I can change my blood type whenever I feel like it.  After you got my blood, I changed my blood type from Type O to Type AB.  Your Jutsu is useless.” Koukishi replied.

“Well played.” Hidan said.  He has never complimented anyone before.  It felt kinda good.

“Okay.  Now that we’ve had our little fight, can we go inside and eat?” Chishio asked.

“Yes.” Koukishi and Hidan said in unison.

With Taka…

“Jugo, set Killer Bee down here.  I’m going to kill him.” said Sasuke.

“But why.  If you do, Madara will kill all of us!”

“Because I’m not a tool for Madara.  Besides, during the next solar eclipse, Madara shall fall and I will take his place.”

“O-okay.” Jugo said as he layed Bee down.

Sasuke grabbed his sword and started to send lightning through it.  He lifted it up.

“Sorry, Killer Bee.”  As he let his sword go, a kunai hit it and changed it’s course, barely missing Bee’s eye.  Taka turned and they spotted a man… with a Kirigakure Hunter-Nin uniform!”

“Who are you?” Suigetsu asked.

“I’m Tenshi Hyuga.  Leader of the Kirigakure Hunter-Nin and is rightfully the heir to Zabuza Momochi’s Executioner’s Blade.  That’s why I have come.  Suigetsu Hozuki, I demand you give me what is rightfully mine!”

“In what kind of stupid world do you think I’ll hand it over?” Suigetsu sneered.  Perfect.  Sasuke would have to let him kill this Tenshi Hyuga guy.

“I never thought you would.  But now, I’ll take it by force.”  Tenshi dashed towards Suigetsu with a small katana in hand.  Suigetsu grabbed his sword and the blades clashed.  They began to play with their swords, neither able to gan=in the upperhand.

“You’re pretty good with that sword.  Maybe you wouldn’t mind if I kept this one for myself.” Suigetsu snickered.

“Whatever.” Tenshi replied.  He activated his Byakugan and used Air Palm.  Suigetsu was sent back by the pressure of the air.

“This will be fun” Tenshi said, grinning.

At Naruto v. Genkimaro…

“You’re tough.  It’s been an honor fighting you.  But, it’s time for me to end this.  Dance of Seedling Ferns!!” Genkimaro yelled.  He put his hands on the ground and a forest of bones began to sprout.  Naruto jumped back, barely dodging the last bone.

“That was a worthless move.  I guess I’ll finish it.  Transformation: Four Tails!”  Naruto yelled as he fell to all fours.  His skin began to peal and reappear.  He grew a coat of Nine-Tails Chakra and four tails.  Before too long, he was in his Four Tailed Fox Form. Unlike the when he fought Orochimaru and Nagato, he could control this form.  He roared and a burst of Chakra sent Genkimaro’s Bone Forest packing.  Genkimaro got caught in the blast and was sent flying.

“Whoa.  You’re strong.  I’ll have to use my form.  Kaguya Secret Jutsu: Kaguya Form!”  Genkimaro began to change into what Kimimaro’s Curse Seal Level 2, but his skin color didn’t change.  “Now you will die!

Back at Tenshi v. Suigetsu…

“You didn’t put up much of a fight, Suigetsu.  I’ll be taking my Executi-”

Sasuke grabbed Tenshi’s arm.  “No, you won’t be leaving… alive anyways.”

Tenshi, shocked retracted his arm and said, “Utakata, get Lord Raikage out of here and into Kumogakure.  This area isn’t safe for anyone now.”

Utakata grabbed Bee and put him and Bee into a bubble.  They began to float away into the horizon.

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